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11 December 2016


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The Porkchop Express

How much of this is sour grapes? Is this a question of wanting Hillary so badly as to rile up the Democrats to the point where violence against Trump/Rs is acceptable? Or is it more a question of trying to hamstring his administration before it starts as a way of paying back McConnell and the Rs for what they did to Obama? Do the Dems have dirt on the IC community/CIA or vice versa? It seems like they're really playing with fire here considering how agitated the population is/was about the election. What is the end game?

Whatever the reasons for these stories, it certainly is doing nothing in terms of rebuilding civic trust amongst the population and amongst the population and our institutions. And the media has much to account for in this regard--particularly since egregiously crossing the Rubicon of outright propaganda in 2003. If there is definitive proof, publicize it. If not, stop this madness.

Sam Peralta

Col. Lang

I don't know why folks have their panties in a wad in the claims by Robbie Mook and Brennan and the WaPo editors that the Russians hacked the DNC and Podesta's emails to swing the election to Trump.

Why should we trust any of these people and the institutions that they run? We know how Tenet's "slam dunk" turned out on Iraq's WMD claim. We know that Clapper lied under oath with respect to mass surveillance. We also know that the MSM and the establishment of both parties were in the tank for the Borg Queen during the lead up to election day. We're supposed to trust Lindsey Graham and McCain on the matter of Russian hacking?

The Democrats instead of self-reflecting on why they rigged their primary to steal the nomination from the candidate that could have won the general election are mired in conspiracy theories. It's will not help them. They should ask themselves why their supposed sure thing Borg Queen under-performed by millions of votes relative to the Chocolate Messiah. They should be taking seriously the contents of the emails that have not been refuted and cleaning house. Does anyone believe they'll do that? Do they instead epitomize the Borg party?


Some folks are still predicting that Trump will not be President come January 20...?

Chris Chuba

It is incredible that there are people who are willing to blow up the building for partisan reasons. These reports, even if they are false, might be enough to derail Trump appointments if they are perceived as being pro-Russian, especially since McCain and Graham will join with the Democrats.

The heart of the new allegations is that the CIA is claiming that the RNC was hacked by the Russians but their emails were not leaked and therefore the Russians worked to have Trump win the election. The RNC communications director vehemently denies that they were hacked, as does the FBI.

Trump can do a lot to defuse tensions with Russia.
1. Release satellite data we have about MH17. I don't see why this has been withheld.
2. Document the amount of aid we have given anti-Assad rebels to eliminate the 'we did nothing' meme.
3. Release dissenting opinion from our Intelligence regarding the Ghouta chemical weapons attack.
4. Educate himself on classified material to strengthen his resolve even he keeps it under his hat (which he should).

different clue

The Porkchop Express,

There may be an element of payback-joy in it for any Dem connected operatives who are connected with all this Russia-diddit fake theory and all the downstream MSM fake news flowing from it. But I don't think "payback for McConnell" is the primary motive.

I think the primary motive is to preserve the OverClass's narrative and agenda of Cold War 2.0 with Russia and supporting the Globally Organized Axis of Jihad ( the GOAJ) and the Cannibal Liver Eating Jihadis ( the CLEJ). All the Davos/Bilderberg/Bohemian Grovers who own and run the Clintobamacrats and the Country Club-Wall Street Republicans are marshalling all their officeholders to pre-weaken Trump enough that he can't re-normalize relations with Russia, so that he can't end support for the GOAJ and the CLEJ, and so that he can't reject the pending Trade Treason Agreements.

I am also seeing some of the commenters over at Naked Capitalism speculating that the Putin-diddit narrative pushers are trying to prepare the mass social brainscape for a set-aside of Trump's election to save us from " the Russian coup" against Clinton and the election.


OT, but ISIS has taken Palmyra... Apparently this attack was very well planned and organized, with little indication of how large an attack this was. Much detail on this at Cassad.

The Porkchop Express

I can see it. And I certainly appreciate the sentiment, and it may be more on target than not. It just seems too fantastically conspiratorial. The simplest explanation that crossed my mind was payback. But there's always the possibility that whenever those with power or money are embarrassed, they simply cannot take responsibility for fucking up to begin with. A litany of excuses generally come tumbling out to cover for their own inherent or perceived weaknesses. Which are fairly understandable given human nature, and particularly politicos who lack honor or integrity. But, then again, that presupposes the Clintons'/media wielding an inordinate amount of power over our polity, which leads into more circular conspiratorial explanations.

To what end is there a benefit of another Cold War with Russia--with the exception of possibly papering over an impending or realized financial calamity that seems on the horizon (brought on by the same political class, no doubt)? Money for defense contractors, intelligence budgets? That seems like a lot of detrimental effort to the benefit of a small few. Even still, I do not understand the "Russia is an existential evil that must be subjugated at all costs" narrative. The hatred for the Russia borders on weird and for our political class, pathological. The Russians aren't exactly angels but the inability to drop the Cold War (anti Bolshevik?) irascibility baffles me to no end. If anyone has a theory on the present justification for Western antipathy towards Russia, I'd be happy to hear it. I cannot for the life of me figure it out. Are our leaders so blinded by hubris and so obsessed with global domination that it is necessary that we view Russia as the devil incarnate and not simply a competitive power fighting for its interests?


