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29 January 2017


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California is dry.
Would other states let the water flow, as they do now, when they can use it themselves? For what?
To water green grass in LA suburbs? To subsidize Cal agriculture in the desert?

Nancy K

Most people living in CA are not from there, they have immigrated from other states and countries. CA is also very divided between a rural urban split and geographically between north, central and south. CA is liberal compared to the rest of the Country but they definitely identify as Americans.



Desalination of sea water? pl



I like Casmalia. when I used to go there it had one street. smaller is better. I said nothing about the pseudo "Hitching Post" in Buellton, right? near the Anderson Pea Soup Restaurant on Rte. 101. pl


Colonel, you know your LA LA land well down to the Anderson', that area of Santa Ynez/Los Olivos is now a great wine country, and very beautiful,fine wine and vineyards.


Colonel, desalination not this year, so far this year rain is been better than last few.


Desalinization used to be a non-starter. Energy requirements per delivered unit of water was too high. This is no longer the case as innovative techniques with much lower energy requirements have made it much more competitive.


It will get even less energy intense with the technology to get electricity out of the mixing of water with different salt content.


Amen. I would love to see the Stalinist themepark of Commiefornia fall apart.

I live in California by accident. In fact the county seat had to be moved because a re-survey discovered it was actually in Nevada. I can drive almost anywhere in Nevada without even going on pavement, but we are connected to California by only 2 passes open a few months a year. You can drive South to get to California but you have to go through one or maybe 2 counties that are even less California than we are. (We have a an urban center of displaced Californians in our county)

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