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26 January 2017


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"Judging by the level of Soros-funded hysteria since November 8, Soros' next "Color Revolution" target might be right here in the U.S."

He will certainly try to raise Cain, but I doubt he'll meet with much success. US institutions are strong, unlike weak Arab and Eastern European states. Once captured, they're relatively impregnable to colour revolution social technologies. The only way Trump is leaving office is through procedurally correct channels. Granted, a Soros sponsored campaign could impel certain lawmakers toward trying to impeach Trump, but the Republican base will stand firm in the same way constituents of the Party of Regions in Ukraines resisted the installed junta.

My prediction is within 12 months Trump will have brought GOP lawmakers to heel. Three days of elapsed and he has already begun to definitely act on promises made to his electorate. So levels of intense support will remain as high as they were during the campaign. Trump can turn these people on miscreant House Republicans if and when necessary. Massive demonstrations against him by by moonbats will only crystallize the friend enemy distinction which is vital to right wing mobilization. The organic connection between Trump and his base - the ultimate source of his power - will likely grow under those conditions. The riots will be put down like when Reagan sent in the National Guard.

Meanwhile, Trump is going after the other two nodes of globalization - China's predatory trade policies and Frau Merkel in Germany. Prof Stephen Cohen implied Trump may view Merkel's Germany as a bigger threat than Russia.

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