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11 January 2017


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Balint Somkuti, PhD

Get well soon sir!

Seems to me there is a strange language competition formulating so here is my take:





James F

Get well, Sir.



I never tried acupuncture but other good tips in that article. Yes, sweating it out is key as well. Thanks.



Make or buy this. Good luck http://www.natural-aromatherapy-benefits.com/Thieves-Oil.html


No worries, Ma'am.

Pls. ensure that practioner with needles is a certified professional.

With that, I bid you:

A 2017 that bringeth tidings of Comfort & Joy.

Let nothing you dismay...


Dear Colonel,

I managed to almost get ill a few weeks ago but afterwards seemed to have scattered sinus problems, very tired, and brain foggy. After seeing the doctor and starting antibiotics, the fog has lifted.

Now for the important news:

Most of the side effects of having a drink with antibiotics are the same as having a drink alone. Hence a Scottish MD in Aberdeen once recommended a nice single malt with the antibiotics he prescribed...

However, as I am not a doctor, consider me as solely relaying the notes of the mayo clinic....


Larry M.

I wish you a complete recovery.



I mentioned that my sister was sick but refused to go to the ER. Left to Corey Booker and you needed cheaper meds, you'd die. He and several others shot down a bill on importing cheaper meds from Canada. The corporate pharma whore then lied about why he did it.
Thank God for herbs and natural remedies.


Garlic soup is full of anti bacterials: the minced organic can be used out of the jar w.o much effort, just dump as much as you can tolerate into your favorite soup mix. It will also fortify the gut for hot toddy treatments.

Try taking zinc supplement next time you feel a bug coming on, it can often abort the flare up into full blown flu.

But mostly, hope you use the opportunity to rest throroughly! Epiphanies await the convalescing, contemplative mind!



Chinaman, Hellenic, Magyar, Persian, and other descendants from all the builders of Babel, gather in this æther (noosphere) to fawn [genuine] Concern over the Health of the Commitee host.

Not once in several millenia since the Fall of Man have so many gathered to allow this "strange language competition formulating".

United only by the lingua franca of Perfidious Albion...


I also wish you a complete recovery.The country needs you Sir.

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