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19 February 2017


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I give Trump points for dumping Flynn.
He lied,"misstated" to the VP.
AND, Flynn either didn't know - or didn't care - that the Russian Amb. phone was tapped.
So, he's not the brightest bulb on the porch, either.


Col. Lang, as an African American woman I am tried of all tbe whining about how White people are upset about job lost. Every community has experienced job lost and evergy community needs to understand the jobs are not coming back. Everyone needs to understand a High School Graduate is not going to make 40-70 per hour in some mfg. Plant. Trump @ Boeing in SC ignored the fact many of the parts used are mfg. in other countries. Boeing Spply Chain is Global. Thats not going to change. Boeings customer are these same countries. Trump is a fraud. As usual White People blame "Other" in the end Trump is only interested in helping his family. He is man that does not feel empathy. This African American woman has heard enough and say,"White People" go to school, retrain, etc. And Please Stop Whinning"

Stan P.

First of all, you do understand this is not a campaign rally? He won the election and not yet running for 2020. Why did you use that term?

Second, this was a very big story recently and I understand you don't read these stories in the Borgist media. It's been viral and maybe seen be Trump recently:

Alleged gang rape shown on Facebook shocks Sweden

Kim Hjelmgaard, USA TODAY
February 7, 2017

Outrage and shock are spreading across Sweden over a case against three men of foreign origin arrested on suspicion of raping a woman and broadcasting it live on Facebook.

Swedish authorities said Wednesday that the case against the unidentified men was "growing stronger" amid an increasing backlash against immigrants in a country that took in more asylum seekers per capita than any other nation in Europe last year.

"There have been cases in Sweden before where crimes have been filmed and publicized on social media but not like this," said Pontus Melander, chief prosecutor in the case in Uppsala, the city where the alleged incident took place in an apartment Jan. 22.

"I have seen different cases around the world — but not sexual cases," he added.

The alleged crime in the Scandinavian country, which has one Europe's highest recorded rates of sexual assaults, was live-streamed on a private Facebook page accessible to about 60,000 people.



Yes the good professor of linguistics points out a trivial literal linguistic fact while purposely obscuring the point that a colloquial expressions such as "last Friday" might perhaps mean something other than Friday February 17th, 2017. Lord forbid the good Imam of the Intelegencia have a "conversation" with a deplorable who might point out that Trump may have been meaning this:
Or this:
and he might mention the 60 minutes report too:
Looks like pattern recognition and confirmation bias are concepts not in the good professor's indoctro-educational toolkit. Unfathomable indeed.

Babak Makkinejad

Boeing was forced to give that work to foreign countries so that they would become customers.

In case of Japan, they have learnt enough to build their own smaller passenger airplane; that was the fear in Boeing 30 years ago.

The global supply chain can be broken, it is not a Law of Nature, just another arrangement - economic in this case.

Babak Makkinejad

He was a liability in his explicit enmity to Islam.



Big O is busy helping organize a coup in the DNC to get Keith Ellison as chair. I think that is likely to drive a wedge through the gordian not of KKKrazy glue that holds the party together. It is certainly not going to do anything positive for Hilary's power and influence within the DNC.



"not going to make 40-70 per hour in some mfg..."
They never did. More like $20-25 plus benefits. Skilled trades in new UAW contract max out about $40/hour and there aren't many of those around and there are plenty of UAW members in competition for them too.



The Dems, along w their allies in the MSM and the IC, are committing a cardinal political error these days; they've driven their troops in an hysterical charge without giving them a feasible, attainable goal. Impeachment is not going to happen, given the complexion of the House n Senate. In a while, outrage fatigue will set in, morale will bottom out, and if the Dems hope to rekindle the outrage they'll have to come up with ever more outrageous outrages.

Lyndon Johnson used to describe moving the electorate to do something as akin to the technique he used on the U.S. House - driving cattle. First you speak softly to 'em, even sing to 'em a little. You find the lead cow and put a bell on her, set her going in the direction you want the herd to go; pretty soon other cows'll start following her. Then you get your outriders and dogs to start squeezing the herd from the sides and pick up the pace a little. Your corral is maybe 5 or 6 miles away, remember, so you better've strung some fence to make a funnel. When you're within a mile or so you get your dogs nipping, crack your whips, bring in the stragglers, and stampede 'em.

What the Dems are doing here is starting the stampede within the first mile, there's no bell cow to lead 'em, there's no corral and no guide wires, they pay no attention to your dogs cuz they're moving too fast to even see 'em. Pretty soon your cattle are scattered all over hell n high country and it'll take you forever to round 'em up again.

And your main chance, the 2018 election? Long n forever gone.


I expect the popcorn industry will see big growth in the coming years ;)


Leaked Emails: Dem State Leaders Think Obama’s New Organizing Army is ‘Grade A Bullshit’
Organizing for Action was supposed to complement the Democratic National Committee. Instead, Democratic leaders say, it nearly killed the Democrats.



I am sorry but for me to think you are a real person would be racist. I leave it to others to respond. pl


b said...

