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15 December 2016


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Mike, what you refuse to understand is that being Iranian is similar to being American it's not about sharing religion or blood is about sharing culture. Think of Iran as the old world' melting pot.

mike allen

Babak Makkinejad -

I have said it here previously that I have a lot of respect and admiration for Iran and the Iranian people. Since the time of Cyrus most Iranians have respected the culture and religion of other people. It is a shame that the IRGC has abandoned that code of behavior. I do not believe that the great majority of Iranian people agree with the IRGC labeling those Kurds that ask for self-determination as being 'enemies of God'.

But even I have to admit that Tehran is ten thousand times better than Ankara. At least in Iran there have not been state sponsored pogroms like in Turkey. Or maybe there have been and were kept out of the press?


Mike, the very narrow line of thoughts you push or work on, in support of Kurds, IMO is not working since they are contradicting each other, as far as I have read, this same lines has been pushed for many years and hasn't got anywhere or changed anything. Here is why, in one line you say Iran is helping and sheltering PKK this line hopes to form and open a gap a wedge, between Iranian (IRGC) and Turkish military (IRGC), and Barezani warlords (they know if they don't cooperate they get access denial), for a minimum hope of eliminating intelligence sharing between this 3 groups, for mistrust of each other' intention. The second line you push is that the Iranian military (IRGC) is killing the Kurd insurgents (PJAK) and blocking Kurds "self determination" which IMO is western BS like the R2P.
IMO, the problem with this 2 lines of thoughts you push is, that this 2 Kurdish insurgency organizations are one of the same they work and live together very closely ever since PJAC an offshoot of PKK was started, guess when, when real men was suppose to go to Tehran back in 04. You can't claim in one comment Iran is helping PKK against Turks and in next comment claim Iran is killing jailing PJAK/ PKK insurgents.

"Some experts describe PJAK as an offshoot of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK).[4][5] Both groups are members of the Kurdistan Communities Union or KCK (Kurdish: Koma Civakên Kurdistan‎), an umbrella group of Kurdish political and insurgent groups in Turkey, Iran, Syria, and Iraq.[6][7]"

There is this old Persian proverb, which comes to mind, when fox gets cut and denies he stoled the chicken "they ask the fox should we believe you or your tail"
Colonel Lang- my apology for long comment.

Babak Makkinejad

The preamble of the US Constitution states:

"We the People of the United States, in Order to ... establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity..."

I think that the Islamic Republic of Iran has partly or in whole has achieved those goals; with the two goals of establishing Justice and securing Liberty lagging considerably as compared to United Kingdom, for example.

Put another way, of the 3 elements of the popular slogan of the Iranian Revolution: "Independence, Liberty, Islamic Republic" 2 are achieved - Independence and Islamic Republic - while the goal of establishing a Liberal order remains distant.

This goal of Liberty, in fact, was also a goal of the Constitutional Revolution in 1907 - more than a hundred years ago.

Over the years, regrettably, I have come to the conclusion that the intellectual and religious basis of a Liberal Order - the ideas and ideals of Freedom as understood in Western Diocletian states - do not exist anywhere in the Muslim world; neither as political institutions, nor in bodies of works by Muslims, nor in actual social practices in Islamic world.

It reminds me of what one heard whispered in Pakistan, in reference to Democracy of India, "Is it because of Islam?"

In my opinion, there is no Muslim country that is Free as you would understand it in place like Minneapolis or Copenhagen and nor there is any one even remotely as Free as the Russian Federation.

However, in my opinion, the existence of this deficit of Liberty in these states should not be used by the Fortress West as a wedge to beat down Iran or other Muslim states; without robust Muslim states Fortress West cannot extricate herself from the religious war that she has entered - not when there would be 3 billion Muslims on this planet in a generation or so.

Babak Makkinejad

Thank you for your comments.

I also recently got an inkling of the connections and mutual influences among Sassanid Iran, Byzantium, and early Islamic Caliphates; e.g. the almost fanatical opposition to any innovation characterized Byzantium which, evidently, bequeathed that to later Islamic centuries.

Babak Makkinejad

No no no.

That country exists because of Shia Religion - the Iran idea is a distant second.


IMO it is what it is it's PKK and is not going away, some in the west wish the same for Iran.

mike allen

Kooshy -

What I said was NOT about PKK vs PJAK, but PKK vs PDK-I. The PDK-I is also sometimes known as KDPI. This is a completely separate organization from PJAK.

Regarding Turkey, what I suggested was that Iran now sponsors PKK in Turkey. This has not always been the case. Babak is correct in stating that at one point in the past both Iran and Turkey considered PKK as terrorists. But that was before Erdogan started assisting anti-Assad Salafi movements. So now at that time Iran started fighting back, not only in Syria and Iraq but also in Eastern Turkey using the PKK as a proxy.

mike allen

James -

The PKK has bombed Turkish security forces but that is mostly in the east. The recent terrorist bombing in Istanbul has been attributed to TAK, which is a splinter group of the PKK. TAK, also known as the Kurdistan Freedom Falcons, is in open dissent against the PKK readiness to compromise with the Turkish State. Although the Turks claim that the two groups are still linked.

Other terrorist bombings in Istanbul have been connected to and and claimed by Daesh the Islamic State.

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