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29 January 2017


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Sam Peralta


Where were the liberals when Obama & Hillary were destabilizing Libya and Syria? Their "Arab Spring" left chaos & anarchy and millions of displaced people - the refugees that Schumer is now shedding tears for! Yes, the Obama administration used Al Qaeda as the spear to ravage those countries all in the name of "regime change".

The hypocrisy of the liberals and Democrats leaves no room for any credibility now on this topic.

Sam Peralta


The hypocrisy of the Democrats is so unbelievable.

It is their Dear Leaders, Obama & Hillary who created the anarchy and the refugees in the first place by funding and arming Al Qaeda and orchestrating the "rebellion". Now they want to shed crocodile tears. Gag me with a spoon!!

The Democrats have ZERO credibility.

Sam Peralta

Here's the CNN interview of Tulsi Gabbard.


What do all the "progressives" & Democrats wailing about Trump have to say about this report from Syria by Congresswoman Gabbard?

Who perpetrated this genocide? Who backed this? And how did the so called "progressives" oppose this travesty when their Dear Leaders were the people behind it?

And now the sanctimonius lecturing about Trump!!! Please.

Richard Armstrong

Tyler - knock it off. Stop with the ad hominem attacks on fellow members. Have you no sense of decency? Our host just shut this site down to ban some correspondents in order to improve the decorum.

"I am not going to further tolerate those who indulge themselves here in personal scorn and abuse." - PL

Richard Armstrong

Tyler - I'm uncertain how you can claim to know the context of the Bannon quote. Bannon himself states he has no recollection of making it. http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2016/08/22/steve-bannon-trump-s-top-guy-told-me-he-was-a-leninist.html

Without spewing invective can you provide documentation of the context you claim?

Richard Armstrong

Tyler - you don't seem to have a very long memory.

I have decided to suspend both "Gulf Coast Pirate" and "Tyler" indefinitely for ad hominem attacks and shrill remarks unsuitable to SST. pl

In some cases, having lost debates on substance, these people then turn to ad hominem attacks. I am tired of that. Such people are banned from SST. pl

I was never very tolerant and am less so now. Some of you both Left and Right think you can crowd the limits of my toleration of incivility. You are wrong. In particular Tyler, herb and Pacifica Advocate are at the top of my list for expulsion or suspension. pl



Funny you should say that. Now we need a new AG!



He was crying about his wallet

Chuck Schumer is King of ‘Pay to Play’ in the corrupt, rigged system of Washington, D.C. Today’s example is how he exploits immigration law for wealthy real estate developers through the EB-5 visa program, which allows investors to pay $500,000 in exchange for a green card, in return for plenty of campaign cash given back to him,” New York attorney Wendy Long said.



Jews from those places on the temp vetting list can't come here either. Bibi didn't think that through before he becoming happy about Trump and The Wall



President Pence?!?! Oh, NO!!



This is something we all knew years ago. She better share it while she can!


Cold War Zombie

According to section (a)(6) of federal statute 50 U.S. Code 3021, a civilian like Steve Bannon will in fact need to go through Senate confirmation and approval in order to serve on the National Security Council because he doesn’t fit into any of the five listed pre-approved categories. That obscure law, which has remained obscure because no president has ever tried to put a political hack on the NSC until now, was dug up by MSNBC analyst Jonathan Alter late on Monday night.


Col, to your point about a Kitchen Cabinet... What was once an informal group of trusted friends of a prez to provide a respite from excess formal structure has morphed into an extra-constitutional means of exercising power in order to circumvent the balance of power among the Branches. More evidence of our Republic morphing into The Empire. Trump is over his head in understanding governance or the exercise of power in politics. It's not going to get any better - he can't learn and his handlers (more like buffers) could not care less about the niceties of governance either.
He, his family & his personal coterie will build a wall allright... around himself. It will be impenetrable... by reality. Among his advisors there are nihlists who view him as the best mechanism to disassemble the "way things are" and offer a better path to change (that being, their rise to power when the pieces are picked-up). There are also those of the fundementalist bent (not so close to him) who see him as God's chosen vessel to usher in the Tribulations that will yield the Second Coming (seriously). I don't know when we've had such destructive, varied & unpredictable forces so focused around the presidency, so intent on using it as the means to achieving dreams not publically acknowledged.

Edward Amame

Col Lang

For a long time (unless Trump and/or the GOP overreaches).

I've always been a Howard Dean fan. His 50 state proposal was abandoned by the Obama admin and now Dem presence in may states is nil to none. That's a problem. My suggestion to Dems is to spend our time in the wilderness joining (or starting) local Dem Clubs and PACs, and to send $$$ to Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, SPLC, etc.

I though demography might be destiny, but did not anticipate the intense backlash to our first black president (not necessarily talking racism! More like tribalism). IMO, Bannon and the alt right are racist and intend to Make America White Again by making the USA so inhospitable to non-Christian, non-Euros that they will want to leave or not come here so as to crush any possibility of demography as destiny.

Edward Amame

Cold War Zoomie

Very well said. We are in about total agreement.

Edward Amame

Col Lang

Is a seat on the Principals Committee the place to be for a guy who's been advocating global war against jihadist Islamic fascism?



Bannon? pl

English Outsider

Tweet from a columnist for the London Times:-

"The assassination is taking such a long time."

A similar joke on German TV, I gather.

But that's just froth. Merely serves to show the depth of hostility around. What I find more telling in this country is the continual running down of the President in the news sources. I haven't seen that carried to such extremes before. Anyone who takes those news sources seriously can't help but believe the President is some sort of crook who should be got out of the way fast. Personality politics carried to the limit.

It doesn't worry me. I find Trump pretty impressive but that's a detail. What is critical as far as I'm concerned is how far the Trump movement gets.

