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19 December 2016


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Israel Shamir begs to differ in the following intriguing article on the importance of the nomination as ambassador as indicative of an end to sham negotiations on a two-state solution:



Look at the evidence to show intent. Do you expect Pruitt nominated to run the EPA to bolster EPA laws when he's spent the better part of his recent office fighting EPA laws in favor of burning more coal? Safe to say he is nominated to do the opposite. Do you expect Friedman is nominated to bolster peace prospects with the Arabs when he is in favor of Israel annexing the West Bank?


The other day this odd item appeared on Vox:
"Rent-a-Jew: It's an Actual Thing in Germany. And amazingly, it's a good thing."


Without exhaustively analyzing the piece, a number of things jump out:

1. Word usage:
Jews as "victims": 3 times;
"holocaust" 7 times;
"reparations" 2 times
German sins, German guilt ~3 times

2. The only speakers and only point of view were those of Jews, no non-Jewish Germans.

3. The article, reinforced by a photo of a rabbi in a high pulpit, read to me like Jewish 'masters' inviting their subjects to the big house to "get to know" who is calling the shots.

Add in this, on C Span Washington Journal this morning:

Asked to comment on the attacks, one caller identified as "dual US-Israeli citizen;" "Mossad is the best intelligence service in the world; Mossad knows everything before it happens."

That's not true, but it is a fact that Israel has been known to pull the kind of stunts that occurred in Berlin yesterday, and when was the last time the perpetrator of such an event got away; didn't get killed on the scene, before interrogation, usually with a passport in his pocket or having shouted something about Allah?

It doesn't make sense that a Muslim/Arab would attack a German Christmas (i.e. Christian-ish) celebration. otoh, zionists would see a benefit in making Christians and 'cultural Germans' in Germany fearful and thereby back away, bit by bit, from their German Christmas celebrations, similar to the way Jews in USA have cast a pall over celebration of (Christian) Christmas celebrations.

PS the caller who spoke of Mossad's omnipotence summed up by complaining of US weakness in allowing Iran to buy Boeing planes: "They load them with weapons . . . it's been documented."

The Berlin attack was a Mossad job.


PS Trump's response to Berlin was disgusting.
I believe the attack was orchestrated by Mossad, maybe w/ the help of others.
Trump played into their hands.

From information available online (mostly thru SST), it appears to me the German police genuinely DO NOT KNOW who did this attack and are unwilling to issue emotion-driven statements, devoid of evidence, as Trump did.

The Beaver

@ Babak

The latest :
Beset by low oil prices, at war in Yemen, and ties with Egypt strained, Riyadh and Gulf allies are questioning how much armed help they should now give the rebels, diplomats say.

The monarchies are frustrated with President Barack Obama's light touch approach to the war - relying on local fighters instead of large U.S. military deployments or missile strikes.

President-elect Donald Trump poses an intriguing contrast.


We will see if Trump goes against the MIC and putthe squeeze on KSA :-)


continuing the policies of Obama ...

that's the part that puzzles me, admittedly, and I never expected him to walk over water. ... Although I was highly pleased about the Iran deal, never mind the resulting increased "raised security aid" for US taxpayers it may have resulted in:


But strictly, I agree - at least to the extend I am able to grasp matters. Ultimately Trump beyond being a man of business, real estate and beyond, is as much a foreign policy nitwit as Obama was. One of the main Anti-Obama talking point during his campaign.

Or maybe you explain, maybe along the lines: why Obama was worse then Bush jun..


You expect him to pursue liberal policies?? That was for Dear Leader who had 8 years. And what kind of peace did he negotiate in the Middle East?

Expect the pendelum to swing the other way for the next 4 years. Elections have consequences.

Outrage Beyond

Notice how all of that "THE RUSSIANS DID IT" noise has ceased?


Colonel, you speak Arabic so is this true?


"Assad Abu Khalil — Just as they cover up for Syrian rebels, Western media are covering up the statement by Turkish gunman

The propaganda war to control the narrative in the Western media continues.

All Western media that I looked are for some obvious reasons conveniently deleting the rest of the statement by the gunman in which he says: "We have pledged Jihad for Muhammad".

Why is that not mentioned here: "“Allah Akbar! Do not forget Aleppo!” said the gunman, according to the widely circulated video. “Do not forget Syria! Do not forget Aleppo! Do not forget Syria! As long as our lands are not safe, you will not be safe!"

In fact, the Jihad vow is the headline for all the stories about the assassinations in the accounts of Syrian rebels and their supporters (in Arabic only of course) and even in the Huffington Post--the Jihadi Qatari Arabic version.

