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11 January 2017


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The Twisted Genius


Except it now turns out David Corn got this report of tin-foil-hat level unsubstantiated stuff not from Rick Wilson, but from some supposedly ex-intelligence officer from Britain in October 2016. I saw the 4Chan Rick Wilson troll story on the #goldenshower twitter storm last night. Looked like an effort to squash a flimsy story before it became a snickering undercurrent. Too bad they got their timeline and individuals involved wrong. I think it's going to remain a snickering undercurrent on the left very similar to the way the birther movement was on the right for the last eight years. One would have to be a brainwashed, fanatical moron to accept either of these "shit-house" rumors as gospel and spout them as serious allegations for years.

I don't know if this particular part of the the 35 page BuzzFeed release made it into the three page IC report that was handed to Trump. It would be sad if it did. That rumor should have been cursorily handled by a GG-12 analyst at best.

"This will thoroughly discredit any remaining attempts at these types of stunts"

No, it won't, unfortunately, nearly to the contrary this kind of things will probably increase the blurring between true facts and propaganda, to the average Joe it's such a mess than "anything is possible".
Dangerous times indeed.


It's very kind to you to suppose that the CIA "got trolled", they probably knew full well that this was garbage but nevertheless pushed it just because it was conveneient material already showing up in "some sources".



"shit-house" rumor is a term of art in the US Army connoting rumor passed on from toilet to toilet. I concur in its application here. pl


That's clever plausible deniability, you take care NOT to really read the rumors you report about so you don't have any problems...
Man up dude!
This is SST not a tabloid, we deserve better quality trolls!



All those subject to the authority of the Executive Branch and therefore the president are required to obtain security clearances from the Executive Branch. Those positions NOT subject to the authority of the president do not require security clearances. i.e., federal judges, congressmen, but their staffs on the courts require security clearances, n their case they are adjudicated by the DoJ. I had one of those TS/SCI for five or six years for the sole purpose of reading classified exhibits for the benefit of the courts. I had no other access from DoJ when acting for the courts. I also had a collateral TS from DoD for about ten years so that I could be a role player in national war games. I had no other access from DoD in that period. During my actual career in the government I held clearances at the TS/SCI level with about 50 SAP accesses. The residual DoJ and DoD clearances I asked to be debriefed from in in May 2005 after the debacle of the Jeffrey Sterling trial. pl



Here's the archived post proving this was all a successful troll of the Borg apparatus.


The Porkchop Express

Only basing it off information from friends who use. Never visited it myself. Make of it what you will.


Walrus posted above:

"CNN has just led with a story that the intelligence community presented Trump with a dossier alleging five years work by the Russian Government to both compromise Trump and promote his presidential prospects and allege collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian Government. "

A "Senior Intelligence Official" told NBCNews that Trump was NOT briefed on the 35 page bullshit. A two page summary was prepared as backup for the oral briefing but never used.



The 4Chan claim of having originated the Moscow Hotel stuff is not valid.
The 35 pages or parts of them have been circled in Washington for several months (to NYT, WSJ, CNN, ...) - probably since the primaries were over. The claim of the hotel stuff is in a July "report" and was part of that.
The 4Chan prank was issued sometime in early November.
It is thereby very likely that the 4chan prank was based on the circulating "reports" and not the origin of the claims.


I see more and more signs that all the anti-Russian stuff we have seen during the campaign and now is based on or originating from Ukrainian-American (fascist) sources.

- The Clinton/DNC operative Alexandra Chalupa was directly involved in them and was in direct contact with (or led by?) the Ukrainian embassy.
- ProPornOT is a Ukrainian-American operation.
- The 35 pages seem to have Ukrainian fascist origin.

The CIA has very longs-standing ties to fascist Ukranian organizations and was deeply involved in the 2014 coup which was led by fascist groups.

I have no evidence yet to connect those dots but I at least have verifiable dots while 35 pages contain only pure bullshit.

