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12 January 2017


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Babak Makkinejad


An Iraqi Kurd speaks:



Does this mean you don't like the rebuttal in Jad al-Haqq's A Critique of the Neglected Duty?

Babak Makkinejad

I have been unaware of that book; I have not heard any one referring to it either in Persian sources.

But I also think it was not persuasive; likely you need multiple such rebuttals coming from different quarters.

Unfortunately, in Iran, very few people care to do so; the non-religious thinkers are busy studying, translating, copying and otherwise digesting the post-Enlightenment Western thinkers, while the religious ones are busy waging a religiously intellectual war against what they consider to be subversive Western ideas.



You are being obtuse or perhaps just tricky, and trying to make the old turcopolier look stupid. Troll? the jihadi factions are thoroughly mixed up in Quneitra PROVINCE. your assertion that the "evil interest" and the US government is just more economic determinist conspiratorial bullshit. Yes. you are a trill, Goodbye troll. pl

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