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09 February 2017


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Nancy K

You will like Pence. He has a merit badge on his Eagle Scout sash for dinosaur hunting. pl



Good for you. pl

Nancy K

That is classic.


Me too, Colonel!



And what do you think of Uncle Bob? pl

Hawk Of May

It is Senator Ayotte's job to walk Judge Gorsuch through the nomination process.

“He got pretty passionate about him, about it, I asked him about the ‘so-called judges’ comment, because we don’t have so-called judges or so-called presidents or so-called senators, and this was a guy who kind of welled up with some energy and he said any attack on any of — I think his term to me was, brothers or sisters of the robe — is an attack on all judges, and he believes in an independent judiciary.” Republican Sen. Ben Sasse of Nebraska told MSNBC on Thursday.


Colonel -

If he had stayed in the Union, the war would have been over at leat two years earlier.



Let me know when the good citizens raise a statue to Trayvon Martin or Michael Brown.

Phil Cattar

Loose Lips Sinks Ships!................He did not have to respond.....................On the other hand I was not there and I do not believe there is a tape of the conversation............."The Pure and Simple Truth" about almost anything ,is that the Truth is Never pure and Seldom simple.................

Phil Cattar




I doubt that the President will pull Neil Gorsuch’s nomination. He needs to get a 9th Justice on the Court as soon as possible, particularly if he decides to delay an immediate appeal of the 9th Circuit’s opinion to t the Supreme Court, start the EO process again from scratch, curing the legal and procedural deficiencies, and take the case with a good evidentiary record and a good legal team to a Supreme Court with nine justices. Gorsuch is as conservative as they come and will most likely provide the 5th vote in such a case.

In addition, now that Senator Sessions has been confirmed, the AG will be around to counsel the President to take the long view in preparation for one and, perhaps, two more vacancies—Kennedy and Ginsburg. Towards that end, the President has blamed Senator Blumenthal, not Judge Gorsuch for the miscommunication. At this point, the President would not want to anger Justice Kennedy for whom Gorsuch Clerked and with whom Judge Gorsuch maintains a warm friendship. If the President were to withdraw the Gorsuch nomination and continue on with his criticisms of the judiciary, Justice Kennedy might decide that it his constitutional and patriotic duty to remain on the bench until the end of the Trump presidency to block the President’s effort to delegitimize and emasculate the judiciary.

Eric Newhill

Yes sir, Agreed. The release of Gorsuch's comments was clearly an attempt to bait Trump. And the turn around on the nuclear option is delicious irony. To dodge the former and enjoy the latter is in line with my theory that Trump is a well beyond the simple narcissist that the media and lefties want to believe he is. Bonus is that Gorsuch appears to be, objectively, an excellent choice. So we all win.

I know Trump has feet of clay, but his opponents are abject idiots. He doesn't have to try all that hard to feel superior and help America win at the same time. That's domestically. We will see how FP works out for us and for him.


Warren did not lie about her heritage. She simply repeated the family lore (as confirmed by a relative). No man knows his true family tree. Cuckoldry rates are at least 1% (perhaps > 3%) across the entire population and adoptions --especially in the past-- can be silent. Contrary to reports in the right-wing echo chamber, Warren did not benefit from the claim. It is important to consider what Warren herself has said, rather than what detractors claim that she has said. As to the Gorsuch brouhaha, I find it to be another example of Trump allowing himself to be seen as a buffoon, while Gorsuch gets an unearned reputation for being "independent."


Pete Deer

Ah, c'mon! I haven't had a good fight over the WBS for a while. BTW where were you raised? pl



I said she was probably voicing family lore. pl


Oops. Sorry, did not know a Senator could lie -- so publicly -- and get elected, probably twice.

Off to the penalty box, apologies to the forum


Well, if you want some WBS stuff check out how they are moving the Battle of Atlanta Cyclorama.


Jake S.

If someone was never drafted how can they be a draft dodger? Is getting deferements a form of draft dodging? Trump was in college and got 4 deferment for his education. The fifth deferment was medical, he failed the Armed Forces Physical Examination.


Apologies, I was not attacking our gracious host. Blumenthal is also being maligned:

Tom Cafferty

Gorrsuch should have kept to the Trump script advertising Ivanka's product lines and he would have had no problem. Smarty pants judges think they always know best.

robt willmann

I do not think that Trump is going to un-nominate and withdraw Gorsuch from the Supreme Court appointment. It should not be a surprise that Senator Richard Blumenthal is the leaker -- whether or not accurate -- of what Gorsuch supposedly said.

Nancy K

My grandmother and mother swore we were Native American, from a tribe in Northern CA where my great, great, greatgrandparents were from, Ferndale CA. I have straight dark hair and eyes, high cheekbones, so it seemed possible I recently had my DNA tested and no Indian blood at all. All Europeon 67% from Great Britan. I didn't care but mom still refuses to believe it.


Nan K
We had a similar family legend on my mother's side (French Canadian) As with you DNA tests have proven decisively that we are altogether Northern European except that I have trace amounts of Mediterranean World DNA. pl


robt willman

Do you think this was a set-up a Schumer says? pl


jake S

IMO if you evaded the draft using deferments, or shifty medical disqualifications, you were a draft dodger. pl

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