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28 January 2017


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chris murphy

You mean like Switzerland?


That plane has IIRC to much Western parts to be sold to states that are embargoed by the West



Except that policy is purely an executive branch choice. Try again, little guy.



Except he's been at it a week and those two had 16 years to change it.

Don't worry, I'm sure you'll find something else to menopausal about regarding Trump in the next 8 years, regardless of whether he changes the policy or not.



Good gosh, you project any harder you're gonna be a cinema. The borg because he didn't add Pakistan and SA right away?

You re such a disgusting f-cking liar. As if you wouldn't be menstruating all over the place if he had included SA and Pakistan



Let me give you an idea of how you're coming across right now, real talk, whether you care or not:

Its like if we were in a rifle company with two or three bad COs in a row, The new skipper gets in, and all you can do is b-tch about how while he's trying to unf-ck the work of his predecessors, you're turning every imagined slight in your eyes into a diatribe about how the man is unfit, every chance you get. If I was in your squad, Id think you were a loudmouth with the memory of a gold fish.

Soldier to soldier, I'm trying to flag you that you're out of the box and maybe need to sit a round or two out and let the man work versus being as...shrewish as you've come across. Seriously. You re absolutely crashing my opinion of you with this petulance considering where we have come from and how much we have to go. I wouldn't talk to you like this if I didn't care.

Babak Makkinejad

On your number 1:

So you have become the Supreme Court of the United States.

On your number 3: Not my place; a Federal Judge has issued a legal opinion, you, as an Officer of the Law, are obliged to support that until another court overturns it.

You can have an opinion, but cannot take action on that opinion - it is not your place.

Babak Makkinejad

The Gulfies; i.e. their governments, have never done anything against the United States. Even their support for Jihadists was part of the Western Fortress effort to roll-back the extension of Iranian power.

You cannot expect Trump, or indeed any US President, to throw them under the bus - they have been good servile governments to that of the United States.

Furthermore, the United Kingdom and France - among others - make good money among Gulfies. Even Russia has good relations with them.

I submit to you that the Western Fortress has made its choice among which sects of Islam it prefers; the same sects that are the thought-leaders of Jihadists everywhere. But you cannot save people from the consequences of their own actions.

Babak Makkinejad

One has to start from somewhere.

Babak Makkinejad

Neo-cons want war. They prefer Jihadists to Shia; that much is clear. Why that is so? Simple: Jihadists are like the Chinese of Boxer Rebellion and the Shia are like the Communists. One side was brainless, the other had a brain.


FB Ali,

Listened this AM. I was struck by his comments about deals made to bring Iran in from the cold. The same happened with Qaddafi and we know how that turned out. Betrayal.



No Babak, don't run to weaponized autism because you can't explain how President Trump is outside 8 USC 1182 and the Obama Appointed, Schumer Supported judge is ruling based off her feelz.

I don't tell you how your crappy country should function. Let's not think you can do the same to mine, thanks.

Sam Peralta

An indictment of liberals for this backlash against immigration from the third world.


The Twisted Genius


I don't expect you to ever be comfortable with any criticism of your beloved god emperor. I never thought I'd have anything to say about his policy implementations for at least a few months. Didn't you notice I had nothing to say about his efforts to tighten up immigration, the refugee program and visa control? He campaigned on this and is well within the law. His implementation was ham fisted targeting a handful of children, old mothers and Iraqi interpreters who put their lives on the line for our troops. I found that embarrassingly un-American. And he missed the most important target. If he banned all Saudis and those who traveled to or through Saudi Arabia, I probably would have given him a pass on the ham-handed implementation. So we're left with a new President who continues an aggressive hostility towards Iran, continues to coddle the Gulfies and even wants to establish safe areas in Yemen and Syria. Only the jihadis have come out in support of that policy and, perhaps, various neocons and R2Pers. I can't imagine you embrace any of that or would continue to defend those policies.

I'll continue to call Trump on things he does that I consider stupid and/or dangerous. You're just going to have to get used to it. OTOH I look forward to what he plans to do with our relationship with Russia. I think that will have far reaching benefits for the entire world.



I was searching around regarding immigration and found this. Does anyone know if she has been fired from the State Department?


Also a guy named Tom Countryman is supposedly an Israeli mole at State. Any info?



"You cannot expect ... to throw them under the bus -"

Why not, betrayal is an art in the Middle East.


Tyler -

Thanks for the compliments. You never fail to inspire. Glad you could be here.

Babak Makkinejad

But what are you going to gain? They are good servile governments.


Great comment Eric!

As to your 1st point, I very much agree with your assessment of Trump.

As to Trump and the Saudis... remember he's a practical guy, not an ideologue (though he has some big ideas he cares about). Depending on how much business his business empire has done/does with various Saudi clients, and what his own personal history and business instincts tell him... this will all effect how he decides to deal with the Saudis. I do not expect Trump to give them too hard of a time.

The US always seems to need an enemy. If Trump wants to make deals with Russia on Syria and more, there will have to be another designated enemy for the M-I complex to talk tough about and spend lots of money ramping up against. Will they be satisfied with ISIS/Al-Qaeda as their new enemy focus? Probably not... not BIG enough, not a nation-state. Right now the new enemy focus appears to be Iran. Since this also makes Israel happy, I can see the appeal of it to team Trump (esp. Kushner). Iran is not as big and powerful as Russia or China, therefore easier to bully.

Trump does not have the power (nor should he have) to reform the entire M-I complex towards his ends... there will need to be give and take. Any attempt at "solutions" to ongoing FP problems will not be easy or pretty.



If your criticism wasn't coming off as being pedantic and mendacious, I wouldn't have issues with it. But it's one long nonstop whine with you.

Take my advice or don't. Get over the fact Bernie didn't win, tho, ffs.



Womanly snark. Keep it up.



You are cautioned once more against personal attacks. pl

Babak Makkinejad

Well, my crappy country has been around for 2500 years, let us see how long you guys will be around before you destroy yourselves;

"Mum, I am not loved...."


Thanks Col.

different clue

Lee A. Arnold,

Fine. Let them do just that. They will discover that money is not wealth. We will still have what few underground minerals we have left. We will still have our water resources. We will still have our farm and forest and etc. resources. And we will not have our Federal, State, and local governments stripped of their ability to pass and apply their own ( our own) environmental, safety, wage, etc. laws and regulations . . . because we will not be subject to "suits for lost profits and imputed loss of future profits" by predasitic investor entities taking us to the TPP-designed Secret Korporate Kangaroo Kourts of the so-called ISDS.

We will be able to monetise our own wealth at modest rates and re-invest our own "money" in our own "rebuilding". Meanwhile, the TPP Globalonial Plantation-States will in the fullness of time learn the wisdom of Wise Old Indian when he said: " When the last fish has been pulled from the last river, then the White Man will learn he can't eat money."

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