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29 January 2017


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Thus far, he's doing essentially what he has said he was going to do. The incumbents just chose not to listen, and now are complaining about what they didn't hear.


Nancy, if you and the Democrats don't have a come to Jesus moment soon, the next four years will turn into eight.

Sam Peralta

Col. Lang

This post suggests the opposite that it is to curtail Flynn's influence.


"Both Mr. Trump and Mr. Bannon still regard Mr. Flynn as an asset. “In the room and out of the room, Steve Bannon is General Flynn’s biggest defender,” said Kellyanne Conway, another top adviser to the president.

But it is unclear when the maneuvers to reduce Mr. Flynn’s role began. Two Obama administration officials said Trump transition officials inquired about expanded national security roles for Mr. Bannon and Mr. Kushner at the earliest stages of the transition in November — before the younger Mr. Flynn became a liability — but after Mr. Flynn had begun to chafe on the nerves of his colleagues on the team."



Divorced - just like half the citizens of the Republic. Accusations were made of antisemitic remarks in 1997? Accusation is guilt? Drugs? That's disqualifying alright:
"When I was a teenager I used drugs, I drank, I pretty much tried whatever was out there. But I was in Hawaii and it was a pretty relaxed place," Obama told the rapper.


He looks like a skid row derelict in photographs.

Old Microbiologist

I don't agree. I think t is how he negotiates against tough opponents. Scott Adams has a nice piece which I think is he Trump does things and can be understood in that light. http://blog.dilbert.com/post/156532225711/the-persuasion-filter-and-immigration

Old Microbiologist

I agree. It is typical Schumer though. If one consider that all Israelis are permently banned from even visiting any of these same 7 nations and any American with an Israeli stamp in their passport is faced with the same restriction, then you can see the hypocrisies here. Trump expanded something Obama did and it is offensive purely as it comes from Trump. I think he doesn't give a tinker's damn about what the left thinks and has already abandoned any idea of persuading them ke him. He does believe that once people see the improvements they may swing over but I doubt he is counting on it. I also don't think he cares at all about a bipartisan government. He knows who his enemies are and is going to just bypass them as long as he keeps his base aligned and happy. So far, it looks pretty good to me.


Turning the control of the National Security Council over to the three stooges? Sound like a good idea? Or maybe just Curly and Moe, that's better?

Flynn, who retweeted references to the DC pizza shop as headquarters of an international paedophile ring run by Hilary Clinton?

And yesterday was Holocaust remembrance day, and the White House in its press statement on this made absolutely no reference to the murder of the Jews or anti-semitism of that era??

Look, you will not find a more sincere critic of Israel and the Jews than yours truly, but that clearly deliberate omission is an utter outrage. A national disgrace pure and simple.

Apparently impeachment is underway from what I've gathered reading this morning's papers. Can't happen soon enough, IMO.


Perhaps the Saudi Air Force alone should be tasked to enforce. The Plethora of aircraft replacements would be a boon to our aircraft manufacturing.


Yes. Their goal is the de-establishment of the liberal democratic government.


I'm sorry, I misspoke; Mattis remains as Sec. of Def. and I'm thankful for that. Very thankful.


Trump surprised Mattis on Friday with EO of Friday afternoon blocking immigrants. Used him as a stage prop. Frankly, I'm appalled by this. One doesn't treat anyone like this, much less a man of Gen. Mattis' stature:
"Jim Mattis, the new secretary of defense, did not see a final version of the order until Friday morning, only hours before Mr. Trump arrived to sign it at the Pentagon.

"Mr. Mattis, according to administration officials familiar with the deliberations, was not consulted by the White House during the preparation of the order and was not given an opportunity to provide input while the order was being drafted."



So pronounceth a guy who's probably never had a checking account with more than four figures in it.

lmbo you do realize how ridiculous you sound right?



What disingenuous horsesh*t. The context of the quote was regarding the globalism infecting the world right now.



Congratulations. Unlike many here, you begin to realize that Trump isn't "in over his head" but knows exactly how to leverage power. The people are watching Trump accomplish more in one week than the last few presidents have accomplished in a year and wondering what those other schmucks were doing.

You think America cares what people wearing vagina outfits while screaming about "human dignity" think? You think Trump does? All Trump has to do to win in 2020 is keep his base, the people who voted for him warts and all and didn't delude themselves that "he REALLY doesn't mean that". They voted for the screening, they voted for the wall, they voted for more law and order.

And they're going to get it. And love President Trump for it. And the Left will have to cry on live TV more because he doesn't need them.


