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05 December 2016


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Southfront are proposing Kerry's flurry of activity is an attempt to extricate US operatives before they're caught and paraded before the world as evidence of Uncle Sam conniving with Al Qaeda.



I have forwarded the link to the article to the superintendent of VMI (my classmate) asking him if this is true. BTW, for out of state cadets the cost/year is over 40K. pl


In regards to the video, is anyone familiar with or have a guess as to the rifle modification or rifle type seen used at the 0.44 mark? Barrel Shroud?


turcopolier wrote: 'They won't have too after Hizbullah's rocket and missile troops reduce the northern half of Israel to rubble.'

Do you really think this is possible at this point in time? Doesn't this mean the Israelis will eventually be forced to accept some kind of peace treaty?


Depends what you mean. The syrian military will have been involved in an enormous live fire exercise. So have Hezbollah. Their future army might be smaller but it will be battle hardened and have access to significantly better air defense.

As for the economy, well maybe you are right. But I wouldn't discount china's desire to diversify it's energy sources. Most of its existing sources will cease selling to them if the Americans were to request it.


Even in 2006 I thought Hezbollah would eviscerate the IDF in a ground fight.


China, Russia, Iran. Gulf Arabs will be on a hook for $200B or more in reparations. Syria will be leaner and meaner country. In 10 years or less Syrian Army will be laying waste to the cities of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and UAE. Payback is coming.


I was very surprised that most of them weren't wearing helmets. Since they are the elite forces of the SAA, I assume this is by choice?

Maybe not. The head of this combat engineer unit says he started the war with 200 engineers and now he's down to 16. This is a really good video, imho, of the unit finding stocks of chemicals and rockets (that made my chemist fiance cringe, they're so dangerous) in a gdamn school the rebels used as a base in E Aleppo. I've been watching this gutsy young journalist, Lizzie Phelan, as she reports from the war zone in recent months.


The USA is joined at the hip with the gulfies by the Petrodollar trade arrangements. US ability to conduct policy in a rational manner (like acting against the underpinnings of terrorism in the Islamic world) will be severely hobbled until that changes.


Reminds me of this guy.



The rate of collapse in Aleppo seems to be making it moot. The Jihadis' entire eastern perimeter is gone.



Hadn't thought about it, but it makes sense that India would have an interest in strengthening the Iran-Lebanon arc to keep Pakistan from getting any funny ideas.


A recent article on the situation in Aleppo (seems like remaining headchoppers are less than desperate to pick up the celestial virgins):



GCP Hizbullah is an independent Lebanese Shia force with a huge pre-positioned cache of missiles and artillery rockets in dug in bunkers. In front of these is a fortified belt of Hizbullah infantry complete with tank kill boxes armed with anti-tank missiles and minefields, This screen has reinforced concrete fighting positions with telephone commo in buried armored cable. The troops have body armor, gas masks and night vision equipment. What part of this don't you understand? The IDF has tried to for years to solve the riddle of how to disable all that firepower. They have never been able to figure out how to do it before Hizbullah salvos into Israel. Should this lead to peace? Yes, but it won't because the Israelis persist in seeing the Arab goyim as people to be dominated. pl



They're trying to negotiate through Turkey to be rescued. Orders were given and followed to kill anyone - civilians who tried to cross the border into Turkey so Hell No. Jail or the grave.





Thirdeye et al

I had not thought enough. India is likely to be a source of capital for re-construction. Maybe they could make Farid Zakariyah head of their Aleppo office. anybody here been to downtown Beirut lately? pl



I would rather kill them. pl


Leith Fadel is reporting that all of the Old City has now been liberated.



Al Hamdu Lillah! or Deus lo vault! pl


Sir, you are behind the times. That oily character's father used to be a bigwig in the Congress party. We have a new dispensation now.




80% is wages and 10% is land. Russia & China don't need to pay for those. It is still an ungodly number but it is a lot less than it seems.


TTG, I like most of what you report and your analysis and highly value your obvious experience and expertise. But in the video, I still see the typical middle east soldier macho driven stupidity of jumping out into the middle of a street and firing wildly, many times from the hip, (literally) or in any case, not even aiming. And so base on just this video, I have to conclude that while they may be more effective man-for-man than the terrorists, they are still not very well trained. I realize this is just one particular video however.



If the man wants to kill himself, that is one fool less. The rest look a lot better and quite effective. Look what they have done in the last week!. pl

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