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16 February 2017


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Colonel, I was amazed when I heard that ( one state soloution) from the president of US, everybody in world (including Trump and family) knows demography of a single state will not favor Israeli side and Palestinians like the Shia in Iraq will be the majority protesting for thier right against a minority elite goverment. So I think you are absolutely right Trump is back at aim high and negotiate down tactic.


From the NYT this past weekend,

"An Orthodox Jew, Mr. Kushner was instructed to protect Israel, remember the genocide and assure the survival of the Jewish people, those close to him say.

"He was educated at Jewish schools where second graders were expected to draw maps of Israel from memory and the West Bank was often referred to by its biblical names, Judea and Samaria, a practice that emphasizes Jewish claims to the land."

As someone with a similar educational background to Kushner, I can say this is spot on. To the American Jewish community, the Jordan to the Mediterranean belongs to Israel, and -- as the reference to "Judea and Samaria" implies -- the Palestinians might as well have not existed (at least until the second intifada, which made them impossible to ignore).

What Bibi did masterfully was he created a "safe space" for the American Jewish community's cognitive dissonance where, through an enormous and well organized lobbying apparatus, they could both ostensibly claim to support a "two state solution" while at the same time empowering the right, enabling the facts on the ground to develop in such a way that made two states impossible. At $1k-per-plate dinners on Fifth Avenue, Bibi could charm and throw yiddish around for his supporters like a true mocher as he justified his brutality on supposedly unwilling peace partners who refused "our right to exist," and then he'd go back to his hardliners at home and tell them not to worry because "America is something that you can easily maneuver and move in the right direction" (below).

But no more. The self-styled "liberal" American Jews can only tolerate apartheid insofar as they can glibly blame it on the Palestinians or right-wing zealots and sweep their own culpability under the rug. Bibi, meanwhile, with the corruption investigation and whatnot, is at his weakest point that I can remember.

As far as I know, there is NO plan for what to do next. So if there's a time to seize the issue it is now. IMO the least worst solution is one state consisting of two confederacies along the '67 borders. But this would require honest brokers and a damn good salesman.


Dr. Puck

Do you think there is any chance that President Trump would like to see the Palestinians 'find their way' into Jordan, or have the Arab world take them on, so as to free up the West Bank?

Klaus Weiß

I very much recommend reading Ofra Yeshuva-Lyth's "Politically Incorrect. Why a Jewish State Is a Bad Idea". One of the most thorough analyses of Israeli policies I have read so far.

r whitman

We have some unique approaches by new people in the White House. Now we need much younger replacements for Abbas and Bibi who will have to live with their actions for the next 30 years to make a deal.

Bill Herschel

But isn't the whole idea that a one state solution would not give Palestinians equal rights with the Jewish population?

Larry Kart

Col. — My dislike of Bibi may exceed yours, but why do you keep spelling his last name “Natanyahu” rather than Netanyahu? Did he or his father change the family name from the former to the latter at some point for some reason, and you wish to point that out?

As for your “The hard core Zionists know that a one state solution would be the end of the Zionist dream of a Jewish State in historic Palestine.  If given actual equal rights of citizenship in such a country the Palestinians would fairly soon become a majority and the stronger power in a one state government.  That is simply unacceptable to the Zionists.  It would be the end of all their dreams.”

I’m afraid that the hardcore Zionists are all for their own grim versions of a one state solution, all of which would attempt to establish “a Jewish State in historic Palestine” more firmly that most of us could imagine. See for example this set of options,which are actually being proposed and entertained in Israel:


None of which may bode well for Bibi's personal political survival. But, per the above piece, there's no way the hardcore Zionists are thinking that a one state solution means that the Palestinians will be given full citizenship and will then prevail by demographic electoral weight.


Larry Kart

I don't care how he spells his name in English. I am accustomed to dealing with English transliterations of Semitic words and a short vowel here or there doesn't mean much. I agree that the "hard core Zionists" are hatching plans to screw the Palestinians. the point of my post is that Trump is an obstacle for him because he want some kind of grand deal. pl


Bill Herschel

If you think that you should ask the Palestinians. They favor a one state solution because it could never be a Jewish state for very long. pl



OK. I am among the trivial minded and foolish. Why did you suddenly appear here? I was interviewed by Fisk a couple of times. He is more of an idiot than I am. pl

Mark Logan


My own opinion is he will find many other opportunities for grand deals elsewhere and has deemed the Two State Sham as a viable path to resolving the real estate issue. He has only very recently been made aware of the sham's true nature is all. I got the impression from watching them together yesterday, it struck of two men sharing a private joke. They seemed to share a smirk after say he declared his unhappiness about the settlements. Time will tell. I may have become a hopeless cynic on the matter.


Mark Logan

To me they looked like a business developer (Trump) gloating over yet nother fool who had bought his pitch. pl

Edward Amame

I got the impression that he threw up his hands and announced he gives up and intends to leave it to Israel/Palestine to work out their issues.

Babak Makkinejad

I was not surprised; he is one of the few leaders in US who is willing to speak his mind about the reality of a given situation; be it domestic or foreign (sanders was another one.)

So he calls a spade a spade and admits that the two-state solution is dead.

This has been known for 16 years.

Only Arabs and weak-minded gullible people will find that disconcerting.

Babak Makkinejad

Arabs lost Palestine on the field of battle over several decades. They should have the decency to organize and go to war to reclaim it rather than running to US or Europe and beg, really beg, to please, oh please, give us back our Palestine.

