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19 February 2017


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The Greeks sure wouldn't have any money to pay those refugees bills if they did so. Thus they would be forced to move on, or move back home.



More fake news - Swedish edition.


Looks like POTUS was on to something.


Tony L

An excellent suggestion. pl



you can go back to the French revolution's "ennemi du peuple" or further back to the Romans. Nero?

The Germans changed it to 'traitor' or 'betrayer of the people' starting in the failed 1848 March Revolution, it was then picked up by Marx and Engels and later frequently used by the Nazis too. Although Marx and Engels used "enemy of the working class" (Klassenfeind) more frequently. On the other hand isn't that what Trump claims he has in mind? ;)

Nothing new under the sun:

Trump surely doesn't exhibit linguistic sensibility. The BBC author does not have historical sensibility for his subject either. To that extend I agree with you. ;)



Perhaps it is propaganda, but I have no doubt that the Euro Zone will destroy Greece if they think it is their best interest to avoid a contagion of bad debt. Also, Yves Smith of Naked Capitalism says that introducing a new currency is very difficult: http://www.nakedcapitalism.com/2017/02/why-central-bankers-should-not-be-trusted-with-money-greek-exit-edition.html

Greece was brought to its knees in 2015 in a standoff with the EuroZone when their banks were closed. The Greek radical left party in power caved and implemented more austerity. One reason for the restart of the Cold War 2.0 with Russia is to prevent the rise of a new reserve currency and the One Belt, One Road in Eurasia that Greece could join as an alternative to the EU and NATO.

different clue


I have an interpretational quibble to offer. I hope it is not too niggling and small.

FDR's fellow super-rich people called him a Traitor To His Class, and they hated him for it. He himself always felt he was the Savior Of His Class. He oversaw the legalization and legislation and regulation of enough reforms so as to give people hope and set the stage for feeling that hope was fulfilled. The steam was taken out of revolutionary (Communist) and populist ( Huey Long) movement.

I remember reading an FDR statement once. I will do my best to remember the exact words right. " The rich are like a fellow who, having been rescued from drowning, berates the lifeguard for not having rescued his hat as well."

By the way, that item about Prince training up a private Chinese army to defend Chinese interests overseas confirms my feeling that the OBOR should be regarded as the COBOR-CPS. ( Chinese One Belt One Road Co-Prosperity Sphere).

Lee A. Arnold

We are already in Cold War 2.0 with Russia.

I don't know which country "serial regime change" refers to, so pick one.

Trump thinks he's going to succeed at one-on-one trade agreements with different countries, but they may think it's a waste of time, and meanwhile investment money would start leaving the U.S. for better profits elsewhere, sticking the U.S. consumers & taxpayers with higher interest rates.



Who said anything about nukes?


Col Lang,

My guess is she's a real person who grew up speaking Trinidadian Creole.

different clue

Lee A. Arnold,

We are still early enough in the opening stages of the Cold War 2.0 rollout that we can still walk it back under the right leadership. The Russian leadership is prepared to consider rational renormalization of relations with the US if Trump is equally prepared to consider rational renormalization with the RF. I voted for Trump in hopes of helping that happen.

Hillary the Borgist would have renewed and redoubled the effort to work with Turkey, KSA, Qatar and anyone else to support the Cannibal Leaver Eating Jihadis in toppling the government of the Syrian Arab Republic and spreading the ISISlamic Caliphate of Jihadistan all the way to the Mediterranean coast. She would also have redoubled efforts to support the Banderazi Coup Regime in Kiev to conquer and subdue East Ukraine. That's two countries right there. I voted for Trump to abort the re-double-down on those two missions.

Trump envisions "fair" trade agreements country by country as AGAINST Forced Free Trade Agreements like TTP, TTIP, etc. He has announced the American pullout from TTP. I voted for Trump to get all such Multilateral Corporate Globalonial Plantation Agreements rejected and he has already rejected a major one.

The Borg is upset at way more than "Bannon".

different clue


Notice how the "birturner" had its cover blown early and hasn't been back.

different clue


I don't know Trinidadian Creole. I can only guess that it has the same internal consistency and coherency as any other language.

So I gave the "birturner" comment another look. I can't find any consistency and coherency at all in the use of words or the kind of spelling and typo mistakes.

The "birturner" still looks like a performance satire troll to me.


In my experience, referring to a "glass field" is a reference to the use of nukes.

" All joking aside, the people populating the Acela corridor better dial back their BS before they open an apocalyptic scenario ending in rivers of blood or a glass field in that same corridor."

Now Stan P. has asked us to take him seriously, so I am offering that courtesy. Perhaps, Tyler, you could let him answer for himself?