I don't get why anyone would even think of blaming Trump (or Flynn) of any talk with the Russians.

b, as you know the Borg doesn't want any rapprochement with Russia. So they have to rant and rave and drive the fear factor with Trump is a cossack in disguise.

I would take seriously when Trump says he'd like to do a deal with Putin and discount what Pence, Mattis, etc. say.


Pence does a few more presidential tours while Trump holds rallies with ever decreasing numbers attending. The Borg keep feeding Trump's obsession with the media and Washington elite, Trump stays for longer periods in Florida, is unable to complete his cabinet. Nightly news would keep pounding away at Trump's isolation and questionable behavior. Mental confusion/exhaustion might be the term they use.
Pence will graciously take over until Trump recovers. Once he is in a hospital he will never quite recover. Videos carefully leaked will show someone really sick.
At some point Trump has to shut the Borg down and he can't do that from Mar de Largo. Can he survive by whipping up his supporters and having them march on Washington? He would need mass rallies with millions in every major city.
Which in my opinion he is not going to get.

Lee A. Arnold

Watch what happens.



Dream on. pl


Right, only the "oppressed black woman" has the right to whine. You still dont get it do you? Nobody cares if you are a black woman, it gives no validity to your arguments. Race-baiting and all the other social justice BS is why the Democrats lost,we are sick of it. This has nothing to do with race.


you are joking. Pence would be a lot worse for the country. Good for the Borg but not the country.



There is definitely a coup ongoing to switch the nationalistic ideology of the White House back to corporate globalism. What happens depends 100% on the Republicans. The globalist Republicans are headed by John McCain and Lindsey Graham. There are 60 members of Congress are in the Tea Party caucus. They won’t be turned. The Democrats are powerless unless a GOP faction needs their votes. The question is what will the corporatist Republicans like Paul Ryan do? I think they are smart enough to realize that an Impeachment will start a 3rd American Revolution and permanently split their party if they live long enough. On the other hand, their global paymasters want Donald Trump gone. Corporate Republicans may try to manage perceptions with the media’s assistance to convince the American public that the President is insane and elevate Mike Pence through the 25th Amendment but that is dangerous without obvious cause.

Although the Democrats are powerless, they can’t admit it. They avoid mentioning their support of offshoring jobs and looting the middle class. They are purposefully stoking the fires for a war with Russia. This is why Globalists pay them big bucks. This causes horrendous cognitive dissonance among progressives. If they face the truth, they realize there is no way of returning their world to sanity. Americans are in a similar position as the Greeks. The only way Greeks can throw off the yoke of the European Central Bank is to revolt and invite the destruction of their society.

ex-PFC Chuck

Valissa, do you know what your two friends' preferences were in the contest for the Democratic presidential nomination? Hilary or Bernie?

ex-PFC Chuck

With regard to what they might be accomplishing, from their Borgillionnaire funders' prespective, every day the Resistance goes on is another day that Democratic grass roots activists don't do any self-reflection on why the party did so badly.


Dear Colonel,

Thanks for your piece. As (sadly very) few commenters here have noted, Trump is playing the media and the Dems/liberal class and many of the responders – see focus on the trivial while missing the point –red flag in front of a bull named snowflake.

Trump calls the media the enemy of the American people – does he believe that? I am sure he doesn’t – you do not rise to be a billionaire without understanding power and its application.

Who is the media? The major media is just a mouthpiece – for the media owners (six companies) and the Deep State. Currently the Deep State has elements who are leaking information (true and false). I predict the media owners will find themselves soon facing anti-trust investigations and selective application of numerous SEC and other regulations. This will be effective in largely taming the media – but it is slow and time consuming process.*

IMO Trump is following classic Mao strategy – (narrative of weakness) to flush out the old regime loyalists who are not respecting the election. There is a reason why he stacked his admin is Goldman and General heavy. Absent a strong powerbase of his own he will be destroyed. The Borgist #Resistance smells blood, which is making them crazy (Spirited Away – the River Spirit) and believes the US will revert to status quo as under Obama without complaint. They believe support for Trump is inflated – a popular Borg narrative.

* I support freedom of the press, by which I do not mean public relations stenographers. The US no loner has a free and independent mainstream media – its oligarchically-owned after the extreme consolidation of the last few decades, reverting to its format in the 1920s when there was a similar Gini Index. New media will become more important, but billionaires (e.g., Bezos) will consider major media as a cost center and a good investment – ABC never reports on problems with Disney, and they rags will persist.

In this light, net neutrality is very important.



Presuming your self description is accurate, google:

Trump, Sharpton Image


Trump Jesse Jackson image

and your see if your cognitive dissonance survives.


Many people (including more than a few here) seem absolutely dead set on creating conditions that exponentially increase the odds of them being brought before a Deploreable's Tribunal where someone like me passes judgment on whether you get to see another sunrise.


Sir, there are rumors flying around that the reason some anti-trump politicians are so hysterical and acting irrationally is because many are afraid of being exposed as pedofiles. Robert David Steele (ex-CIA) is doing the rounds of the alt-media pushing this narrative. He claims among other things, that Epstein's slave island was a mossad operation to blackmail us politicians. Do you have an opinion on this man's (Steele) reputability?

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