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26 December 2016


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Assad is winning the propaganda war this holy season. Positive multi religious imaging. A great tonic for the depressive mood bought on by the steady diet of tortures put on by those some call the Takfiris. That the Orthodox Patriarch led the Mass in Aleppo can not but please the Russians. There is such a thing as World Opinion. The Swamp Dwellers had better take that into account.
Merry Christmas all.


More good pics here... plus some from Iraq... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4065178/Christmas-Aleppo-Worshippers-cram-cathedral-destroyed-rocket-fire-December-25-mass-five-years-Assad-wife-meet-orphans-Christian-convent.html

Russians, Syrians find mass graves, booby traps as they sweep Aleppo http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/nationworld/ct-aleppo-mass-graves-20161226-story.html


Like it or not,propaganda or not, if this war was won by whom "some call the Takfiris" you won't see this pictures. I am glad the side that has won the war so far is more tolerant than the KSA' US supported Takfiris. These are a lot better picture than pictures of beheading a 12 Year old.


Christmas in Damascus this year earlier in december:

Assad visits an orphanage at a Christian monastery:


So the Trib picked that up, huh? Guess they didn't get the memo.



Whether or not you like the Syrian government it WAS ALWAYS multi-confessional and protector of minorities. pl



They should have all been killed. Now those who use these monsters will use them in Europe as revenge for UN deals they don't like.

far from putting these savages into their own mass grave, President Assad has offered amnesty to those who forsake violence in a move which can only be described as overly humane at best. ‘Naïve’ is the word I prefer.




Col. Lang,

I recall the Saddam Hussein and Assad have Palestinians sanctuary too.


Yes Colonel, I fully agree,and that's why I am glad to see this pictures on this SST post. Colonel IMO, Takfiris, Jihadis are all the same, there is no "So Called" about it.

Babak Makkinejad

Christian Iraqis lived well under Saddam; they liked him. When his government was destroyed, their world was destroyed as well.

In Poland, Hungary, USSR, and Spain, the dictators well good for Jews.

Even Mussolini, I suspect, would have likely continued to protect Italian Jews had he not foolishly decided to join the "Winning Side".

mike allen

Erdogan's Christmas:


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