The Trump Executive order salient phrase (image):

The Obama Executive order salient phrase (image): Same link: CLICK THE RIGHT ARROW

From the Bush 43’s NATIONAL SECURITY PRESIDENTIAL DIRECTIVE-1, February 13, 2001
Page 3
The Director of Central Intelligence and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff shall attend where issues pertaining to their responsibilities and expertise are to be discussed. The DNI post hadn’t been invented then.



Scornful ad hominem attacks are the last refuge...

I'm retired at the age of 50 after selling my business. My wife keeps me on a strict allowance via a checking account. Must not buy too many guitars. :-)

I've never done business with Trump, but have done business with people who have done business with him. From the stories they tell, he reminds me a lot of Mickey Segal, with whom I did some business in the mid 90's. Big company with offices overseas and around the country, but run like a rinky dink mom and pop shop.


Gary H

"I've never done business with Trump, but have done business with people who have done business with him. From the stories they tell, he reminds me a lot of Mickey Segal, with whom I did some business in the mid 90's. Big company with offices overseas and around the country, but run like a rinky dink mom and pop shop."

I'm curious at what level these people did business with Trump? Doesn't seem plausible Trump would "do business" much below the billionaire level. And the billionaires who've done business with him over several decades went to the mat in support of him during the election. Carl Icahn, Andy Beal, Tom Barrack, John Paulson, Harold Hamm, et al. I found a new respect for these billionaire business guys who never waivered throughout the campaign and especially during the rough storms. Meanwhile the political and talking heads types would throw Trump under the bus before kissing up to him to then throw him under the bus, etc., etc.


"The idea that the DNI or the CJC is demoted is utter nonsense" as stated by the White House Press Secretary today. After reading the memorandum and googling a 2001 statement on PC membership plus above comments I came to the same belief. Utter BullCrap. I agree Bannon is the Grand Wizard here but tend towards the Flynn babysitter angle.

Now seeing our airports in an uproar over the weekend and a Senator turn emotional because a few hundred individuals were either delayed or sent home and others need to wait ninety days to go to Disney.

Come on people! You have been had by the Liberal media who will write anything and slant it anti-Trump just to satisfy their deviant needs as they LOST and they know more is coming a lot more is coming. The man was elected to Do Something and he is compling with the electorate.

Babak Makkinejad

How are things structured in France, in the French Government?


Patrick Bahzad, Your concern about the "demotion" of DNI & CJCS echoes what Robert Gates emphasized in an interview I saw on FOX News. Gates didn't
seem too concerned about adding folks like Steve Bannon but was highly
concerned about omitting DNI & CJCS. Having worked for 8 presidents it's
difficult to ignore his opinions.

Prem up-thread also had concerns in this matter & called them "bizarre."
I have no experience but instinctively agree with you, Prem & Robert Gates.

different clue


Well . . . we won't get them from the Clintobama wing of the Democratic Party.



We're talking professional service vendors and folks in financial services. If you think all that Trump did was sign development or licensing deals with other billionaires, that's a very colorful view of how business works. Perhaps you got your idea of how business works from "The Apprentice?"

different clue

Nancy K,

Her qualified and diverse advisors all supported Cold War 2.0 with Russia and its risks of H-bomb war, supporting the NaziNazi Banderazi coup regime in Kiev, supported the GAJ and the CLEJ in Syria, and probably supported all the Free Trade Treason Agreements as well.

I will agree with eakens and go further by saying . . . unless every cell of malignant Clintonoma and every Yersiniobama pestis plague bacterium can be purged and burned from out of every last corner of the Democratic Party, the next four years will turn into eight.

If the Clintobamacrats nominate another Clintobamacrat like Corey Booker, for example, for President; I will vote for Trump all over again.

robt willmann

Since Trump said today that he is going to announce his nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court tomorrow rather than on Thursday, here is a paper that tries to analyze how similar his list of potential nominees is to Judge Antonin Scalia, whose vacant place the selection is to take. You can download the 21-page paper or see it if a pdf viewer will display in a web browser. A few on the list who did not have a sufficient paper trial to compare it with Scalia are not included--


The list of 21 is here--


Article 3, section 1 of the constitution creates the supreme court--

"The judicial Power of the United States, shall be vested in one supreme Court, and in such inferior Courts as the Congress may from time to time ordain and establish...."

Article 2, section 2 authorizes the president to appoint judges of the supreme court--

"He shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur; and he shall nominate, and by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, shall appoint Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consuls, Judges of the supreme Court, and all other Officers of the United States, whose Appointments are not herein otherwise provided for, and which shall be established by Law...."

It has been said that Congress can establish the number of judges to be on the supreme court (the "necessary and proper clause"), and it has done so, but the constitution does not expressly say that. The only power given to congress in Article 1, section 8, is "To constitute Tribunals inferior to the supreme Court."


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