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28 January 2017


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The Twisted Genius


You find me pedantic? Fine. But mendacious? You infer I'm a liar. You crossed a line. Unless overruled by Colonel Lang, I'm banning you from commenting on any of my posts. You no longer have to be burdened by reading and responding to any of my future criticisms of Trump or his policies.



I agree with your action. pl

Eric Newhill

Good thoughts. Possibly accurate, IMO.

Trump has more than once mentioned NoKo as the real threat. They make for a pretty good enemy. Crazy. Nuclear armed. Very foreign/other-ish. No business ties to get messed up. And the bonus that they really are a serious threat that will have to be addressed one of these days. If NoKo + Iran + Jihadis is not completely satisfying, then just maybe China could be tossed into the mix. That should do it.



Good call, and unfortunate as I have found many of Tyler's substantive posts informative.

I continue to be concerned (as I have been for years) by the near-impossibility of quiet, thoughtful political discussion - regardless of one's persecutive.

Wish it was not so.



Sorry if I brought any of this on by egging Tyler on. He went way too far with his comments towards you.

But his attacks on me are always good for a laugh. Reminds of the good old days of the dirty dozens. By that I mean the back & forth trading of "Yo-mama-wears-combat-boots" insults, and not the horrendous hollywood flic with Telly Savalas that twisted and denigrated the honor of Soldiers. It has been 56 years since I was a pfc, and I was never very good at the dirty dozens game, but I always appreciated the zingers.


Actually, some of the people in the military advising Trump are Eagle Scouts. Tillerson is an Eagle Scout and one who helped the BSA navigate the gay scout issue very smoothly.

I would hope that the principles of the Scout Oath, the Scout Law, the Cadet Honor Code, and the Cadet Prayer do affect those men and women who are trained in them in how they manage their responsibilities and their duty to their countries. http://www.scouting.org/about/annualreports/previousyears/2013/2013_oath_law_mission.aspx

My experience over the decades in dealing with men and women who have been raised on these values (values, by the way, that are expressed in the Uniform Code of Military Justice) is that the values endure and the people believing in them are effective and valuable people who apply those values throughout their lives.

Certainly, the military leaders will follow the letter of the law. All military personnel are on oath to protect and defend the Constitution and to follow the lawful orders of the President and their officers according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

I choose to be "naïve" because I believe that these influences do influence the actions of honorable men and women and that the training gained at a very early age in scouting and later during West Point do temper and affect those who experience it for their whole life. If they do not inculcate valuable moral character, then there is no purpose in having groups like the Boy Scouts and the military academies.

Anyone inculcated with these ideas seemingly must have a problem with leadership that creates a cloud of lies and confusion as a style for governing. Hope men of honor will help to keep our nation on its track.

Without naïve people who believe in honor, our nation has no hope.

I will remain naïve and hope my naiveté and belief in good American values will spread the opposition to the nihilists who now seem to be gaining influence within our Polity.


Were you ever in the military? Incredibly naïve. pl


Don't let anyone get under your skin and make you say things in anger that you most probably don't even mean. Remember, Americans do the right thing once they have tried everything else. This is a great country and not about to destroy itself just because a tiny sliver of people shouts civil war every time they can't get it their way.

Cold War Zoomie

Hello Mike,

Next step has been taken...

"Iraq’s parliament has called on the government to “retaliate” against US President Donald Trump’s ban on Iraqis, and the citizens of six other Muslim majority countries, from entering the US."

But this looks like the kicker...

"The parliamentary vote passes the decision on whether to implement a ban to Iraq’s president, Fouad Massoum, who can either veto the request or send it on to Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi to make into law. Analysts say this is something Mr Abadi dreads having to do...Two lawmakers said they doubted the ban would be implemented,..."




Cold War Zoomie -

My bigger concern is Hashd al Shaabi. If they or any other Iraqis that feel insulted by our ban start taking it out on American troops in Iraq then their blood is on the hands of Donald J Trump.

If Abadi signs the ban and it stops any bloodshed, then good on him.

Sam Peralta

"...their blood is on the hands of Donald J Trump."

Spoken like a NeverTrumper!

The blood is on the hands of Bush/Cheney & Obama/Hillary who expanded the destabilization to Syria & Libya.

Donald J. Trump did not start any of these wars nor funded Al Qaeda nor created the millions of refugees.

Sam Peralta


Where were you when Obama & Hillary were destabilizing Libya & Syria and creating the chaos & anarchy there by funding & arming Al Qaeda with the resultant refugees & complete destruction of their societies? And what did you do when the Obama administration was blatantly lying about mass surveillance and when DNI Clapper lied under oath? Where was your conscience when Amb. Stevens was murdered while Hillary and Susan were on TV claiming it was because of a YouTube video and not about gun running to feed the beast in Syria?

Or does your conscience & morality play only apply to your abhorrence for Donald Trump?


"reminds me of the person he was running against.."


Cold War Zoomie


Yes, I'm wondering about Hadi Al-Amiri's reaction to the ban.



Cold War Zoomie -

I have not seen a comment by al-Amiri yet in English language open source.

But the new Director of the Iraqi elite Counter-Terrorism Force is POed. This is the guy that has been working closely with the US coalition to liberate Mosul and other areas that were controlled by Daesh. He is quoted as saying:

"How can we work with US forces in Iraq now if this is what US thinks of us? I have been killing terrorists for 14 years and now they think I am one? I cannot visit my family in the US."

Lee A. Arnold

Your far-distant dream will happen under various scenarios, including under multilateral trade agreements. I agree that those deals should be better on labor & environmental issues.

But until your utopia comes, the wealthiest people in the U.S. own the underground minerals & agribusinesses, and they've been getting control of the water and forest resources. (Trump & the current Republican Congress is planning to sell them even more of your natural patrimony.)

If the U.S. shuts itself out of trade deals and offers a smaller ROI than global trade does, then those natural resources are going to be plundered for profit by those investors, on their way out of the country. Meanwhile, you are still going to be sued --sued up the wazoo-- for lost profits, or, to put it in other terms, they are going to increase the cost of medical insurance, privatize Medicare and Social Security and put you in mortgage and consumer debt. (These are being lined-up, as we write.) All, for no reason than to feed the Wall Street beast. This will happen LONG before everybody realizes that money is not wealth.

So, you have to start controlling the movement of financial capital into and out of the country, but you don't have that power. Because you don't control the Congress, the rich people do. You don't even control Trump, it looks like his billionaire lobbyist Cabinet (& a couple of dangerous "war of civilizations" crackpots) own him.

Babak Makkinejad

No, but he can end them. Let us see if he does.

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