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23 February 2017


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Hood Canal Gardner

Ok,I'll start it with apples and appletrees. The lady has a father. That's enough. Punt



She doesn't agree with him on much of anything. pl



The bi-coastal & urban elites along with their corporate media have had such a good time for decades that they completely believed their own BS and more importantly their influence on the Deplorables.

Trump comes along as the antithesis to their dogma of the urbane and suave PC double talker, and upends them despite their all out efforts. They are now doubling down and their hysteria is clearly showing as we see here with Mika.

Bannon, the man they love to hate and are gunning for the most, was rather candid at CPAC.


"If you remember, the campaign was "the most chaotic," you know, by the media's description, "most chaotic, most disorganized, most unprofessional, had no earthly idea what they were doing",' Bannon recalled.

'And then you saw them all crying and weeping that night, on the 8th [of November]."


I don't have this TV channel so I have to ask, is that picture a promo for their "news" program. If so, it a bit sexist to my eyes. And discredits anything she might think.

Eric Newhill

Merely a snob with the usual contempt for the inferior little people.

I've come to the conclusion that a lot of progressives fall into this category, even if - perhaps especially if - they aren't actually wealthy elites. They think that by adopting the attitudes and perspectives of the snobs they can vicariously "class up". That the universities are full of similar thinking reinforces the thought that doing so will make one appear a Brahman.

But Mika is a true spoiled snob looking down her nose at the great unwashed. I was raised with such people and I know what it is.


Yea, did you see all those "coastal elites" at Cotton's town hall? Damn cheese eatin hippies.


And, of course, you skipped this from the linked article

"Today I said it's the media's job to keep President Trump from making up his own facts, NOT that it's our job to control what people think."


I highly recommend watching the Bannon-Priebus show for yourselves. The body language, facial expressions, the comradery, etc, are most educational in context with the words. For news articles they just capture a few sentences, often our of context, sometimes ya just gotta see it for yourself.

I was already pretty sure I liked Bannon (a big part of that is how much the media hates him and the related propaganda), but seeing him being interviewed confirmed my intuition that he could well end up being very good for the US. From what I can see/intuit so far... this mischievious Machiavellian could be very instrumental in strategizing how to make needed adjustments to the Borg.. That benefit Americans.

LIVE: Steve Bannon, Reince Priebus Interview at CPAC 2017 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BkUPWb_TKS0 (26 min)


I watched the election results on CNN for only one reason, to watch Wolf Blitzer cringe (is that even his given name?). There are real news items ongoing throughout the world, riots in France and Sweden, intrigue in North Korea, ISIS on the run - why can't I see that instead of propaganda?


"IMO the child of the bi-coastal elitist left"
Elitist, yes. Left? Although, according to Wikipedia, she criticized the DNC for their treatment of Sanders, the role of the media she prescribes doesn't correspond to Sanders' approach to political mobilization. Her career, a long march through the networks, indicates thorough socialization to a managerial, anti-democratic approach to politics and a distrust of any movement that threatens to escape MSM control. She would have turned on Sanders if he had been successful.


Sadly, the ambience in which she exists (Manhattan and the Hamptons) constantly reassures her of the righteousness of her globalist leftist views and the inevitability of their triumph in Man's ascent toward godhood.

No truer words.

[On a completely different note, I’m watching Pence talk at CPAC right now. HE’S CAMPAIGNING. Remarkable.]



She's another Puritan of the new religion of the new Millenium.


I heard they were an item. A James Carville/Mary Matalin situation?


You can often discern the true feelings of parents by the impulsive utterances of their young.

Another truism. People bitch about bullying of children, Where do you think they got it?


she believes that she is a messenger of

problem is the messenger has to have some insight, some ability to assess, some perspicacity.

when the messenger can’t self-evaluate his/her talent in that regard, we’re all in deep trouble.

And therein lies the unrecognized self-delusion.



This is a upper class thing that the media likes to keep hidden. In today’s global capitalism the top 20% are doing okay. For the 0.1% and the five media owners, life is spectacular. Everyone else was thrown under the bus. No way is Mika Brzezinski a leftist. All cosmopolitans like her ignore the despair of the little people even as they drum up cons that makes them feel righteous like micro-loans, charter schools or the right to protect them with never ending wars. The poor in the USA have gone from having no money to being an average of $15,000 in debt.

