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17 December 2016


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mike allen

A white-bearded Mosuli gives his sword to the Commander of the Iraqi CTS. Is this a matter of respect or a formal surrender by a tribal elder?



Babak during our elementary school ( shah' time) we were told lion is Imam Ali , sword is zolfaghar his sword, sun was Islam coming up lightning the universe, red was resistance to hostilities,( defense with blood) white was peace in center and back ground of sun, and green was color of Islam which was the religion of Iran. But Mary Boyce in her researched history of Zoroastrian, believes many of this symbols are related to pre Islamic period.

The Beaver

Oh oh The Syrian Ambassador at the UN has listed all the names today during an UNSC session

mike allen

Kooshy & Babak -

Thank you for the response. Interesting on the colors and the history.

But I thought MKO was a Marxist organization. And that they played an active part in the downfall of the Shah. They supported Ayatollah Khomeini until 1981. So why would they wave a monarchist flag?

I suspect the flag belonged to a supporter of the Iran National Council:



Mike- here, you can pick your own favorite national council of iran in exile there are many,

National Council of Resistance of Iran

National Council of Iran

The National Iranian American Council (NIAC)

As for questions on MKO, I think best is to ask Rudy Giuliani,Newt Gingrich, Howard Dean, and others.


Mike here is one more i missed in case you didn't like any earlier one.

National Resistance Movement of Iran


Mike, there are the flags in Paris

"Joint Demonstration by the Syrian Opposition and the Iranian Resistance in Paris"

As Iranians say, sum of these, wouldn't add up to an underwear for Fati

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