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26 December 2016


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Yep, Gnadenschuss.

Genade is gnaden in Dutch

Expect Turkey to come with real proof about the US supporting ISIS (around 2013 they likely did, lateri think/hope not)

different clue

Babak Makkinejad,

Well . . . if the legitimate SAR government ends up winning . . . or at least viably surviving in a powerful way . . . that would be one large difference from the Spanish Civil War right there.

The Francoist victory ENcouraged the Fascist and Nazi forces of that time. A jihadoterrorist defeat in Syria would DIScourage the WesterBorg, the Global Axis of Jihad and the Cannibal Liver Eating Jihadis of today.

Ishmael Zechariah

This is izzie propoganda being peddled as "fact". It will find few takers. (mainly) Iranian rocket artillery, transported across Syria and deployed by Nasrallah & Co. is the main issue concerning izzies. It is reported to be a comprehensive arsenal. They have no way of neutralizing it w/out unacceptable pain. Thus, they would like to deploy US forces- an unlikely scenario, especially w/ Trump being the president-elect.

All; Russians do not permit Turkish air to operate in Syria. Exceptions are granted on a case by case basis. If that changes,and I do not expect it to change in the next few months- it will be a sign of interesting developments. FYI, TSK is not interested in bleeding for tayyip's glory. Their current mission is dealing with Borg proxies across a broad spectrum and prevent the partitioning of Turkey along the Clean Break/PNAC lines.

Ishmael Zechariah

Babak Makkinejad

The author, doubtlessly the cream of Spanish intellectuals - is a Catalan, affiliated with another radical party there.

I agree that he is an uninformed fool; did someone pay him to write this article?

Or is he just the usual Extreme Liberal Fantasist?

Hard to say.

He is careful not to say that he is against Shia Islam or Islam in general - but he is; like so many other people in Spain who know nothing about the World of Islam since the Reconquest.

William Fitzgerald

I haven't peeked at the Turn 3 ending Sit.

On 13JAN Tiger Forces/Desert Hawks Task Force disengages, loads tracked vehicles on transporters and moves back to Aleppo.

The Syrian Marine Force Task Group will on 13JAN attack along route 56 to secure the border crossing at Haram.

5th Assault Corps will attack on 13 JAN from the vicinity of Idlib along route 60 to secure road junctions at Sarmada and Tal Abarama, supported by artillery and helicopter gunships based at Taftanz.

On 15JAN 106th Guards Airborne Division minus elements at Taftanz will be airlifted to Aleppo Airport.

On 16JAN Tiger Forces Task Group attacks toward Al Bab and occupies the town on 18JAN.

On 18JAN Idlib Governate is declared liberated. Rebel remnants are surrendering or attempting to flee to Turkey. Al Bab is in SAA control and preparations are under way to attack through Manbij ot the Euphrates. Intensive negotiations with Turkey and Kurdish factions start with the aim of re-establishing SAG sovereignty in the area. The new American administration will, on 20JAN, be required to deal with these facts on the ground.

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