My worry is that Donald Trump who acknowledged the existence of Deplorables to become President will in the end be neutered because the only way to provide the jobs they demand is by fiscal government spending. This can be financed by closing offshore tax havens and progressive taxation. Republicans are dead set against this. Donald Trump’s one trillion dollar Private Public Partnerships (i.e. corporate financed and built toll roads) are just another scheme to get hold of the constant stream of public money to securitize. The President’s basic conundrum, if he realizes it or not, is that the middle class in the West is collapsing and there is less wealth left to loot. The con is about to come to an end. Instead of his wall, the billions of dollars would be better spent making North American into a unified state; taxing Carlos Slim’s wealth and providing jobs, farms, health care and education for all. That is leftist. Also, Steve Bannon’s fourth turning could be avoided.



I disagree. I think her legs are not great. For me they look like quite ordinary, nothing special. That she "is not very smart" - I agree, though.



In the grand scheme of things, Mika's legs, while firmly in the "pretty damn good" ranks, just do not come up to the status of "great".

She is a nothing but a pretty bonehead with a famous daddy. If I was young I would chase her, but now I am just too damn old and she is kinda "bleh".

I apologize in advance to those I may have offended. Please, always remember, I was an enlisted man, we are known for our lack of polish.


Colonel, this mono costal guyI agrees, especially on the legs on the legs , never noticed the legs before this picture you posted, you can get paid well working for Shutterstock.


Trump is broadcasting the fact that many of the protests at various Republican Town Hall meetings are organized by a central planning commission. {my words}. The following poorly written article supports that claim. Michael Moore, who disappeared from SST after PL politely insulted him by telling MM he wasn't welcome in PL's neighborhood, runs a website with a calendar of protest events the disgruntled can seek release from their psychic tensions through group therapy. Another group lists protests on Facebook. I don't subscribe and am blocked from reading it. But the Facebook site is run by Organizing for Action, somehow connected with Obama--he may have started it. Its acronym is OFA, which sounds like ofay, the ultimate insult a slave could call his white slave master--guess he was too dumb to understand pig latin.





I think the French presidential election is going to be very interesting. We can be certain that the French establishment across the political spectrum and their MSM will be going all out to defeat Marine Le Pen. Every thing will be thrown at defeating her.



Because she makes statements like these:

"To assure the freedom of the French, there is no price too high too pay,” Le Pen said. “The foreign policy of France will be decided in Paris, and no alliance, no ally, can speak in her place."

"The European Union is not the solution, it’s the problem."

"On the U.S., she said she was hopeful President Donald Trump would reverse what she described as interventionist policies of President Barack Obama. She listed support for rebels in Libya and Syria as “mistakes” that have undermined world peace."



I'm sure there's going to be a lot of reporting on CPAC. Here's one from the British left but very establishment Guardian.


Bannon: "Every day is going to be a fight. That is the promise of Donald Trump ... All the people who’ve came in and said you’ve got to moderate. Every day in the Oval Office he tells Reince and I: ‘I committed this to the American people, I promised this when I ran, and I’m going to deliver on this.’”
The crowd at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) erupted in cheers and applause, with some delegates standing and punching the air.

If this is the true sentiment in the Oval Office it will be a fascinating next few months.



Yes, I know she regrets the damaging words. So what? pl



Perhaps a freudian slip and she really thinks so. But I'd doubt anybody cares about what she said. Young people do not watch CNN. And older people know better.

Eric Newhill

Yes, I think so. They are a strange bunch these new millennium types. The old ivy league, blue blazer, khaki pants, country club puritan snobs at least had ingredients, somewhere in their cultural background not so far back as to be totally diluted, of good bloodlines, military officer and captain of industry experience, Protestant ethics and Emily Post. Also, the Ivy League education actually meant something back when they attended. These people were puritans too, to be sure, but they more or less backed it up.

The new money usurpers lack such background. They don't care if there are too many syllables in one's last name or if it ends in a vowel. As long as you supports the ego identity they've built up they'll support yours. The currency of this ego is a sense of superiority based on assimilation of half baked social science and economic theory gobbeldy guk and, because they are usurpers, naturally, "inclusiveness". It's all about class and these people have created a new upper class, but it's hollow at the core. These people are libertines and proud of it. They are only puritanical about adherence to the mantra. It's more of a cult than a true class. Lower class is anyone who disagrees with aforementioned gobbeldy guk. How much lower is an algorithm dependent on the extent and nature of the disagreement.

This is the product of the 60s cultural revolution combined with the decay of the original upper class, which suffered from one or two too many generations of trust fund slugs too far removed from the originators.

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