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15 December 2016


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National Socialist, Jack. I mean that in the generic use of the term.


Are you aware that the European Council of Foreign Relations is a newcomer among think thanks on the scene?

"foreign powers could collude to destabilise". No doubt. How many get the "could", and what is the Daily Mail's interest with this snippet?



Interests activity:

I guess, were I British, I would avoid the paper.


Jonst & PA

I used the "candidate from the right is more socialist" more tongue in cheek.

Marine Le Pen is interesting. She pushed over her Dad to take control of the party. He made far to many statements that were deemed anti-Semitic. What I find interesting about her is not her anti-immigration stance but her euro-skepticism. She has stated that if elected she'll have referendum on whether France should retain the Euro. If France exits that is the end of the EU bloc.

She like Fillon also want better relations with Russia. Where the two diverge is in economic policy. Fillon prefering a more capitalist framework whereas Le Pen prefers a more "managed" trade environment.

It will be difficult for her to win considering that in the second round the entire establishment will back her opponent who is likely to be Fillon.


Fillon is that Thatcher of France only in the propaganda. He was the doormat of Sarkozy. To be a Thatcher, you need a backbone, even if those policies were the right solution, which is doubtful.


I don't think so. Did you know the FN only has one député, and two senators? Even if she wins, she'll be powerless.


Since the Zbig is fairly smart, crafty as all hell, as devious as they come and does not seem foolish nor glib and inarticulate during interviews ....... Mika must be the milkman's daughter.

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