My very lovely neighbors next door store 20,000 rounds of ammo in their garage. They go to the range twice a year and shoot for an hour. While I understand that they are very afraid, I do have to wonder who are they planning on shooting with all those bullets? They certainly don't seem to be the type of people who would go on a shooting rampage, so who EXACTLY are they planning on shooting? I cannot wrap my mind around any scenario where 20,000 bullets, used by 2 people would be warranted. It's a mystery to me. These are smart, well educated, highly employed, older people. I'm sure having all those bullets make them feel safe. But how that works out in reality, I just can't imagine.

When Stan or others threaten that NY or California or some other stated place that appears to contain too many light in the loafers/multiculties for someone's taste, and needs to be seized or nuked or whatever, I have to wonder, who do you expect to cause this tragedy? Seriously! How does this work?

And like my neighbors, I wonder how you come by so much fear of people not like you? It mostly seems tragic and sad.



"I wonder how you come by so much fear of people not like you? It mostly seems tragic and sad." How clever! You manage to suggest that your neighbors ae simple minded fools without actually saying it. Well, troll, you are one hin ice. pl



He's talking about the Borgists starting nuclear war with Russia. I am talking about the Deploreable People Tribunal lining up the NYT Op-ed board for a one way live fire demonstration. Keep up.

Lee A. Arnold

It looks to me like ISIS is being fought back by a coalition of regional actors without many U.S. troops involved, and there is no reason to believe that Trump will change this. By now it is U.S. foreign policy, and Hillary would have done the same.

Russia? I believe that I was the first person to point out -- in comments on this blog, many moons ago -- that Putin had an unstable southern border, and, given the majority residents in Crimea are Russian, we could imagine that any other country in the world (including the U.S.) would have considered the same border annexation. And I doubted what most other commenters here feared: that Putin would push all the way to Poland. Why? Because it would leave him with an unmanageable mess, wasting resources to rule the area. As far as I remember, I was the only one who got this right (so far).

Similarly, I think Russia should work in the Middle East. It is their next-door, too. The U.S. and Russia have had a de facto working relationship on Syria for nearly 3 years. Do they have disagreements? Yes. That's going to happen. Hillary would have been no different here, either. But Putin is not your friend, and neither is Assad.

Trump supporters, other Republicans, & the Democrats too -- you ALL follow your emotions. The facts are secondary. Then you fit the facts into your emotions, to support your emotions. You paint your pictures black and white. There is not much clear-mindedness here.

On international trade? Answering that means writing a book, but the facts are: Trade agreements are about 3rd or 4th on the list of things that take U.S. jobs, and pretty small compared to the top things on the list.

First is 1. technology. Manufacturing jobs are disappearing everywhere on the planet, and this has been happening for decades. The trade agreements barely changed the effect on jobs. It's all being automated. Which is a good thing. We should go to 20-hour work weeks. The 40-hour work week was a piece of socialist labor legislation, and we should do another one.

The second thing that takes jobs is, 2. policies favoring the richest U.S. people. They have too much input into these international trade agreements, they busted the unions, they got the workers angry at each other, they got themselves huge tax cuts, yet they can't start enough new businesses. The "makers vs. takers" thing is baloney. Trump is already back to slicing it, thick.

Anyway, the problem with one-on-one trade agreements ("bilateral" -- as opposed to multilateral) is that you have to negotiate a LOT of different agreements. That takes too much time; businesses have more uncertainty; and pretty soon, you yourself have to campaign for the next election. Not only all of that, but each country that you negotiate with, is going to be wondering about all the OTHER trade deals you are doing with all the other countries, to make sure the others aren't getting a better deal, so they don't lose trade, and also so they can figure out how to negotiate their own deals with them. It's a complicated negotiating nightmare.

But still, it might have worked in the past. Not now. There is a new situation, with China.

China is ready to start its own world trade organization. Xi announced it, the day after Trump's election. They waited for the right moment. TPP (which should just be changed a little) was in negotiations for 6 years already -- and that time is now gone, wasted. So, a lot of the U.S.'s old trading partners may say, "Forget the U.S. -- and forget Trump! He cannot be trusted, and all the other countries are getting a better deal with China." Trump and his advisors still believe that the U.S. is the kingpin of world trade, & so everybody will do the deals he wants. (Read for example, the opinions of his advisor Michael Anton.) But now China is the world exports leader. In addition, China has begun to spend money to pull ahead in technological development, so they are going to maintain their position, and gain traction as the U.S. pulls out.

One of the ex-defense secretaries said that the TPP was worth an additional aircraft carrier in the Pacific.

Worse still, U.S. retreat means less of the world will buy U.S. goods. That means that U.S. export industries (and U.S. jobs in the export sector) won't get off the ground. That means that Wall St. financial capital, being internationally mobile, will go to some other country that gets better profits dealing with China. That means that U.S. interest rates will rise. And that means that you will pay more to buy a house or car.

