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27 February 2017


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William R. Cumming

FEDERALISM underlies governance in the United States. Trump employed Dr. Sam Clovis in his campaign. An expert on FEDERALISM. Trump if he tackles FEDERALISM issues and policy could become a great President IMO!

And the Congressional Budget Office Congress should establish a permanent Joint Committee on FEDERALISM reviewing each bill for FEDERALISM impacts.


Yes let's go back to smoggy cities and a dead Lake Erie. And take away health coverage from those who need it. And give Trump's rich pals a tax break. That's Making America Great Again.



I am not at all uncomfortable with the idea of the Administrative State being downsized.

But I think that a lot of my fellow guv'mint workers had better get used to the idea that they are not "guaranteed" a job for life. This goes for all levels and all departments of government.

I am hoping for enough political argument to occur that I will be able to complete my 2.75 years until I can retire.

But, the truth is, if this thing gets any kind of traction, my retirement might well be pretty sorry. SS and a Gov't pension are sorta-kinda one of the problems that might get looked at really hard in the readjustment.

It would kinda suck for me personally, but my kids would probably be better for it.



Yes the great non-bailed out Ford Motor Company will start making gas guzzling behemoths and dump toxic sludge into the burning river that is the Cuyahoga because secularism forbid the Governor of Ohio and the elected legislature prevent that from happening. It's not like Ohio could pass a law or anything. Though I'm sure the first priority for Governor Kasich will be to tell everyone what bathroom they should be using.

Babak Makkinejad

There is a bilateral forum that meets twice a year, if I recall correctly, in regards to the Great Lakes, between the United States and Canada.

The forum consist of delegates from each state or province that has access to the Great Lakes and discusses the issues pertaining to the joint usage of the Great Lakes as well as their condition etc.

What impact, if any, would this "New Federalism" have on the composition of this forum and it agenda?

Can you comment?

Lee A. Arnold

Your kids will not be the better for it, they'l be stuck taking care of you. Then later it will be their turn on the chopping block. The real solution is to increase tax rates on the top 1%. Trump himself still owes a billion. There is somewhere around $10 trillion stashed in offshore bank accounts. The "makers vs. takers" thing is baloney.

Putting government workers back out on the jobs market won't do anything except increase the competition for jobs, therefore it lowers all wages. There will be less high-paying jobs, not more. Simple economics.

Insofar as the "administrative state" can be interpreted as too many regulations, this is not unusual. Regulations come and go, all the time. But deregulating the financial system is nonsense, we will be bailing them out again.

Cutting the rest of gov't to put $54 billion into Defense won't create jobs either. More likely economic discontent, leading to another war.

When that big iceberg breaks off Antarctica, we may "deconstruct" the oil and gas industries instead.


So, who does Bannon really work for? https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2017/feb/26/robert-mercer-breitbart-war-on-media-steve-bannon-donald-trump-nigel-farage

steve g

Welcome back. Missed your voice!!


Three posts in and we've already got someone claiming a parade of horribles awaits us if even one of the thousands of GS-9 bureaucrats employed to regulate our lives is let go.

"A slave is one who waits for another to free him." Haven't had to dust off that one in a while.

r whitman

If you want a deconstructed state, go live in Northern Mexico.


Apparently the Trump/Bannon administration is following the Howe/Strauss


notion outlined in the "Fourth Turning". Creative destruction of dysfunctional institutions, as they have failed to reform themselves. Are they then simply eliminated or is their function circumvented with a new leaner institution?

William R. Cumming

Both countries have ratified Interstate and intrastate compacts for their participating provinces and states. Thus, they act as delegates of federal power for the border.


r Whitman

That seems a trivial remark. Trump is nor proposing to de-construct DHS or the FBI. pl

William R. Cumming

Much of the federal power under the so-called CWA Clean Water Act] really the Federal Water pollution Control Act of 1972 has been delegated to the States. Best example-Flint, Michigan!

William R. Cumming

Plse don't confuse the Administrative State with either the Commerce Clause of the Constitution or the Supremacy Clause! Many federal entities just hand out money and are not regulators.

William R. Cumming

BTW the FBI has almost 40,000 FTE but less than 13,000 are Gold Badge Agents.

William R. Cumming

President Clinton reduced federal civil service ranks by 400,000 FTE.

Babak Makkinejad

Can a state withdraw from that compact?

Steve Nichols

No state or individual should have to incur costs externalized by the behavior of other states or persons. An easy example of this is pollution, but there are many other policies which can effectively shift burdens to other states.

For example, I live in Minnesota and one problem we have is that we attract people from other states because we have one of the more generous welfare states in the country. If there isn't some parity--which will almost have to be federally mandated, we will continue to be a gathering place for welfare recipients. It's just one example of a need for some federal intervention in affairs that originally were delegated to the states.

We have a very good standard of living here, including a low unemployment rate and a vigorous Pollution Control Agency. We shouldn't have to incur additional costs that externalized by the policies of other states.


Tyler, Mr. Cumming, Mr Arnold:

I have a feeling that we will all be surprised by how things turn out on this whole deal.

I wish I had your certainty, but change is not always what it is thought to be, or does change necessarily benefit those who seek it most earnestly.

What I think is that change is coming. It looks to me that we are moving into a time of suckage. This sure as hell doesn't look like a "win" to me.

But in another way I can agree with Tyler's sentiments about the histrionics. Most of the folks who squeal about the changes start flogging the "we are going backwards" horse. I don't think that we will return to smoggy cities and a dead Lake Erie anytime soon. The factories that accomplished that are over in China killing their environment. Tax structure will be useless without spending reform.

Nope, we are going to an unknown, different place. We aren't going back.


Let's bring Jobs back to America and Let's Dismantle The EPA are not a good combination of policy proposals.
The government is bloated, inefficient, full of redundancies, huge corporations are too, but let's never mention that. The parts of the state that actually matter are constantly under political attack and operate with less than they should, like the EPA and the IRS. Regulatory capture ensures that the justice department and sec ignored the crimes of big banks, while agencies that wished to take the fight had resources redirected around them.

Meanwhile, spending on dubious wars is fine. Small dandruff flake sized pieces of those budgets could pay for lots of things beneficial to the American people. They won't even allow a proper audit, the corruption is comical.

As for federalism, it's a dilemma. Big outside money buys small state elections with such ease that all it took was the combo of democrats being a sclerotic party of finance and republicans dumping in money and doing a little campaigning to win a huge majority of the important elected positions at the state level. Is that really representative of what people want? When neither party actually offers solutions to the state's problems, what next?

r whitman

I meant that the deconstructed state Bannon proposes already exists. He should go there. Trump has not proposed deconstructing anything. His only proposal is to cut some money from the EPA and State Dept. and get rid of some inconsequential federal rules.



I know it is news to many but Flint had a water treatment system prior to 1972.


The right gives lip service to loving the Constitution when in fact what they really admire is the Articles of Confederation. The right hates the Constitution.



Head to Sweden if you want your socialist utopia.

Look out for grenades tho.

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