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19 January 2017


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I have friends in Pipes and Drums and the Horse Patrol there.

Glad we are back in the sun.


A more complete listing can be found here, with plenty of members of the Armed Forces participating. One of each of the 5 divisions of the military leads a section of the parade.



Col: May I humbly speak for everybody and say that we would much rather watch our military parade than listen to/watch celebrities.


I just read where the Inaugural Committee wanted tanks in the parade but the military nixed that as they didn't want to destroy the roadways. There will be 5 fly-overs of the parade route.


Col. Lang,

I am going to beg your indulgence for an off-thread post, but if I were to drop it in at the end of the last open thread, I rather suspect that it would be lost for purposes of reflection and comment by the correspondents here at SST (whose insights and backgrounding I find invaluable).

This is a link to a post concerning the recent terrorist attacker of the Christmas Market in Berlin. Specifically, it contains a jaw-dropping timeline of the actions of Anis Amri and the - to me at least - signal failure of the relevant authorities to take seriously his acts of sheer, repetitive criminality, let alone the red flags that suggested terrorist affiliations, and the likelihood that these would lead to an attack.


Written by Christoph Germann, and found cross-posted at his eponymously-named website, The New Great Game (http://christophgermann.blogspot.com/).

Note particularly the entries for 19 September and 26 September 2016 on which dates German authorities were informed by Moroccan, and then by both Tunisian and Moroccan security authorities that he was planning terrorist actions, and these likely under the aegis of Islamic State. [Rather reminiscent of the Russian warnings concerning the Tsarnaev brothers, subsequently infamous for the Boston Marathon bombing, which warnings were also apparently ignored or downgraded leading to fateful inaction...] And even when the police flagged him on 30 July 2016, discovering multiple passports and narcotics on his person, leading to his detention, he was released the next day. Holy smokes.

Thank you,


Why doesn't Trump just stick to this an skip playing the Stones at his "concert introduction". He doesn't have a clue.

Keith Harbaugh

You can see today (Friday)'s Lincoln Memorial Pre-Inaugural Concert (2:10) at
I was surprised that Jon Voigt's remarks were so political, and negative.

Don't know if you can really tell much by how the incoming first family seems to be reacting,
but am I the only one who senses that Barron is not very happy whenever he is called upon to pose for the public?
OTOH, Tiffany sure looks happy.


Col. Lang and fellow correspondents,

Something more on point for this thread is this for the consideration of the soon-to-be President Trump and his team; thoughts posed by my favorite curmudgeon, Fred Reed, concerning China, and more widely, their proposed tighter economic integration of the Eur-Asian super-continent, and where that leaves the U.S. in the coming scheme of things.


I think that the Russians are wary of having their national sovereignty and their freedom of action in advancing their national interests be subsumed to the agenda of the Central Kingdom; and to that end, Mr. Trump's professed willingness to improve relations and develop meaningful cooperation in areas of mutual interest would be met with great - albeit, skeptical - receptivity by the Russians. Godspeed to this. Realistically, for this to happen, the joint Russophobia maintained by both the Democrat party (which seems collectively to have lost its mind), and the dinosaurian Republicans of the ilk of John McInsane and the little old lady from South Carolina, has to be credibly challenged so that diplomacy can at last function. Perhaps first the tumbrels have to roll in the neoconservative-infested intelligence community. We shall see.

And bad cess to the sabre-rattling toward Iran, please. I am, however, worried that our zombie-like behavior in furtherance of the Oded Yinon plan militates against any clear-eyed, reality-based rapprochement with Iran, sadly. On this, I should love to be proven mistaken.

Cold War Zoomie

The military bands and honor guard drill teams rehearsed this past Sunday morning downtown. Looked like all branches were represented plus the Coasties.

The Twisted Genius

That list with all the military marching units is reassuringly traditional. That should be the core of any inaugural parade. Just for kicks, I looked up the units that marched in Obama's first inaugural. Clearly more of a rainbow/first nations hue to it. That one seemed to even have a couple of floats in it.



Speaking of floats: There are reports that floating pontoon bridges that will be used by Iraqi forces to cross the Tigris from eastern to western Mosul have arrived in the city.


Not even a high school band? Maryland my Maryland thou shalt not cower in the dust.


There is no money in solutions or inderdictions,


Looking forward to the VMI cadets and "Oh Shenandoah",



not sure we have our own band with us today. In 1961 we marched "in the train" of the governor of Virginia (whoever that was) and had the VPI band in front of us. they played, "Shenandoah," "Dixie," and "The Bonny Blue Flag." pl

Ken Roberts

The inauguration looks like a great event. I've just been reading some of the news coverage of the event schedule and groups participating. I'm sure that it is speaking for many many people around the world to convey our best wishes for the event and for the new president's administration.



According to the experts he didn't have a clue on how to get elected either.

David Habakkuk


Thanks for the reference to the Fred Reed piece – characteristically excellent.

As to Russia, however, I think there has been a decisive turning away from the West. A recent piece by Sergei Karaganov, entitled ‘A Year of Victories. What’s Next?’ is I think to the point. An excerpt:

‘For almost twenty-five years, Russia teetered on the brink of “Weimar syndrome” – a sense of humiliation and injustice thrusted on it by Western policies. But, unlike Germany in the 1930s, Russia managed not to be drawn into it; it launched a political fight, held out and ended up the winner. Also, a very promising radical change involved another facet of the mindset of the leading part of the Russian ruling elite and the majority of the population. Over the past 300 years, geo-strategically and culturally they saw themselves and their country as a periphery of Europe. In 2011-2012, Russia sharply intensified its turn towards the growing economic and political markets of Asia. This coincided in time with the aggravation of the political and ideological confrontation with post-modern Europe, which largely forgot its value roots. Russia came to understand that the European Union had entered into a comprehensive crisis, which made it an unpromising political partner. Having realized that, Russia mentally turned from a European province into the center of rising Eurasia, into a conservative yet forward-looking global, Atlantic-Pacific power, which, I hope, will not have any global commitments, except for maintaining peace and ensuring its vital interests.’

(http://karaganov.ru/en/publications/427 .)

As Karaganov makes clear, Russia would still very much welcome better relations with the United States and also Europe. But the old world, where its elites desperately wanted to be accepted as part of the West, has gone and is not coming back. And it has better ways of balancing China than an alliance with the United States.

Last month, one of the best of British foreign policy analysts, Anatol Lieven, published a piece entitled ‘The West Should Become the North, with Russia as an Essential Part.’

It provides an incisive analysis of the follies of Western policy towards Russia since 1989. However, in my view the time when the damage can be undone is past.

(See http://valdaiclub.com/a/highlights/the-west-should-become-the-north-with-russia/ )


Yea and St Reagan used "Born in the USA" without a clue what it was abut.


The Patrol looked sharp out there today. Proud to wear this patch again.

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