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11 January 2017


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C'mon mike, pay attention. It is not "the CIA" who leaked. It is the Democratic Party people at the top of CIA. All the heads of the IC agencies are political. All. They lost. They did not expect to lose in October or until 8 November. pl



Gracias. I've been on and off. Many exciting things going on in life right now.


The media eviscerated itself last night, on live TV, pushing a report that included the fact that Trump enjoys watching anime while wearing adult sized footie pajamas. There is indeed truth in the adage about "whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad".

The media just handed Trump a combination club/get out of jail free card for at least the next four years, as all he has to do is say "Remember when they said..." to laughs and cheers. Trump handled the presser well last night, and punched back -hard-. You gotta wonder when the libel claims are gonna hit.


Colonel my guess is, it was the WH who leaked this most recent 2pages, My guess is this whole think was pre planed as it unfolded by Obama administration, DNC and some RNC no Trump.

Margaret Steinfels

And you might write some more Civil War-era novels!


Tyler, very interesting point. Although I do not think the president could sue for libel, Trump Industries most certainly could....


Tyler, personally, I can think of no other time between say, post WWII, up until approx 2003, when a story claiming that a USA Presidential candidate would not go down in flames, instantly, by even a hint of being compromised by any Russian connection. The why's and wherefore's of it would not have mattered. The validity would not have mattered. Once the allegation/s were raised, end of campaign.

That Americans went to the polls and elected Trump--and while the scurrilous ones are coming now, there was plenty of this Russian puppet stuff during the campaign--, period. From this I take it as proof positive--as if more was needed--the MSM has lost all credibility in the eyes of the American public. The gatekeepers have been ousted. And they deserved to be. This is a huge deal in my opinion.

Stu Wood

Secret backstabbing etc. during elections are not new. Just think of Halderman's recently discovered notes about Nixon instructing him to sabotage the 68 election. Me thinks that probably rises to the level of treason.



As 2020 Presidential Candidate Senator Cory Booker and other Democrats pointed out when questioning AG Nominee Senator Sessions, the AG needs to enforces every law. It has been over 1,300 days since Attorney General Janet Lynch and her Predecessor Eric Holder refused to prosecute the IRS commissioner for illegal conduct. I'm sure Lois Lerner is relieved. I doubt, however, that all the executives at the firm that ultimately owns BuzzFeed will be:


I sure hope some Senator, or the AG, is willing to ask Comcast director Mr. Gerald Hassel – the CEO of The Bank of New York Mellon Corp, if the Comcast/Buzzfeed standards of journalism are the same standards of quality he expects from employees at BNYM? If not what’s he done about it? And btw does your bank have any dealings in that country that tried to hack our elections? Is Putin your friend, etc., etc.

Then maybe some Senator, like the future presidential candidate from New Jersey, can ask Comcast board member Mr. Rodgers, Independent Director of NIKE and a trustee of UC Berkeley, if his expectation of quality from Comcast/buzzfeed reporters is the same as he expects from NIKE and how many Russians does NIKE have on the payroll including all those rich athletes that are friend of Putin… BTW, how much money did Comcast/NBC make in Russia covering the Sochi Olympics? Don’t you know the Russians tried to subvert our elections? Just how much money did Comcast/NBC pay the Russians and did they use that money to hack our election? Whose side are you on? After all that maybe some new people at the SEC will start asking well paid American Executives why they are directing their corporations to invest in all those countries our President elect can’t own investments in. Like the one that tried to hack our election.

Fun Times are ahead.


How do the Democratic party operatives at top of CIA (DPO-C) square "Russia threw the election to Trump" with Democratic party operatives at top of Democratic party who argue, "Hillary won the popular vote?"

Does that make the DPO-C scheme even more detached from reality?


stu wood

"et tu Brute?" You do acknowledge that you are a Democratic partisan and operative? pl


Margaret Steinfels

No. pl

Stu Wood

If you mean an operative as in voter, yes. I would be interested in your view of Nixon's actions as you had much more in the game in 68 then me. I was stationed in England during that time keeping the Russians from the their shores. I know you served at least one tour in Viet Nam and probably several.