Also notice Crowdstrike's CTO the exile-Russian Alperovich and his Atlantic Council connections ... Background information on him seems to be impossible to find ...


Why not release his own podcasts? No need to depend on traditional media for that.

English Outsider

It's not easy to see a reasonable explanation for the action or inaction of the British authorities, not if the information put out so far is at all accurate.

From a CNN report:-


"Some of the memos were circulating as far back as last summer. What has changed since then is that US intelligence agencies have now checked out the former British intelligence operative and his vast network throughout Europe and find him and his sources to be credible enough to include some of the information in the presentations to the President and President-elect a few days ago."

"The raw memos on which the synopsis is based were prepared by the former MI6 agent, who was posted in Russia in the 1990s and now runs a private intelligence gathering firm."

If it is true that the agent was formerly in MI6 then presumably his "vast network" was built up on work done during his service career or during his association with the service. Who in British Intelligence authorised this use of such work? Such "research" by a past MI6 agent on an American Presidential candidate would surely have needed authorisation on a political level as well. Who gave that authorisation?

The operative should either be disavowed by the British intelligence services, in which case the question arises of how a past MI6 agent was let run loose on the American political scene with no-one noticing, or those two questions should be answered.


I recall recently reading of several law firms that were contacted or contracted (?) to conduct background checks on potential candidates for several potential candidates. I am reluctant to refer to this as due diligence; I am not a lawyer. Be well. H


LOL LOL You hit the nail on the head there! What a contorted '16 Prez election we had and the next 4 yrs of Prez politics sure to be a wild ride! Trump/Clinton the worst of choices we have had in my memory!


Colonel, do you think the body of IC is also after DT or just the political appointed heads of agencies? Is this game at this intensity not dangerous, had you ever experienced anything like this> Did you see NYT reporting that senator Mc Cain released and passed this (shit) info to FBI before the holidays.


Hey, that has always been Trump's style of "I don't know, but [so and so] has been saying...." Trump plants the rumor, but does not own it. He did it all through the campaign, "birther" etc.


Even IF (and the "IF" is a big leap), the "golden showers" stuff with a guy like Trump who is reportedly a "germ phobic" is unlikely and (2) is water off a ducks back--the evangelicals have already prayed and excused his many transgression and will continue to do so for their pro life desires.
But financial intertwines with some nasty characters might well be revealed and have a hold on trump. As noted in another blog:
"If Trump has a vulnerability with regard to Russia, it is far more likely to be financial. He kept going bankrupt (six times!) as a strategy to avoid paying creditors, and understandably real banks stopped wanting to lend to him. The Financial Times alleges that Trump then got in bed with very wealthy figures from, e.g., Kazakhstan, who loaned him money or licensed his name for, e.g., the Trump Soho, in which he was a partner with a shadowy Kazakh figure. But FT suggests that the quid pro quo was that he got them into the New York real estate market, which they then used for money laundering. Money earned from embezzling (say, from the Kazakh ministry of petroleum) or criminal activity needs to be laundered before it can be openly invested. The criminal claims that the ill-gotten funds are profits from an investment, e.g. The FT thinks Trump may have, knowingly or naively, facilitated this kind of activity. If it was knowingly, of course, that was a heavy duty crime." From Informed Consent blog


There's more than meets the eye here.

The one fact in all of this is that content of Podesta's and the DNC emails that show the rigging of the Democrats primary and the duplicity of the Clinton campaign and the media are truthful. To obfuscate this truth, a real influence operation with fake news and innuendo is being carried out that implicates the intelligence agencies and the media.

The question is how will Trump respond once he is the POTUS and will the intelligence agencies carry out the threat that Schumer noted.

The Twisted Genius


I think you're definitely on to something with this Ukrainian connection. That Nuland-induced nightmare in Kiev will probably be the first to lose big league after 20 January. We don't agree on the whole Russian influence op business, but I truly wish you good hunting in running down the Ukrainian trouble makers.

