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18 December 2016


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Syrian 5th corps forces move attacking ISIS forces in the East Ghouta pocket. Heavy Air attacks in Idlib area to support surrounded Shia villages. Called up reserves relieve units in rear areas and along the Jordanian border which move in to Aleppo area replacing front line units which have beaten Al-Nursa and FSA unicorns in the city. Additional Air units seen arriving in Latakia. Russian Airborne forces have holiday leaves cancelled though the location of their possible deployment is unknown.
Kurds: YPG units attack towards Al -Safsafah in an effort to size the Al Tabaqa Dam.
Iraq/US USAF in coordination with R+6 actively attacks ISIS targets of opportunity in Rakka. Iraqi efforts in Mosul bogged down with Iraqi forces suffering heavy losses which are not reported in MSM.
ISIS : Al-nusra forces will attack the Shia villages in force breaking another structured deal they made with Iran since their humiliating defeat in Aleppo and the Western press will be silent.
Terror front: Terror attacks in Berlin, Cologne and Reims. Attacks in Brussels and Rome thwarted by effective police actions. Gloomy New Year’s celebration in NYC as heavy police presence, rain and the realization of Trump’s victory sinks in.
Turkey: Erdogan engages in further crackdown blaming unrest on Gulenist support. No overt attacks against Kurdish forces though no let up in the flow of supplies to ISIS forces via open border crossings.
Israel – ceases cross-border support of unicorns in effort to gain favor with incoming Trump administration.

Political News Front
The ongoing I.O operations to de-legitimize Trump begins to slow down as polls reveal more than 75% of Americans do not think Russian hacking influenced the election. Due to recent terror attacks and assassination of Ambassador Karlov US public opinion shifts towards ending US involvement in Syria and a focus on destroying the terrorists. Rumors of pardons for aides to Hilary Clinton over the private email server spark outrage among the Republicans that make little new with the legislature being on holiday. Lack of MSM news reports show “All Quite on the Ukrainian Front. “
Russian media shows extended Christmas Special broadcasts of Russian Aerospace forces in action in Syria and reports on retaliatory strikes against ISIS in response to the assassination of the Ambassador Karlov.


Erdogan secures Russian guarantee not to interfere with tightening of the siege of Al Bab, and its eventual capture by the Free Syrian Army backed by Turkish ground and air forces and long range artillery from across the border. Al Bab falls.

Erdogan makes himself conqueror of Syria ahead of the constitutional change, and seals his presidency for life.

In return, Erdogan leaves Russian and Assad forces alone for the anticipated drive to Idlib. Works on similar agreement with US and EU to take Manbij, therefore preventing Syrian Kurds from joining forces with Kurdish forces in the west. Concedes to Russians to really stop aiding and assisting sundry Al Kaida types from across the border.

2017 marks the beginning of the unraveling of ISIS as a fighting force across Syria and Iraq.

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