Mr. Peralta,
I agreed in large part with your comment, but I must say, when I encountered your use of "the Chocolate Messiah" to refer to the POTUS, I switched off completely. I should not need to announce that I am not a "person of color," but I will. I am a simple color-blind American despite my handle.


Thanks for this info! It has always made more sense that a disgruntled insider was the leaker.

Larry Johnson has a couple of recent posts worth reading...

Unraveling the Russian Hack Conspiracy Propaganda–DOUBLE UPDATE http://www.noquarterusa.net/blog/79458/unraveling-russian-hack-conspiracy-propaganda/

Washington Post Fake News and CIA Spin http://www.noquarterusa.net/blog/79460/washington-post-fake-news-cia-spin/


5000 CLEJs paraded all the way from Mossoul and Idlib in the desert using open top Toyotas, guns blazing, under the watchful eyes of drones, fighter aircraft and many other overhead gear....all the way to Palmyra and took it in 48 hours, but no one saw this coming and no one mowed those bastards with warhogs or other platforms....???
Something is quite fishy and doesn't add up here....

r whitman

This story smells of the latest spate of Fake News that seems to afflict us!


What is the chain of command inthat scenario?

Does the oval office get filled by congressional vote/appointment?


Michael Weiss is elated that ISIS is in Palmira: http://www.thedailybeast.com/contributors/michael-weiss.html
His pro-Israel activities have been already noticed: "Pro-Israel neocon hawk Michael Weiss brags, in a new piece in Foreign Affairs Magazine, that he has drafted a blueprint adopted by the Syrian opposition, which includes a call for foreign military intervention:" https://www.richardsilverstein.com/2012/01/12/michael-weiss-pro-israel-neocon-authors-blueprint-for-western-military-intervention-in-syria-approved-by-syrian-ex-pats/
Weiss is a senior editor at The Daily Beast..." "The Beast is owned by IAC/InterActiveCorp of New York City, with Joey Levin serving as its CEO. The website is so "inside," and not in a complimentary way, that it has Chelsea Clinton on its board of directors. What could be wrong with a web publication tied by family links to the infamous Herbert Hoover and past president "Slick Willy" Clinton and his wife, the coronation-hungry Hillary Rodham Clinton." http://www.waynemadsenreport.com/articles/20160228/print


It's a phrase that accurately sums up liberal attitudes toward Obama - his black identity was a panacea for all the issues they alleged faced America.


Re Double Update WAPO quote "The CIA has concluded in a secret assessment that Russia intervened in the 2016 election to help Donald Trump win the presidency, rather than just to undermine confidence in the U.S. electoral system, according to officials briefed on the matter."

And it would be hard to wager if news media or DNC intervened even more for the same result? All of that free DT media attention with WAPO leading charge against Sen Sanders (see WallStreetOnParade chronicles), and DNC refusing to accept 12 pt margin spread estimates in a Sanders-Trump contest.


Its suspicious they launch a major assault right when loyalist forces are about to break the back of the opposition



Nice to see someone else using Chocolate Messiah. Don't let em language police you.


It does appear that the foundation of the "secret assessment" is the noise that emanated from the MSM and the DNC last summer.


"Murray says the CIA is spreading the idea that the FBI is conspiring to conceal Russian interference in the 2016 elections."

Stupidity is the gift that keeps on giving. This reminds me of Joe McCarthy trying to snag the Army in his witch hunt. Somebody is going to come out looking very, very bad.

Edward Amame

I'm withholding judgement until some sort of official report is issued (and discussed), but that was a REALLY interesting read. The idea that the material was leaked by a disillusioned insider does not sound at all far-fetched. Certainly no more so than the idea that the emails were hacked by Russians (and not necessarily on the gov't payroll).

Also interesting was the first reader comment by Madeleine Love who suggests that Murray is not without an agenda.

robt willmann


Read Article 2, section 1 of the U.S. constitution about selecting the president. The third paragraph has been changed by the 12th Amendment to the constitution, and the sixth paragraph was changed by the 25th amendment--


The 12th, 20th, and 25th amendments apply and can be read here; part of the 12th amendment was changed by section 3 of the 20th amendment--



How tantalizing that Craig Murray announces he knows who the leaker is. So, without actually revealing the identity of said leaker, presumably to keep him/her alive, the key nugget steps past the question of leak vs. hostile takeover of information, thus assuming the assumption.

I agree that the inside job is more likely than a Russian cybertheft, but absent smoking gun I take this, however attractive idea, with a spoonful of salt. Why would Mr. Murray put himself at risk?


Wag the Dog https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-FXkj-r9Mc


apparently the weather was very bad, with heavy mist.


It cheapens your argument, which I agree with most, when you use the "Chocolate Messiah" language. It is distasteful, to say the least.

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