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20 February 2017


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The Beaver


have you seen the latest:
"And just last Friday, McMaster tried to remove Ezra Cohen-Watnick, a 30-year-old Flynn acolyte, from the post of NSC intelligence director—and was overruled by Bannon and Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law."


In addition, Dina Habib Powell will be named deputy national security advisor for strategy-working with K McFarland and under McMaster. Another Goldman Sachs Alum who worked on Women and Philantropic Initiatives , now on Security ???. BTW She was the only woman attending the lunch meeting with the pretender from KSA - she was sitting at the head table


Ah Spicer. I have a little story that describes him as the guy he is.

Last year, Spicer greeted friends who followed him to DC on his first job day with 'it is 1932, we have won'! This inspired his fans to answer to him with 'Sieg heil Hitler' or something like that and raised arms. Reportedly, Spicer was delighted and greeted back.

What is pretty clear after this notable Spicer greeting incident is that the man is a young US nazi who happens to prefer wearing suits instead of these old black or brown uniforms.



I am short with my sympathy for Spicer since his sort of greeting joke would get you get to jail in Germany (and that for good reason). Something is seriously ill with Spicer an his friends.

Naive folks like me wonder about things like Spicer getting the job anyway, despite of his babblings and despite him being so apparently unsuitable.

It may have to do with Trump sympatising with Spicer's views - a disturbing possibility. Well, perhaps the president was just too busy twittering to notice ... ?

Anyway, whenever I see Spicer or read the current BS he has told on this or that I feel tempted to puke.

Sadly my mother has foolishly chosen to move away my reliable BS insurance 'Wild Turkey'. That is sad. WT works splendidly on Erdogan, whose demented, absurd and creative delusions are so idiotic that one needs to help oneself over having to read them.

Erdogan's latest strike into dementia was to claim that the dutch did commit the massacre of Srebrenicka. Ah yes, of course, and no, they didn't.




I withdraw my praise of LTG McMaster. He is a great mind but unfortunately that mind is now filled with a lot of neocon rubbish. pl

FB Ali

I agree with you. McMaster has been a big disappointment.

I suppose he was always like this; that was why he was being promoted instead of retired. Your earlier analysis of how the US military promotion system works is an explanation for the low quality of military leadership. 'Careerist' officers easily fall into line with the Borg's policies (such as they are).

Ex-PFC Chuck

Yes. I suspect many people had expected a lot more of him.

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