Chance omission in the Wester media that can be spun as anti-Assad instead of jihadist? Not likely.

Angry Arab News Service

Just as they cover up for Syrian rebels, Western media are covering up the statement by Turkish gunman

Assad Abu Khalil | Professor of Political Science, California State University, Stanislaus


"'Don't forget Aleppo' - Russian ambassador's killer". They almost are implying that he was noble in his deed. Can you imagine such headlines for the killers of US ambassador in Libya?

CNN had the exact same headline, as did other Western sites and papers.

Look how ALL Western media are romanticizing the Turkish gunman and ignoring his Jihad message"



Have you been paying attention to what's happening in the Chinese bond market and their shadow banking system recently?

You think we should continue with the sham One China policy? You know the Taiwan Relations Act is the law.

Outrage Beyond

Statements like that make one wonder what the Mossad might have on McCain.

Don't forget: John McCain took bribes. He took bribes from a crooked banker named Charles Keating. (Look it up.)

After the bribery scandal, McCain reinvented himself as "The Maverick." This (allegedly) straight-talking persona was the vehicle he hoped to ride into the White House.

When that didn't work, he went full neocon. But did he become a raving neocon because he's a true believer, or did he do so due to some compromising material in possession of certain unsavory parties?

The same might be wondered about another nutty neocon, the "Old Lady From South Carolina," although in his case, the compromising material involves underage boys. Or so it's rumored.


What has Saudi Arabia got to do with US dollar as a reserve currency. Oh! The Saudis will price their oil in Yuan and sell their US Treasury holdings. If you believe that the Saudi's pricing their oil in another currency will collapse the US economy I have great treasures to sell you.

The Chinese have sold hundreds of billions of USTs recently and did you even notice? Take a look at the USD/CNY chart over the past few months.



He only said a few words in Arabic. they were in the nature of a statement of faith and then he started w rant in Turkish. pl


Babak Makkinejad

When do you think this perception will change ?




Theresa May is cut from the same cloth as Cameron and Blair. It will be very interesting to watch her navigate Trump when Farage who she loathes is best buddy with him.

The western intelligence agencies and their political masters have been pursuing policies of duplicity with no real end game. Now they have to deal with Trump who is as far removed from their afternoon tea club as can be.

And what happens to their world if Wilders, Fillon, Le Pen or Beppe Grillo gain more political power in their respective countries. They want to normalize relations with Russia. Maybe they'll work with Trump to reduce the NATO footprint.

Babak Makkinejad

China will invade and occupy Taiwan in the event of Taiwan declaring independence from China.


Making sense of Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich, the author of the link.... I tried googling her since I had never heard of her before. Have not yet come across any reason to believe she knows what she is talking about in that article at the Saker's site. Not impressed by her analysis. Archetypally, Trump as a Loki figure does not make sense to me either. Loki is not a leader of men, or gods.



Yes I'm sure it'll turn out to be a militant Presbyterian as this is not at all like the Nice attack.

The cognitive dissonance of the Left never fails to amaze.


Babak you should probably put down your paper bag before you hyperventilate yourself into a syncopal episode about what the God Emperor might do.


Croesus to you, Tyler. Mind your manners.

Maybe some distraught Lutherans, financed by Episcopalians, but surely not Presbyterians. No self-respecting Presbyterian would have hijacked a truck w/ Polish registration.


Waiting until you have the facts is normal. To call that PC is a bit weird.

mike allen

It was probably meant as an insult because Loki traditionally was a shape-shifter, a trickster god, a mischievous god, a screamer of insults, a provocateur, a creator of quarrels and animosity.


That is distinct from US relations with Taiwan which is long and deep. President Eisenhower was mobbed during his visit to Taipei. One China is a sham in the context of the longstanding ties with Taiwan. All pretense. Who is being deceived? Not the governments.


Palantir has tracked Iranian weapons shipments, training, camps, etc.

In fact, Palantir seems to have an intense interest in Iran; tracking Iran has been the subject of several of the company's presentations over a period of nearly 5 years. I wonder if the CIA contractee devotes as much attention to Israel? Whaddya think, Tyler?

Surely they can fire up their mighty Wurlitzer and figure out where the truck was hijacked; who dropped off the hijacker; who left the dead man in the truck; who scooped up the live man and shepherded him to safety.
Presbyterians are busy setting up poinsettia trees and robing children's choirs just now; probably not Presbyterians.



This is a Shrill Language Police Free Zone.

Applying Occam's Razor tells me that its likely one of Mutti Merkel's Migrants up to their old hijinks.

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