The U.S. can retract into itself ("nationalism") -- and that can work in the very long-term, because automation is developing to the point where any country can make anything for itself. But, there may not be a lot of new jobs.

Take it by sector: Manufacturing is going the way of farming -- very few jobs. Then there is the service sector, but that is pretty much topped-out because Obamacare increased medical coverage which already increased jobs in healthcare to the point where only a few more workers are needed there -- so, not a lot more jobs. That leaves construction (including housing) and infrastructure. But these are financed by debt -- housing by mortgages, and infrastructure by gov't debt (& taxpayer repayment). Well, we know how mortgages turned out!

So, infrastructure? Trump & the GOP can try to ramp-up the economy with a big infrastructure package (after not letting Obama do it!) but that means more gov't debt. The only way around this is privatization of infrastructure, so that you will pay fees to private corporations when you use bridges and roads. (And they will probably stick the taxpayers with repairs.)

Thing to do instead is 20-hour work weeks, get the private insurers out of healthcare and retirement and make it universal, increase taxes on Wall Street and put it to infrastructure, education, science & arts.


I didn't check the facts, Fred, doubt I can. But it was news that the EU is ware of the issue. Gladly. They mainly ignored that "the South" obviously has more problems in this context for a very, very long time. Relaxing comfortably: on Schengen?

But admittedly this doesn't help Greeks. Someone I watch, recently indicated that Grexit would benefit only those that have never suffered. Although leaning in that direction slightly.

Wondered if I should stop babbling, on the other side the theme surfaces in VV's response somewhat on first check.


different clue,

That may seem logical to you, but language isn't logical. Like a lot of people who grow up speaking a sociolect, she may be blending grammatical forms with the dominant language, especially when writing. Nonetheless, there are some tells. The phase "job lost," which she uses twice, is a Trinidadian formulation. So is the use of abbreviations midstream (mfg. is used twice). Trinidadians write and speak a lot like American teenagers text.

But it's the sentiment that's what makes me most suspect it's Trindadian. She's saying, you people are lazy, entitled, and need to quit whining and get a job. That's not your average troll, but it's exactly what a Trinidadian grandma sounds like.


different clue,

And for what it's worth, it's hard to thin-slice the dialect given the amount of text and the obvious lack of concern with getting it right. She could also be Bajan or Jamaican, or someone similar hanging out with lots of the other. The main thing is that there are world views that don't fit neatly into our disputes. It's quite possible to look at Trump's America and not see it as a problem of global cultural elites vs. deplorables.

different clue

Lee A. Arnold,

Thank you for taking the time to write a long and detailed reply to my comment. It deserves an equally long and detailed reply in return. Unfortunately for me I still have not gotten around to getting my very own computer so I still am screentime-limited to workplace computers on breaks or the public library computers at times. So I hope that other commenters may have detailed things to say in reply here. Perhaps I may be able to reply to one or another small part of your reply over the next few days.

So for now, I would begin by saying that I thought I remember quite a few people here saying the Russiagov has and had no desire to invade or otherwise take over Poland, Ukraine, or other countries. But that is just my memory. If other people here remember having said that very thing, they might well decide to say so.

As to Clinton and Syria, she was RUNNING on Safe Zones and No Fly Zones against Russia in Syria . . . in order to get Assad toppled. Did she run on that concept to specifically get ISIS into power in Damascus?
I don't think so. I think she would have been just as happy with an Alphabet Jihadi takeover of Damascus as long as the Assad government were destroyed. But I also believe she would have accepted an ISIS takeover as the price to be paid for toppling Assad, if ISIS would have been the successor state after Hillary's Assad overthrow.

You think she would have totally reversed everything she ran on in the campaign regarding Syria? Well alrighty then. Maybe you would have been right. I was not prepared to take the chance that a President Clinton would do the opposite on Syria of what she ran on doing in Syria. So I voted against her.


Old Coastie -

20,000 rounds was the Jedburgh standard ammunition airdrop to the French Maquis guerrilla bands.


Tyler? You keep up. You were not able to recognize Stan's reference to nuclear war. Enough. Too often on this site, the reference to civil war is promoted. I can never tell who is supposed to be killing who. If you think the Borgists will be the perpetrators or will start a nuclear war with Russia, then so be it.

Please live happily with your fantasies.


Colonel - they are not simple minded people at all. I've known them for many years, shared many Christmases with them. I am very aware of who and what they are afraid of. They are my friends and I still find it hard to understand why they arm themselves so heavily.



I have about a thousand rounds, bought on the internet. Am I also incomprehensible to you? Ammunition gets cheaper and cheaper as you buy larger lots. Are you an insurgent troll? pl


The city council of Richmond CA unanimously passed a resolution supporting the impeachment of President Trump for violating the emoluments clause. I'm not sure if they have a case but the sentiment is sure there.

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