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05 December 2016


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Former 11B

Yep. Good fire control. Nice moves into mutually supporting positions. Syria comes out of this way stronger and nobody's bitch. Foggy Bottom did not get its promised warm fuzzies. Look for some gnashing of teeth and screeching of harpies, then a nice time out for the borgatude.

The Twisted Genius

I'm impressed by the lightness of the soldiers' loads. They rely on speed, maneuver and available cover rather than body armor and helmets. Could our infantry ever go back to not having that kind of personal protection?


On the other side of the coin we have the performance of the Iraqi army to compare to.Some refreshingly lucid reporting of the nightmare that the Mosul op is fast becoming
“When we started, we were talking weeks,” said Hussein. “Now, we hope it will be by early in the new year. But these guys are not cowards. They kill as easy as they breathe.”
Some however concede that they could still be fighting in Mosul’s tunnels and alleyways as late as next summer.
Two senior officers stood nearby, in immaculately pressed uniforms. “Don’t take too many pictures of the damage,” one of them asked. “We would prefer people didn’t see that.”


Colonel, yes nothing like it in entire Arab world, never was. My guess is Russia and Iran will make the new SAA plus Hizbollah and the Iraqi Hasheds to a regional strategic defense force. A Western Asiaan defense force.



Is it a civil war in Syria or an armed invasion of Syria by jihadists financed, armed and supported by US, EU, Turkey, Saudi and Qatar?


"Syria comes out of this way stronger"

Sure, the surviving force will be incredibly battle-hardened, experienced, proficient with its weaponry, and knowledgeable about many kinds of fighting in various conditions (urban, rural, desert; with and without armour; with and without air support; mobile war and drawn-out sieges).

However, Syria will not come out stronger, I am afraid, but instead exhausted, economically devastated, socially ripped apart, and militarily bled white -- excluding Lebanese, Iranians and Russians, Syrian government forces and associated militias already count between 100000 and 150000 fatalities.



Nah! Countries re-build quickly. I lived in a badly destroyed West Germany 1947-49. Look at the place now. pl



Call it what you like. how about the War of Stupid Aggression? pl



We definitely need to do something to lighten the soldier's load. I know a young Marine who just got out because of the soldier's load. He was an 81mm mortar man. Who knows what the loads for the base plate men were. My friend did combat tours in Iraq & Afganistan. Loved the Corps. Was a Sgt, squad leader; but, was told that his spine was compressing & deteriorating because of the load.

My battalion in VN were true light infantry. When in the mountains we patrolled in soft covers without body armor. We could move fast & maneuver. I remember one battalion heloed in to replace us was loaded so heavily that they could barely walk off of the helos. No way that they could hump the hills. When in places like Con Tien with artillery, rocket & mortar fire, we'd wear helmets & flak jackets.

My experience is if you overload the infantry in combat they will simply discard what they don't consider combat essential. What they carry by their choice is not going to be the published prescribed load. Marines will carry lots of Ammo & plenty of water. I always thought that the studies conducted to determine the soldiers combat load should be done in combat. The soldiers will let you know what is essential.


Who will provide the equivalent of a Marshall plan and of a London agreement to Syria when the war is over?

Daniel Nicolas

Perhaps just a pipedream, but I would love for USA to realign from Saudi to Syria over the next few years. Attitudes about Israel and Iran probably won't change, but I think we should step forward in doing what we can to encourage the rebuilding and investment into Syria. Our government directly and indirectly spent the last near decade funding and supplying the terrorist groups in the area. The right thing to do would admit that misguided and incorrect actions of the past governments, and then actively work with Syria and Russia to destroy the terrorists so the Syrian people can return home and rebuild their country.


I think the real question is, would they (the Syrians) wear the armor if they had access to it?

Armor is a great thing if the most important part is getting back in one piece. If the main goal is winning, then troops start making more complex decisions about protection vs maneuverability and stamina.

Our troops, in another country, at the end a long supply line, and with a non-warzone homeland, would argue vehemently for armor. I would support them wholeheartedly in this decision.

The Syrians, fighting in their war-torn homeland, would have a different set of basic assumptions to address. I would venture a guess that these guys are going for the win.



Russia and China. pl

Outrage Beyond

SAA the new toughest guys in the region? I'll agree when they take back the Golan Heights.




Outrage Beyond

They won't have too after Hizbullah's rocket and missile troops reduce the northern half of Israel to rubble. pl



I am curious about the officer(?)who casually strolls out into the street, seemingly unarmed with handset (?) in hand. pl

The Twisted Genius

At one time, Marine platoon commanders were armed with pistols rather than rifles. The theory was that they were supposed to concentrate on leading the platoon rather than shooting at the enemy. I have no idea how that worked out in practice. Maybe one of our Jarheads can enlighten us. Perhaps this SAA soldier is operating under the same theory armed with nothing but his handset and a pair of brass balls. Or he could be a crew member of the tank he appears to be guiding.


Thank you for bringing a human face into the light. It was quite moving to see the soldiers praying and crying after the assault. All the bullshit and fake propaganda of the MSM and the White Helmets cannot hold a candle to the reliable ongoing information and insights I get from this sight. This has been my go-to site for more detailed information about the war and the different players. This help greatly in forming a better picture of the actions taken and the resulting consequences. Thanks again.


"...I would love for USA to realign from Saudi to Syria..." Just imagine a deafening squealing of Israel-firsters in response to this sane idea.


Russians are finally speaking about the US-supported "moderate jihadis:" http://thesaker.is/a-not-so-subtle-threat-from-the-russian-military-the-allies-better-pay-attention/


It seems that, similar to Israel, the US prefers ISIS to a sovereign state of Syria: "Congress has banned military cooperation between the U.S. and Russia:" "The house of representatives of the United States Congress approved Friday, December 2 project the defense budget for 2017, which, in particular, imposes a ban on military cooperation with Russia. The document was supported by 375 congressmen voted against 34." https://latestnewsresource.com/en/news/breaking-news-kongressmeny-zapretili-voennoe-sotrudnichestvo-ssha-s-rossiej http://www.voltairenet.org/article194344.html

FB Ali

Yes, that is a handset he has in his hand. The person behind him is the operator carrying the field radio to which the handset is connected.

Presumably he is the officer commanding the troops who are doing the fighting - and the advancing. As professional as they are.


Colonel, he could be the officer who calls in for air support


The Russians must be learning alot too, especially when it comes to air support and long range deployment.

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