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19 December 2016


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The Gulenist movement has emphasized cooptation of police and military. The killer's age of 22 makes him part of Gulen's favorite demographic of impressionable young men.
As an old friend was fond of saying, we shouldn't "jump to contusions", but Gulenist connections are possible, among others.
Russia will stay cool about this, more than many might. But they haven't run out of Polonium..

Hood Canal Gardner

I'm not chasing conspiracies..but best hope that the trail doesn't work its way back to O's dark side/Langley..if so then the shit will really be on.


Was he part of the security detail?


Putin will send them to God to sort out with no remorse whatsoever!


The Western media is trying to figure out how to spin this which is why Trump winning the electoral college and some expose on a Fox News bimbo is "news" right now.


As of 430pm CST, Donald Trump secured the Electoral College becoming the President of the United States of America.


First off, Erdogan declared that investigation into the shooting in Ankara will be conducted along, and in cooperation with Russian Security Services. If he really means it, and the Russians will hold him to his word, he will have to give access to all kinds of data bases and security personnel within Turkey, a NATO country with a lot of intersecting veins into security matters. Good luck to those in charge to cherry pick what they can give to the Russians, or to deny resources on any grounds, lest Putin hectors it over Mr. Erdogan. To me lately, in his press photos, his nose is taking some mysterious tones of burnt umber.


Albayim, this quote from you may put my last comment in context.
"The shit’s on, good buddy!”

Eric Newhill

TTG, Why is the shooter just walking around ranting and raving after killing the ambassador? Why are there no security personnel turning him into Swiss cheese? Is it SOP for Russian ambassadors to about in terrorist ridden Turkey with no security? I doubt it.

Maybe a set up by Turkish security and maybe the madman Erdogan himself.

Constantinople in the Spring. It's going to be wonderful to visit.


Latest, The manager of Russia's foreign ministry was found murdered in his Moscow apartment with gun shot wounds....
The shit is really on!!!


The Guardian somewhat surprisingly has the full text
After firing at the ambassador, the man shouted in Turkish: “Don’t forget Aleppo. Don’t forget Syria. Unless our towns are secure, you won’t enjoy security. Only death can take me from here. Everyone who is involved in this suffering will pay a price.”

He also shouted in Arabic: “We are the one who pledged allegiance to Muhammad, to wage jihad.”


Just to add on my Gray Bearded friends, Turkish so called security forces are a joke, they are all playing a movie part in the infamous Turkish hit movie "The Valley of the Wolves", Kurtlar Vadisi, all show and no substance, no real intelligence, both in metaphorical or literal sense, no real training, no leadership, an obsession with Gulenist plotters, distrust of anyone who doesn't have a beard or a scarf, anyone who reads the world opinion through a critical filter, and anyone who is not a "kul", servant of a master. The assassination of the Russian Ambassador was preventable, even the lowest mayor of the smallest town in Turkey has more security personnel around blocking the traffic in their self important armored cars, carrying Sigs they would more than likely shoot their own feet at home than would be assassins. You gotta see these guys, what total jokes.


Watching Russian RT: There are several way to receive their TV channel in the US, including in the Washington area: Go to the Official Site for RT, which also has up to the minute news and carries video of their shows as does their YouTube channel. Under "shows" at the top, there is a drop down menu to select where you live and it lists if and how it is carried. Around here it is on Dish, Comcast, Verizon Fios and others.


Someone set him up, start by excluding those who did not, or would not, if you can please, as I did to a question by a friend. Then why, and who benefits, and why now and in context to all that's going around. As we speak.

Appears that they killed him eventually, but not before the Ambassador bled to death. They could have taken him alive, right there and then . That adds more to the mystery. Now its open to all kinds of spin and fabrication as to who and why.


Utterly fascinated by MSM coverage of the "assassination" on my TV. They immediately cite the gunman's motivation, citing Aleppo:cut directly to scenes of devastated aleppo, the green buses.. Can you imagine coverage of Nice or today's Berlin immediately being followed by "the attacker cited the devastation of Mosul as as the motive...". Flabbergasting


At least in the early modern Ottoman period of the great sultans, the kuls were legally "slaves."

Hal Canton

Carpet bomb Idlib. With vacuum bombs. And any Turks and Turkish military assets inside of Syria are fair game. What's the Western media going to do, say Russia is committing genocide and slaughtering innocents. That's been the coverage the last 4 weeks 24/7. Russia should use this now 100% saturation propaganda point of all Western media propaganda as cover to do some real wicked sh!t on the jihadis and their supportive families.


I wonder if this has anything to do with the news yesterday that 14 people from the coalition were picked up in East Aleppo.

Eric Newhill

I would think that the gunman should have been cut down before he even got off a shot, but most certainly by the third or fourth round fired.

This stinks to high heaven.

The Twisted Genius

Eric Newhill,

I wondered about the lack of armed response from either Turkish or Russian Embassy security. Maybe the Russians do things differently and Karlov considered being surrounded by armed guards as a lack of courage. I've seen that attitude in action and, frankly, I admire it. As for Turkish security, I saw a video showing one chubby armed Turk in uniform stumbling around in front of the gallery not knowing what to do. Doesn't inspire much confidence in their capabilities.


I wonder if the Guardian always publishes the slogans of murderers? They sure managed to all the words down, punctuation and all!

Eric Newhill

TTG, I guess I can see that too. Maybe. Will be interesting to follow Russian news releases on this.

The Twisted Genius


It was all caught on film. All it needed was transcription.


If you watch the footage, the attacker stands behind the ambassador when he gives his speech, seemingly acting like security detail. Twitter circulates documents alleging he was not in fact let go, but a serving officer. No idea about credibility of all this, may be ruse, but something here seems odd to say the least. As is the immediate government reaction to tie him to the Gulen movement (well that's not odd, just fishy). Whatever is going on there, the Turkish stance on supporting Jihadists may finally come around to bite them in the ass big time...

Ishmael Zechariah

The "security services" of tayyip-the-lesser have more holes than Swiss cheese, and have been thoroughly infiltrated by various IS. The inability of the islamists klepts to govern a modern country is becoming more obvious every day. It is my hope that, one day soon, the common man in Turkey will also understand this simple fact.
Be safe.
Ishmael Zechariah

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