All in service of Vlad's master plan. Not only breaking up NATO and EU. But why not drive a wedge in the "Special Relationship" as well?


stu wood

Several. Two full tours and three TDYs. Were you in the JIC at Molesworth? That was a Clapper project, that and the one in Hawaii. He told me he did that so that he would not have to do strategic analysis in DIA. I told him that he was statutorily required tp do strategic analysis as a member of the NFIB (NIE process). We have history. He took slots out of DIA to do that. Nixon, sorry but I thought he was justly on the road to impeachment and conviction. I am a strict constructionist, but I was just out of VN for the last time and snowbirding at U.NH as an ROTC instructor while waiting for my staff college class to start. I told the kids that they were safe and that we would not fire another shot for a while. pl

robt willmann

The fun just keeps happening, accidentally or on purpose. This afternoon, while the C-Span 1 television network was broadcasting live from the U.S. House of Representatives, it was suddenly interrupted by a broadcast feed of RT, the Russia Today television network, for about 10 minutes!



It doesn't matter. "Remember when.." never works. People won't remember anything older than a week. Accountability only happens when something is repeated so many times that people stop identifying with the perpetrator.


Same conclusion reached here this morning. Countless people are now toast given these most recent releases. Even if the material used to smear someone is worthless garbage, they have nonetheless found themselves, as have others, fouled and reeking with noxious odors.

English Outsider

Dunno. His master plan at the moment is probably getting through the next few days, judging from the NATO forces homing in on Kaliningrad. All I know about the intelligence world so familiar to the Colonel and to the habitues of this site, or more probably all I don't know, is derived from a long ago reading of the English Cold War novelist John le Carre. I do sometimes wonder if that's as far as MI6 has got as well.


Now we may be getting somewhere. Are the agency heads really that political in a party sense? You have known such people, and I have not? I may learn something from you. Are they really so wrapped up in party political rivalries (as opposed to agency politics) as to drop trash like this into the mix? That would also indicate a level of incompetence that seems implausible. But I have not known these people up close.

These leaks are so lame and so ill-timed that I have assumed they were meant to be so. That they indicate jockeying for position by (slightly) lower level people who expect to still be there. The story is too weak to possibly have much short term effect. Therefore it must be intended for longer term effects. Possibly just poisoning the atmosphere, "getting it out" to simmer for later use. Possibly to discredit a story that was already simmering.

I don't know. Am I crediting the agency lifers with too much sophistication and organization?


Col. Lang,

LOL. I have issues with the age too...16 from what I read. She didn't have a choice.
My great-grandmother was in that same situation. She had 4 daughters by an Alabama sheriff and was told if she tried to marry he would kill her and the man.

I also haven't seen that now movie about the interracial marriage because that girl was 14.


Here's excerpts from the "dossier".


All related to /pol/ memes. If you really believe Ukrainian hackers IDK what to tell you.



"and I have not?" Have you or have you not? These people at the very top of the IC are not usually "political" in the sense of ideology. their only ideology is self-service. The people below them? You really don't know anything about how this works, do you? The SES level below the grandees have no ability to do anything external to the agency without running it through the boss. The SESs would leak to the press? Only a renegade pirate like me would do that. pl


"And a further twist. On the Beeb's lunchtime news show, Frank Gardiner, their longterm Security correspondent (almost certainly an SIS asset) was suggesting that the original Dossier written by Steele contained none of the dodginess of that made public. No bad spelling, no ludicrous scenarios. In other words, it woz the Yanks wot rewrit it. Wriggle, wriggle."

Gardiner is probably right. The Buzzfeed stuff has all the signs of being a hoax passed off as from the dossier. The reference to Trump watching anime in the company of Russian whores is a hint as to who the source of the hoax might be.


The extension of childhood beyond 14 is a recent phenomenon. Young males were apprenticed out at 14 in the colonial era. Jerry Lee Lewis legally married his 14 year old cousin.

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