Cronies versus the people. With that strange alliance between the cronies and the progressives giving the cronies a fair wind. Obviously Trump needs to find a clear political issue to fight on, before personality politics overwhelms him or some sleazy scandal is invented that drains his support away. Maybe he's already found that issue.

English Outsider



It would be difficult because the traits you mention have been "bred out" of the system but at least I could find you staff officers who would know how to process paper. That is absent at present from Trump's WH. pl

Edward Amame

Col Lang


Edward Amame

Sam Peralta

Now let's see what happens to her "Stop Arming Terrorists" bill in Congress, shall we?


I like Mr. Adam's description of reality. I should read a bit more of his writing because I'm curious to what he has to say about group identity and the filter that has on political ideals.

In terms of the Persuasion/Hitler Filter I prefer to use the term Overton Window. I do not like the direction Pres. Trump is taking the United States in terms of what is acceptable behavior. Pres. Trump's actions on immigration based on the false premise that the current vetting process is inadequate. That is patently false and is very unclear to me as exactly what changes he is proposing to increase the vetting process.

Perhaps someone more knowledgeable than I can comment about what changes will be made to the vetting process that was implemented under Pres. Obama.

I greatly dislike the continual attack on the media. I greatly dislike 'alternative facts'. I greatly dislike describing people who are following their conscience (i.e. Yates) as disloyal. I can believe that Pres. Trump's intentions and motives are good while still disagreeing with his methods and his rhetoric. My attitude towards Bannon's and President Trump's methods are best described by this quote:

    Those who play with the devil's toys will be brought by degrees to wield his sword.
R. Buckminster Fuller

Your Chuckie Schumer and my DiFi will be opposing it. After all they were big in supporting Obama and Hillary as they armed the jihadists and created the refugee problem in the first place.

But now they have faux outrage and tears for poor Hana Abed.


TTG, Sir

Congresswoman Gabbard seems like one of the few in Congress with courage going against the beltway groupthink. Notice how the MSM smearing takes place. I hope she gets a bigger following as she seems to be a person who has seen war first hand as a combat veteran and is not afraid to take on the DC warmongering establishment.


If anyone needs to be impeached it should be Obama and Hillary for arming AL Qaeda and creating the devastation and refugees in Syria. One reason why I have no respect for the liberals is that they correctly made a big stink about the Bush invasion of Iraq on false pretenses but were cheerleaders when Obama & Hillary destroyed Syria and Libya. And now once again they ramp up their faux outrage when Trump is in office. At least the libertarians have courage of their convictions and consistently opposed our hubristic foreign interventions. Ron Paul has been a consistent critic of our warmongering.


Ked and the Committee as a whole:

Ked wrote, “Trump is over his head in understanding governance or the exercise of power in politics. It's not going to get any better - he can't learn and his handlers (more like buffers) could not care less about the niceties of governance either.”

There is a broad reporting that with respect to the Immigration Order (the “IO”) that Trump made an error, that Trump is inexperienced, that Trump mis-handled the roll-out of the IO and other similar statements.

I here raise a different proposition: That Trump intentionally did what he did, knowing that it would provoke a vehement reaction from the moderates and progressives for the purpose of creating chaotic cognitive dissonance, while giving him deniability based upon the general characteristics of optimists to give new presidents the benefit of doubt that the act was just a ham-fisted screw up. Put another way, the IO was drafted as bait for the left and moderates and they bit it hook, line, and sinker. Is the IO simply a rhetorical masterpiece of manipulation?

If the act was intentional, then from the perspective of a party who seeks control by dividing all, it has been exceedingly successful.

There is evidence to support the argument that the way the IO was drafted was a skillful and intentional act, done with a full understanding of what reaction could be expected.

Apparently, when the Office of General Counsel delivered the first draft of the IO, it contained exceptions for green card holders and others who had due process right subject to constitutional protection. An analysis of the IO shows that it really contains two issues. First, does the President have the power to stop immigration from areas of the world he deems dangerous. Second, does the President have the power to deny entry to Green Card holders and visa holders entry based upon statutory law and to send them out of the country with a blanket ban without giving them a due process hearing as provided by statute and the Due Process Clause of the United States Constitution. (BTY if one reads the stays, they do not hold the President’s actions unconstitutional, they only hold that there is a good chance of success under point two, above, and hold that the visa and green card holders have a right to a hearing before being sent back out of the continent. A stay of this type is standard procedure for injunction and habeas corpus applications under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Rule 65. This is not some group of Democratic judges running wild. This is a group of judges following they standard application of the laws. These are concepts known and identifiable by any first year law student who has had a course in Constitutional law. My guess is that Sally Yates refused to support the IO because at least a large part of it was clearly unconstitutional deprivation of the due process rights of the individuals holding valid visas and green cards and that to follow her oath to uphold the Constitution, she could not allow her department to defend the indefensible.)

Then those details were stripped out by Bannon so that all granted visas and green card holders would be sent home. Also, the key people in Congress and the Agencies were kept in the dark. It is highly unlikely that Trump, Bannon, and their cabal were not fully aware of the reaction their stripped down order would engender.

The reaction from both ends and the middle of the political spectrum has been as was foreseeable. Unless Bannon and Trump really are idiots, they did this to get the reactions that occurred. The right-wing base is convinced the sky is falling because of terrorists and are convinced that the Obama judges are overreaching and acting unconstitutionally while being so ignorant they do not realize that the judges are just following Rule 65 to the tee. The moderates are outraged because they do believe that immigration is good and that due process is important. The far left just believe Trump is simply an authoritarian right-wing mad man.

The question posited to the Committee is whether the Trumpists are stupid or whether they are masters of rhetoric and did what they did knowingly intending to bait all of the People.

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