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29 January 2017


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Now that we've established that there are lots of vendors and companies of various types and sizes "doing business" with the Trump companies, we can move on to your next question. Why would he get involved at a level below that of "billionaire?" Apparently he oscillated between disengaged and micromanaging. Micromanaging a large organization doesn't really work. That results in a lot of disfunction.


Gary H -- perhaps they supported him because they got the better of him and figured they, at least, would do well under his regime.


Oh...that makes this move even more scary. Bannon sort of reminds me of Rasputin...it must be the hair.


Bobo -- Schumer lost family members in the Holocaust. He may well have actually felt sad...it that really too hard to imagine? I'm guessing you are pretty sure that you don't know anyone with a green card. It is a big deal. There are still two sides to the issue but the issue is not that people are upset.

Trump is doing something for sure!

Edward Amame


Sorry, but impeachment's a fantasy. Trump doesn't have much to fear from elected GOP officials as long as they get their tax-cuts and entitlement "reforms." It's about the base. As long as they're happy, things will continue as they have been.



Principal Committee meetings are chaired by NSA.

NSC meetings are headed by President.

Note the NSPM states that DNI and CJCS are statutory participants in NSC meetings. This is as it should be.

What if the President decides not to hold NSC meetings?

The NSA then becomes the principal conduit of the process to the President.

In this case, this is a bald power play by Flynn.

Should Flynn decide to short circuit the NSC process, CJCS Dunford should start exercising his statutory responsibilities and ask for meetings with the President outside the normal process.

The political ramifications of turning down Dunford's request, or his resignation, would be profound.


This is incorrect.

These are busy people. If consensus is achieved at the DC level, there is no need for a PC.



The liberals and the MSM are being driven insane by Trump and his norm breaking style. First they wanted to run against him in the general. Then they believed their massive attacks on him would derail his campaign and the Borg Queen would romp home on election day. They even had all the polls pointing to their landslide victory. Then the unexpected happened. That became the rallying cry for the electoral college to knock him out.

They are definitely going off the deep end when Trump does exactly what he said he'd do during the campaign. But the problem they have is all they're doing is whining. How many were they able to gather for the protests on the temporary travel ban?

Vallisa provided a link to a very insightful column by Peggy Noonan.


Those of us who voted for Trump are pleased with many of his first week actions. We'd like him to go further. His travel ban should include all the countries that shipped jihadis to the west and there shouldn't be any time limit. The ban should only be lifted when the government is confident that their vetting procedures are sufficiently stringent. Likewise some of us would prefer more than just a hiring freeze but a meaningful reduction in headcount of federal employees and contractors. We'd like him to develop a cooperative relationship with Russia and eliminate an existential threat and if that will drive McCain go apoplectic even better.

Let's face it the liberals and the MSM are going to use their platform to drive hysteria. Just like they did during the campaign. Will it change the opinions of Trump voters?

There are important elections coming up in Europe this year. There maybe more with Trumpian attitudes winning.



If this is true it will be explosive and Tulsi Gabbard will become enemy of liberals and the MSM as well as all neocons and R2Pers.


"BREAKING: Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard told CNN that she has proof the Obama administration was funding ISIS and Al-Qaeda"



Apparently Schumer had a different stance in 2015.


But...he's just a politician. Theatrics is an important element for them. Of course the MSM and liberals were not hysterical then.





"Principal Committee meetings are chaired by NSA" Here what is meant by mishkilji is the National Security Adviser, not the National Security Agency.. I have appeared before many such meetings. pl


Edward Amame

How long do you think the Democrats will be out of power? Do you still believe that demography is destiny? pl

Cold War Zoomie

Google is your friend...

"(a) ...
The Council shall be composed of—
(1) the President;
(2) the Vice President;
(3) the Secretary of State;
(4) the Secretary of Defense;
(5) the Secretary of Energy; and
(6) the Secretaries and Under Secretaries of other executive departments and of the military departments, when appointed by the President by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, to serve at his pleasure."

"(h) ...
(1) There is established within the National Security Council a committee to be known as the Committee on Foreign Intelligence (in this subsection referred to as the “Committee”).
(2) The Committee shall be composed of the following:
(A) The Director of National Intelligence.
(B) The Secretary of State.
(C) The Secretary of Defense.
(D) The Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs, who shall serve as the chairperson of the Committee.
(E) Such other members as the President may designate."


Pretty straightforward. Personally, I don't like Bannon on the NSC but we won't know for months what the consequences are. Right now, I'm monitoring how Iraq, Russia and China respond to Trump's administration. My spidey senses tell me it's BOHICA time.

