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15 December 2016


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With Trump in power I think Marie Le Penn has a chance at winning the French election. At the very least she'll pull the centre right guy toward the (real) right.



MariNe Le Pen pl




It seems that "b" and SSTers can read a map and comprehend what happens when forces meet on a battlefield or in a campaign area.

Yes, I agree. In spite of several, some more basic struggles and disagreements with Bernhard. For whatever reason we sometimes even agree. ;)

Concerning maps, but not only that, for the militarily more handicapped members of SST, I appreciate:


works quite well, if not best with whatever favored Private Browsing and Anti-Banner you use. The fifth interface from the top helps to shift swiftly to the location you want. Might have helped Mika ... Like e.g, Aleppo or Palmyra.

I am still wondering about Lizzy Filan. Or for that matter why Lizzie Phelan as correspondent for RT surfaces with a US flag in Aleppo, though. ;)


richard rogers

Excellent analysis and forecasting on this site, and on MofA.

I just reread Patrick B's last piece on Aleppo for this site -- it holds up and was right.

different clue

One hopes that the R + 6 are eventually able to seal off the Turkish border so nothing can cross either way. One hopes that in the long run the R + 6 are able to prevent the GOAJ from saving any of their CLEJs or any of the CLEJ family members.


I cant help but wonder who are these bus drivers?!


SAA personal


It's remarkable, the same question has been bugging me since the first time I saw this option of negotiated departure via bus in Syria, which is in use for some time already.



Fillon is being touted as the Thatcher of France. His wife is Welsh. He wants to cut government spending, reduce the bureaucracy and lower taxes. France has languished under statist policies. I think he defeats Le Pen in the general election as even the socialists will back him. That will be a campaign worth following and maybe as entertaining as our recent one. The interesting element is the candidate from the right is more socialist.



Nassim Taleb of Black Swan fame has this great chart on Syrian "regime" vs Moderate Rebels.



There has been excellent detailed reporting about the Palmyra situation (daily+) at colonelcassad.livejournal.com (translation needed). One of yesterday's posts includes a lengthy eyewitness report by an SAA/militia soldier (apparently German) that had been posted in Arabic on FaceBook. This report provides a much clearer idea of what actually happened - including ISIS tactics, force levels on both sides, SAA/militia performance, etc. Some highlights were: ISIS beginning the assault with a suicide tank loaded with a huge amount of explosives to shock the defenders, Russians blowing the main ammo dump, half of the SAA force running, the other half fighting to then death to hold the city, etc. Also lot's of photos including many of equipment and arms/munitions captured by ISIS at the Russian base, etc. I would suggest this is a "must read" for those interested in more than the daily "map" view from SouthFront, etc.

This eyewitness report is at the end of yesterday's post "Fighting for Ties 14.12.16".


Colonel, today "b" has a analysis on the on going CIA electoral coup against the incoming legally elected President Trump. Base in what he wrote, this is more serious than what I casually heard a few days back. I recomend everbody read his post and call thier congressional reps. If true it should be stoped immediately by we the people.

Peter in Toronto

The numbers in this battle, and war in general, don't really make much sense to me... A city with close to a million inhabitants, surrounded by an army of nearly 100,000 Syrians and allies, and an unknown number of Jihadists estimated to be between 3,000-5,000, and the outcome of this "battle" is 900 deaths and 3,000 evacuated?

This simply tells me that there wasn't a battle, and only a very small fraction of that 100,000 Syrian force actually see any direct combat. This reminds me more like some sort of urban gang warfare, than any sort of military confrontation.

Let's put things into perspective. I've heard analogies to Stalingrad...

At the conclusion of the Battle of Stalingrad in 1942, a city of less than half a million residents, the Germans suffered 400,000 casualties, 200,000 Romanians, 130,000 Italians and 120,000 Hungarians perished as well. The Soviets lost well over a million men.

What the Arabs here are practicing is just their usual tribal warfare.


Just when we thought the propaganda couldn't get any more ridiculous, and EU think tank puts the cherry on top.



Hollande ? Who is this guy ? Ho, yes, the guy who was crying " Assad must go !
". A new trophy for Assad to come! ( Well, I joke, but fell ashamed for my country )

IMO the next objective for SAA will be Saraqib and then Jist al Shogur, to cut djihadist supply lines from Turkey,or maybe Karf Hamra,Adanan,Ad Dana and Samarda.After all victory in Aleppo was possible as soon as SAA regain control of Zahraa and Nubl.
Modern war is about logistic.



Well, I favor one thrust from SW Aleppo to Idlib and another to closure of Bab al-Hawa. pl


Peter in Toronto

"The performance of armies can only be judged in terms of their opponents." Quoting Churchill there. pl



It does not matter. Trump will be elected. pl


The 1st rule of info war is to accuse your enemies of the crimes you are planning to or have committed. Therefore...

Babak Makkinejad


EU supports Jihadists in Aleppo:



I too have wondered about that. Can you imagine driving a bus with a couple of dozen head choppers sitting behind you? I hope they are paid double time at least.


A French Thatcher? Mono-economy? Self-determination for Brittany in 30 years? Surely neo-liberalism has run its course?


Peter in Toronto,

My understanding is that the 3000 are fighters and family evacuated to Idlib, but tens of thousands of refugees who have no relationship to jihadi's were able to get to SAA controlled Aleppo. I do not recall the numbers, but a few minutes with google should suffice. IN any case there were nowhere near the 250,000 claimed as under siege by the Borg media.


Entities have been trying to seal that border for more than a millennium.

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