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11 January 2017


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You mean the Russians gave it to them?


No, I really don't know any detail about how the agencies operate. I got a look at army side of the IC 45 years ago in Vietnam and have avoided it ever since. Thank you for the insight.

Oh. The question mark was a typo. Sorry about that.

Self-service is what I would expect, actually. But I don't see how anybody's career will be helped by a fiasco like this.

The Twisted Genius


I'm sure that image was straight out of /pol/memes, but it was not part of the 35 page "dossier" revealed by BuzzFeed. Now I know why twitter lit up the other night with #goldenshower. That was the only thing in the entire report that would appeal to our mischievous puerile side. The rest is rather boring accounts of unsubstantiated political intrigue. I think if BuzzFeed left out those two paragraphs, nobody would have paid it any attention. I'm sure 4Chan has come up with some more made up gems to further discredit the "dossier."

We gotta find a subject here we can agree on. Have you been doing any plinking with that Mosin-Nagant of yours? I remember when the local Roses department store in Fredericksburg was selling them for thirty bucks each.

Stu Wood

You have an interesting background. I was aircraft maintenance/support while in England at RAF Upper Heyford which was near Oxford. I think I was over there the same time as Bill Clinton but can't say as I ever ran into him at a pub. Liked the beer and other attributes of England. The only background in intel that I have is aircraft maintenance and logistics for RC-135 aircraft, most notably at Shemya AFB, AK (the next to last Aleutian Island). Yes, I can tell by your comments that you know personally know Clapper.



Have you been keeping up with the hearing of incoming Trump Cabinet, namely the incoming SecOState Rex Tillerson.

Is his sudden 'hawkish' demeanor that for a broadway play (hearings), or is he really hawkish towards NATO and Russia?

Here is a Russian take on Rex Tillerson:


ex-PFC Chuck

Re: "Jimmy Clapper is GOOD, one of the best. My hat is off to him."

Col., If I recall correctly sometime back your opinion of Clapper was not nearly this positive, but that was before he was elevated to his current, exalted position. What facts led to your changed views?

PS: I hope you're feeling better.



Thanks for everyone’s expertise. If there was a Moscow video file, it would have been released by now. Donald Trump took hits that would have knocked out a regular politician. Just as the bi-coastal elite cannot conceive of their complicity in the higher death rate of mid-America; they are convinced of Hillary Clinton’s electoral victory. They have not accepted the Trump Presidency. The bipartisan war supporters will crucify any reconciliation with Russia. The sloppy intelligence briefing and attached dossier indicate both incompetence and corruption. The Intelligence Community may really not know what is going on. In my dark mornings, I am sure that the disaster capitalists are intent on making Mike Pence the next President and Hillary Clinton the coalition VP. Then the looting of the remaining remnants of western middle class wealth can really start.


ex-PFC Chuck

How long have you been here and you still do not understand irony? You must be an engineer. pl



I choose to believe that a lot of what is being said is just to get confirmed. pl


stu wood

"You have an interesting background" "A kind of life ..." If you think I am unfairly name dropping, that is unfortunate, but amusing. pl


Colonel - You are suspicious, and rightly so. I am too, but in a different direction. I do not see those Democratic Party operatives you speak of at the top of the IC. Perhaps you mean the deputies? That is General Mattis' beef as Trump's transition team is putting in political hacks as his deputies without consulting him. Some of the heads of the IC listed below may well be brown-nosers, slick bureaucrats, or modern day Courtney Massengales. But that makes it even more unlikely that they would be the leaker. And I do not see any political operatives among them.