The Twisted Genius


The 4chan stuff was on the #goldenshower comedy twitter storm last night. I think b explained it well in his earlier comment today. A 4chan troll trolled Wilson with the same stuff that was already out there. There's nothing there to support 4chan as the originator of this particular rumor.


The left and the MSM are trying hard to disarm of Trump using social media for direct communication with public, a very direct, effective no intermediary way of communicating. They think they can shame him to do so, by them declaring it's an Unpresidential way of communication. Why? IMO, the MSM has no credibility what so ever to shame anybody to do or not do anything nor asking the president elect what to do or not.


Below is a quote from yesterday, taken from: http://www.foreign.senate.gov/press/ranking/release/10-bipartisan-senators-introduce-comprehensive-russia-sanctions-legislation

“As Russia continues its flagrant efforts to sabotage and subvert democratic norms and principles of freedom across the world, this is a significant step that sends an unequivocal response to President Putin: The U.S. Congress remains united in our absolute rejection of their rule over Crimea, belligerent actions in Syria, and will hold them accountable for their interference in our democratic system,” said Senator Menendez, author of the STAND for Ukraine Act, legislation that was incorporated into the Countering Russian Hostilities Act. “This comprehensive, bipartisan legislation creates a broad policy framework that combines new ways to proactively support our allies, bolster democratic institutions across Europe, and also expand and strengthen aggressive sanctions across Russian individuals and entities. At a pivotal time in world affairs in the face of Russian aggression, the Countering Russian Hostilities Act makes clear that the United States will not tolerate dictatorial actions, annexation or interventionism.”

Note the claim of bipartisanship, the rejection of Crimea within Russia, and the constant claiming of Russian "hostilities" in Syria.

I suggest one read the whole press release to get a feel for what is at stake on the Ukrainian/US/Russian front. However, most critically, what the bill proposes includes: (and again I quote)

"The bill would mandate sanctions the development of Russian energy pipelines." (sic)

"Similarly, the bill would impose mandatory sanctions on investments in the development of civil nuclear projects by the Russian Federation."

"The bill would impose mandatory sanctions on U.S. and third party investment in Russian privatization of state-owned assets and sales of sovereign debt."

Note that the sanction are on the development of Russian energy pipelines with no restriction on where those might be. Note that the sanctions include the servicing of sovereign debt.

These actions are the serious part of the iceberg, that part beneath the water, with the ridiculous misrepresentations of the CIA against Trump being the visible noise on top.

different clue

The Twisted Genius,

Well . . . any port in a storm to a desperate true-believing Clintonite or Obamacrat. So, yes . . . they will believe it and recirculate it for years. They will try to convince everyone they know that the analyses and stories indicating this material started as a 4-Chan "IQ-test" if you will are themselves hoaxes designed to falsely discredit this true intelligence.

The troof is out there. They want to believe.

different clue


I agree with your understanding of the CIA here. I too believe they know exactly how fictitious this material was and they decided to weaponise and disseminate it with malice aforethought as their part in the greater Establishment operation to shape the brainwar battlespace against Trump for impeachment or "other removal methods" to come.

One hopes that they are the people who get "removaled" instead.

different clue


Perhaps Trump could put links to his own podcasts in his Fireside Tweets.
Perhaps Trump could also start his own You Tube Channel and put links to that, including to every new program or release, on his Fireside Tweets.

Perhaps he could call his podcasts " Trumpcasts".
Perhaps he could call his You Tube Channel " You Trump" or "The You Tube Trump Channel", or any other name he thinks is memorable or compelling.

( If by off-chance the Trump Team has any people reading these threads, I hereby give away for free use the terms Fireside Tweets, Trumpcast, You Trump, in the off chance that they might be useful. If they are not useful, I assume they will die a quiet unnoticed death in some dark corner).


Fred: Here's why I hate the press. NPR did a story today about ExxonMobil CEO's business in Russia....without ever mentioning how the Obama Administration encouraged American corporations to invest there.

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