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22 January 2017


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Sir: Help if you will. I have always had a problem differentiating between Strategy and Tactics. I was thinking about your example of the hot wash at the end of a mission. You improve your performance through interaction with your troops. Is this tactics or in the tactics column?

And you, as troops, need to be the best for many reasons but you do not have to know why you have been sent on this mission, that would be the strategy. Political and higher. Am I in the ball park?

Thanks, Good luck with the house keeping.



your example of the hot wash ... Is this tactics or in the tactics column?

Ann, sounded more like a general evaluation to me. Groundwork to be applied or considered in a upcoming new strategy or its aligned tactics?

On the topic here:
Should I be worried I'll get banned tomorrow?

But yes, it felt a bit over the top around here lately, as is to be expected in the context of ideological fights: high frequency of ad hominem attacks. It felt. Not at all a fan of this stuff.

If I may cite Babak:

"A Heavenly Crown is Politeness,
Wear it and go wherever you desire."


It is not a democracy, but it is probably useful to have a designated voice of scorn & abuse as 1. a proxy for the cranky but craven, and 2. an inspiration cum gratification for the righteously indignant.

Hello there Tyler, honeydear. How's it going.


Good. I am a lefty who comes here to read views outside the mainstream ( aka the Borg ) and mostly lurk, since I usually don't have much to add, but sometimes the nastiness of a few creates more heat than light. It is a problem at every blog unless the proprietor steps in and lays down the law. As best I can tell, the problem can come from any part of the political spectrum. Some lefties and righties think only the other side can be boorish, but a little observation at most political blogs should dispel that notion.



I was busy today and only now have read some of your comments. I was particularly unimpressed with commenter who tried to define "strategy" and "tactics. Consider this space closed until I get over my frustration at the ignorance of many of you. I ask guest authors not to post or approve comments until I decide if to continue this forum. pl


As a frequent reader, and less frequent commenter, I hope you overcome your frustration.

SST is an invaluable resource, and has a unique viewpoint that is especially important at this moment of our nation's history.

I rarely agree with anyone consistently, but I try to read most of the comments posted here. This forum provides readers like me access to informed opinions and - in some cases - erudition, that I would otherwise not have access to.


Have you considered consigning offensive offenders to a penalty page ... to play among themselves, wherein they can only correspond w/ one-another, no one else can post on that page, and they cannot post onto any other threads... ?
Sorta like a classic Twilight Zone episode... on Devil's Island. Let's see, let's see... They must make 33 polite posts before being allowed back among the mannered? 2nd offense; 66 posts & so forth.

Christopher Rogers


Many of us on the Left come to your Blog to get an honest assessment of US foreign policy, military matters and oversight of ongoing conflicts, which the MSM fail to cover or fail to report in an honest fashion. As such, it would be a loss indeed if this site were not to continue with its authoritative analysis. Like many, one finds it difficult to post if the subject matter is beyond my own understanding given my lack of a military background, but happy to engage if its issues one understands in full - we rely on experts such as yourself to tell it as it is - may you continue to do so.

William Fitzgerald

Pat Lang,

I swear I'm innocent!

To your strategy and tactics remark, I would say that one who confuses able and even successful tactics with sound strategy resembles the well-pedigreed and very loud hound who is barking enthusiastically up the wrong tree.



Let us hope that Col. Lang decides to keep this Committee Of Correspondence open and rededicate ourselves to civility and useful discourse.

This is one of the few places on the web where it is possible to encounter valuable perceptions on what is happening in our world without having to wade through tons of useless verbiage in the hope of finding a few gems.

The least we can do in minimise Col. Langs labor (apart from donating when it is occasionally suggested) is to try and make our posts on topic, civil, concise and hopefully of value to the discussion and therefore community.


In the meantime, there's something doing in the Russian hacking world:

"Ruslan Stoyanov, the head of Kaspersky Lab's investigations unit, was arrested in December, Russian newspaper Kommersant reported Wednesday. The paper said that Sergei Mikhailov, a division head of the Russian intelligence service FSB, was also arrested in the same probe."

He is accused of treason. The details are murky as yet. Might this have something to do with the Russian originated ops against US institutions? Stay tuned.


I hope I'm not banned. I can't wait to read more about George Soros.

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