Clapper is publicly apolitical. He has an Air Force background and if you dig deep enough I would surmise his sympathies are with the GOP. John Brennan was a career man at the CIA, he was promoted under Reagan and both papa and junior Bush as well as Dems. Rogers at NSA is a career Navy man. Trump interviewed him for a job. I doubt seriously that he is a Democratic Party operative. Cardillo at NGA is a longtime Imagery Analyst, starting in 83 under Reagan. He has thrived at DIA and NGA under both Republican and Democratic admins. Sapp at NRO was originally appointed to NRO as a Deputy Director by Junior Bush. She is a former AF officer and a beancounter and took over from Carlson when he jumped to the board at Lockheed Martin. INR at State is run by Dan Smith, a career diplomat. By the way, he also taught Political Science at the Air Force Academy. No way he is a party operative. Steven Black at the DOE's OICI is career Air Force, and he was first brought into DOE by Junior Bush. Stewart at DIA is a career Marine. He is black so perhaps his sympathies lay with Obama. But no way he could be considered a party operative. Homeland Security Office of Intel & Analysis is run by a retired Air Force Brigadier. FBI's Intel Branch is headed up by Eric Velez-Villar who was appointed by Robert Mueller, a Bush appointee. And Velez-Villar was a career FBI man and not an outside operative. Szubin at TFI in Treasury is a candidate for you. He is a lawyer who clerked for a Bill Clinton appointed judge. But on the other hand he has been in Treasury for over ten years, first brought in by junior Bush. As for INSCOM and its counterparts ONI, MCIA, AFIC (or whatever it is called now), and CGI; I do not believe any of the heads of those outfits are political appointees.

I vote for a politician on either the Senate or House Intel Committee. Rubio, McCain and Ryan all have bad blood with Trump, but I admit it could just as well be Feinstein or Schumer. Hasn't Feinstein been accused of leaking stuff previously.



I don't believe I called them operatives, merely self serving supremely successful political bureaucrats. That is how they got appointed to the very highest positions over all their fellows. Their ambition comes before all else. As a Democrat you want to believe that their scheming against Trump is not that and is merely an honest expression of their patriotism. You don't know anyone at that level. They are just schemers who are trapped in their association with the party that lost. pl


I dont know, maybe the claims of the demise of the MSM are overstated.

Down here in Australia, MSM people have been conducting a truly astounding discussion of these global issues.


(you have to watch it to the end).


"As a Democrat you want to believe that their scheming against Trump is not that and is merely an honest expression of their patriotism."

That is not what I believe, and not what I said.

I agreed with you that some of them (or pehaps even many) are ambitious bureaucrats and arse-kissers. That in itself is reason for them NOT to be the leak. I will look elsewhere. Do you think that Senators and Congressmen of either party are more honest and more patriotic and less self-serving than the Directors of the Intel Community? I do not.


My grandfather's great uncle, Evar was with Sherman starting at Atlanta. Evar had been hired as a a substitute in '63 or early '64 when he stepped off the boat from Norway and he sent the $300 to family in Wisconsin.

Evar was an iron monger and repaired broken artillery. Evar lived until 1951 or '52 and I can remember him at grandpa's dinner table telling stories of what it was like ("horses ain't bad when you run out of cows") and he was seriously wounded by a sniper. Carried the bullet in his hip for the rest of his life; caused him to limp severely. After dinner the men would go to grandpa's woodworking shop behind the house and drink grandpa's homemade wine and tell stories. Besidies Evar, there was Uncle Roy, who was in Manila w Dewey. Uncle Arnie who was with the Army in the Dakotas in the '90s and then in Cuba, Uncle Art who was with the Seabees in the Solomons and quite a few others .... what stand out now 65+ year later, was how adamant Evar as about "we let 'em up too easy" and, paraphrasing, 'Billy said we should drive 'em into the sea and be dome with it.'

different clue


The DemParty operatives are claiming that Hillary winning the popular vote makes her the moral winner of the election and Trump is only technically elected because of the anachronistic Electoral College. The "Putin diddit" crowd are claiming that the leaks removed just enough voters from Clinton's totals in just enough states that their Electoral College votes failed to go the way they were morally obligated to go. The overwhelming majority of those "majority popular votes for Clinton" were from the single state of California. If California's voters had preferred Clinton over Trump by only 10,000 votes or so, Clinton would still have won the California Electoral Votes, but she would not have a "majority of the popular votes". Not without those 2 million more California votes than what she needed to win California.

The people saying "Clinton got the most popular votes" and "Putin diddit" are often the same people.

Old Microbiologist

Very good analysis. Thanks. I lean towards a concerted effort between all of the politicians you mentioned. Trump can cut off NED and USAID at the knees through changing funding priorities thus neutering McCain. In the end it is all about dollars and power.


Firstly, it now appears, according to the BBC (Fake News alert) that the ex-British Ambassador to Moscow was in fact Sir Andrew Wood, who was approached in November 2016 by John McCain who questioned the veracity of the report. The ex-Ambassador assured him Steele was a striaght kinda guy.