That is not how the world works; you cannot save people from the consequences of their own actions.

On the other hand, the United States, both out of religious sentiment as well as for political gains created and nurtured this illusion that she could actually settle that war; the Lone Super Power, the Leader of the Free World, the Indispensable Nation etc.

She gained ephemeral things (in my opinion) but her leaders committed the same error as the Shah of Iran did; they assumed full responsibility for all and any actions of Israel and left no room for US to extricate herself from that religious war.

Trump likely understands all of this and is trying to get US out; but US cannot leave unscathed after 70 years of religious and political commitments, at enormous costs to herself, and quickly.

Trump has taken, in my opinion, the correct step in the right direction for the United States.


In line with the Colonel's comments, here's what the Angry Arab had to say: "In Arab social media, there is really cheering: Palestinians and Arabs (who--unlike Arab oil and gas correspondents in Western capitals don't act at royal orders) were cheering the end of Oslo and the American shooting down of the two-state illusion. People are more than happy that Palestinian struggle can go back to where it was before Oslo: a struggle for the full liberation of every millimeter of Palestine and the establishment of one secular democratic state where Jews and Arabs can live in equality and where no religious identify of the state (be it Jewish or Muslim or Christian) will be allowed. This will be accompanied by full return of Palestinian refugees to their homes, and where the immigration to Palestine will be subject to the consent of the majority of the population (as it was envisioned after ten years by the McDonald White Paper). The official end of the two-state nonsolution, however, requires the dismantlement of the PA collaborationist authority...” http://angryarab.blogspot.com/2017/02/the-burial-of-oslo-and-end-of-two-state.html


For some time I thought that if Trump accepted the extreme Zionists demands that it would be be end of the Zionist state. Internal politics in Israel have for a long time been working against Israelis interest. These Israeli demands have deeply infiltrated US politics. In the last twenty years there has not been a major problem because the US has persisted in the two state solution fantasy in the face of Israeli determination to seize more and more territory in the West Bank.

Trump has finally agreed to the right wing Zionists demands. OK Israel, if you really want the West bank then so be it. This reminds me of the dog that keeps on chasing the car: What happens if he finally catches it? Well it looks like Trump has let the Israelis finally catch the car. Now WTF are they going to do with it?

Trump has done a positive service to kill the two state solution. Now Israelis, Palestinians and the US (yes the US,we are part of this problem) can now begin to work on a one state solution.

For those of us who seek a solution that includes justice for Palestinians then we will reject ethnic cleansing or apartheid solutions. One person, one vote is the only solution. Now how will that work out?


The two-state solution has been dead for a long time. The only reason it continued is that the Borg was unwilling to publicly admit it. Trump is unlike the others in that he speaks to the reality. This one reason why many dislike him because he doesn't pander to their fiction.

The Likudniks believe they'll get the one Jewish state and then slowly or abruptly expel the Arabs or make them live in enclosed bantustans.

The real question is what the Palestinians do as apartheid is imposed?



Yes the 2 state solution was never real, but the political issue in Israel now is that Netanyahu has publicly accepted its death thus exposing the Zionist fraud. pl


I'm not a Ziionist, but in pragmatic terms there's never gonna be a one-state solution. The whole point of Israel is that the Jews need a respite/refuge from the rest of the world. No way they are gonna give it up. See current policies of walls, immigration restrictions, religious preference for immigrants (inspirations, all, for Trump peeps in the US), etc. Given Arab Muslim treatment of minorities I think the Copts and Maronites should take more rather than less ideas from the Israelis. At least Israelis have a comfortable "home" (Tel Aviv) unlike the Levantine Christians.


As a former member of the borg (not an institutional player but a believer) the unwillingness to admit that the two state solution was a dead end was because we believed in it. I read an essay by Edward Said in the early 90s and I thought he was an "extremist". It took me 10 years to realize he was a realist. I suspect most of the borg took longer, if at all, to realize it was a fantasy.

That is how progress is made I guess. Now the discussion will be whether they accept ethnic cleansing or justice for the Palestinians?


I think Trump may have stumbled into some thing that could finally focus the minds of the Israelis. But I have a hard time seeing it as a master plan.

"Donald Trump characteristically spoke of his ambition to seal a deal between Israel and the Palestinians. Also true to form, he made clear that he wasn’t familiar with the details, and wasn’t about to familiarize himself, either. "


I have been reading the Israeli papers for years and Trumps speech with the exception of the 1SS part, sounded like it was written by Netanyahu. The reaction was quick with the three most important responses being the GCC saying there is no plan B to the 2SS and no peace deal with out it. Bibi saying he didn't want to annex all those Arabs. And today the US rep at the UNSC contradicting Trump and saying the US stands fully behind the 2SS.

What Netanyahu has in mind is a Palestinian state run by the Israeli Military. So basically what we have now.


But Netayahu has been a dead man walking for a while now. The real leader of his coalition is Bennet who is banging the annexation drums hard and fast. And there are a lot of members of the coalition that are with him. His plan being annex the West Bank and then Jews would have the right to vote and Muslims wouldn't. Problem solved. I believe that's called short sighted thinking.


In some ways internal fighting to own rights, is (a step) easier than fighting to own an state..



What would be a "plan" for you, a lay-down of how to create the universe in seven days? OK. First you destroy their smug assumptions then you negotiate with them. pl



"the Jews need a respite/refuge from the rest of the world" No they do not. This is not 1939. The goyim do not hate the Jews in the US. Look at the positions they hold in the US. Look at the success they enjoy here. pl

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