Cold War Zoomie

Sorry for jumping in since you asked EA directly, but I'd like to give my two cents. The Democrats will be in the wilderness for the next eight years at least because:

1. They ignored state and local government for too long in favor of big national elections, and now do not have a pipeline in the majority of states;
2. Sitting back and waiting for people to vote for you based on demographics is not a strategy...see number 1 above;
3. Although polling may show most Americans like many of the legacy Democratic programs, sitting around expecting them to vote for you because of it is not a strategy...see number 1 above;
4. Blanket TV advertising in the modern age is no substitute for on-the-ground retail politics...see number 1 above;
5. Focusing on esoteric cultural issues while ignoring how your trade policies have devastated huge portions of the country is not a winning strategy (have any of these jokers taken Amtrak through North and South Carolina and seen the hollowed out towns?);
6 Abandoning and ignoring your traditional blue collar constituency for decades is not a winning strategy;
7. And then the *worst belief in the history of mankind* that Hillary losing was a Black Swan Event guarantees no honest self evaluation by the party leadership.

Sure doesn't look good. And there were plenty of voices out in the wild warning them of this! But they were in their DC bubble.


Liberal Democratic government lost the election. Mission accomplished.



I told Hersh that at the time and have since changed my mind. The man he has hired as ME/NA chief used to hang around my Pentagon office as a captain trying to learn something and never seems to have done so. pl

different clue

David Lentini,

I perceive Steve Bannon as being a strictly Karl Rove type figure. He will mistake his brilliance at the politics and optics with understanding of deeper longer range facts and trends and needs. He will always give advice based on what will enhance the political power of the Trump Right Movement on the domestic American scene.

different clue


That could be a very carefully planned and tailored look, designed to project an "ordinary guy man-of-the-people" image.

Bannon's own appearance could be his finely crafted version of Henry Kissinger's serious glasses and international-man-of-danger accent. ( Which started out as real, no doubt . . . but has been carefully nurtured and maintained all these many decades).


Laura- we all express our emotions in different ways and at different times. My comment certainly was not intended to be derogatory to the good Senator only to highlight where it occurred and possibly why.
As to the Green Card comment I spoke earlier today to two individuals I know who presently have Green Cards and they both laughed. As they relayed that it was so difficult to obtain that status and that they are in pursuit of Naturalization so why would anyone in that status leave this country which could jeopardize that pursuit. Just their view as I'm sure there are others.
I'm quite cognizant of the Blot on History due to the Holocaust but in leaving I give thought to the millions of potential legal immigrants who passed on in pursuit of their dreams of coming to our great country.

Karl Kolchack

She'll be a hero to the Sanders people, and it is pretty clear that she hopes to be their standard bearer in 2020.


Ad hominem makes one feel better about themselves ... that's important!
Trump's a brand, not a CEO.

The Twisted Genius


I don't know how closely you've been following Tulsi. Between her "Stop Funding Terrorism Act" and her trip to Syria, she is creating quite a coalition. She is strongly identified with the Sanders wing of the progressive Democrats, but among the cosponsors of her bill are Dana Rohrabacher and Walter Jones, both conservative, libertarian Republicans. Both have been described as batshit crazy, but I know Rohrabacher. He's good people.

She has definitely made herself an enemy of the Neocons and R2Pers, but I think the time is right for her. The Clinton Democrats are well on their way to destruction and the Republicans will never be the same. Her coalition will be the progressives and libertarians. I truly believe this coalition will learn to work together on what they agree upon and learn to compromise on those issues on which they disagree. Just like the in the old days.



If you were given carte blanche to hire the NSC team, would you find the people with the intellect, deep knowledge of history, excellent judgment and of course honor?

It seems to me that through decades of politicization and careerism, only mediocrity have survived. Excellence at bureaucratic infighting and budget gathering is what gets rewarded. Is that a correct assessment of our current government national security personnel?

different clue

Karl Kolchack,

I am certainly well-predisposed towards Tulsi Gabbard. It would take a number of Very Bad Things to un-well-predispose me.

If she got nominated, I would expect many millions of Clinton supporters and nostalgiasts to vote against her in a bitter spiteful effort to make her lose. The ClintoFeminists would be most hateful against her. They would adhere to Madeline Albright's stated belief that "there is a special place in hell for women who don't help other women." They would vote their bitter rage over Tulsi Gabbard daring to try becoming America's "first woman President". Hillary was supposed to be "America's first woman President." Hillary! HILLARY! HillaryHillaryHillary!!! How DARE the brazen upstart Gabbard DARE to think that she could usurp (after the fact) the throne that rightly belonged to . . . !Hillary!

That is my conditional if-this/ then-that prediction. If the DemParty nominates Gabbard, millions of Hillarrhoids will vote against Gabbard one way or another.

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