The article also reveals that Steele was hired by the Britain's World Cup bidding team to try and win the World Cup for Britain in 2018. Instead it went to the favoured RUSSIA. This was immediately followed by huge accusations from Britain of bribery - all large nations bidding for the World Cup bribe members of FIFA for their nation to win. An "investigation" by Murdoch's Sunday Times, who were aware of Steel's role, has led to turmoil in the ranks of FIFA - but not a withdrawal of the award to Russia.

(I presume something similar is going on in all the accusations of Russian drug taking in the Olympics. Surely every nation uses drugs).

In many ways, just as in the Trump dossier, these smear tactics are deeply counter-productive. Britain has always been very unpopular in FIFA - a body which has every footballing nation as a member, even Israel and North Korea! We are renowned for our arrogance - we invented the game - and our appalling performances on the pitch.

I know you Americans don't understand it. but the World Cup is the most massive event in the world. It probably does almost as much for world cohesion on a popular level as the UN. Its a sort of Catholic Church at play. Britain, since its attempt to destabilize FIFA over its Russian decision, is now mud. We talk of breaking off from the corrupt FIFA and setting up our own Western European Cup. A sort of football NATO. To which FIFA's response is "Good!"

Thank God these lunatics appear to be self-exploding. At least they've learnt something from the jihadis.

Stu Wood

No, I think you clearly state your reasons why you disagree with Clapper.



Once again you have mischaracterized my response to you. My statement had to do with the people at the very top of the agencies. Brennan, Clapper, Comey and Rogers. These people, whether or not they presently or formerly wore the uniform are political figures. That is how they got these jobs. As political figures they will be replaced with the change of administration and they know that they must retreat into the world of boards, think-tanks and TV wonkery. They have zero chance of a government future except for Clapper who might be thrown a bone on something like the PFIAB as a reward for groveling before the throne. The SES appointees just below them are also of necessity adherent to the cause of the party in power and it does not matter much if these SESs were politically appointed or career people. Until the moment the current administration leaves office the SESs are under the thumb of those at the head of the agency. At the moment of transition these SESs will become the servants of the new administration. Elections matter in the US. Did you not see Mattis yesterday when he meekly accepted the notion of women serving in all positions in the military. He was facing Gillibrand who without that acceptance will vote against him. The SESs in the IC, especially the really senior ones, face the same reality of power every day, not just at confirmation hearings, and conform to the bosses' position. Are members of Congress good people? Some are. Some are ignorant, venal people, but that does not matter. They have a constitutional office and duties to perform. pl


3rd world "yellow press" (print?) has been too preoccupied with Modi's black money shake down (even if the informal economy got thrashed too as collateral damage) and in that world, business titans are the big power players watched more than politicians. Trump fits that slot easily. Ma's alibaba visit to nyc and nasdaq performance is watched but there are secondary effects like journos in 3rd world emulating the fake news fall out dynamics.

To the extent 3rd world cares about Trump aside from his business prowess, he is probably regarded as more of a Berlusconi than a Mussolini. Hotel trysts fit in that narrative without eye blinks and at least in Asian 3rd world, public etiquette standards preclude salacious details reverberating in the top down echo chambers.

3rd world gets lots of support from ADB and BRICS so while neolib money (laundering) vectors no doubt will get some paper pushers in capitals to reorganize their desks, i wouldn't expect to see too many echoing the chicken little memes, although that chorus was chiming the CF tunes loudly before November.



One of my great grandfathers was an infantry company first sergeant in the 5th Wisconsin, "the Bloody Fifth." There were several other Yankee soldiers in the family back then, but he has always interested me because my dear old dad talked about him a lot. He hated the Johnnies, as he called them, hated them to his dying day and he died old. Some hatreds never die. You seem to relish the devastation your somewhat distant relative wrought on Georgia. pl


One advantage of the retirement of Potus is we will finally be able to let go of the "11-dimension chess" memes, (unless he is exponentially more skilled than we think).

Going by past trends, if there was a Obama plot then it was likely hatched on Wall St.

Let's just put it this way: very few people in Harvard Law School or Harvard Business School or even the Kennedy School for that matter know how to do calculus, let alone teach it. This is very much less the case in the universities of Delhi, Beiing, and Moscow!


Ask Victoria Nuland, she should know the answer to that one!


As the old saying goes, "all roads lead to Damascus!"

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