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08 December 2016


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I would rate that as highly speculative.

There was also a report from 21st September of a Calibur missile strike on some foreign "command post" at Aleppo (which Southfront has marked "unconfirmed"). Supposedly, 30 foreign intelligence officers died there.


They're real.



Apologies for all the posts, but something else came to my mind, I take pleasure in noticing patterns of MSM reporting as they relate to this conflict: I'm noticing this story being heavily picked up after DoD report today
"In the largest airstrike of its kind to date, the coalition destroyed a fleet of 168 Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant oil tanker trucks near Palmya, Syria"
Coincidences? Maybe it's nothing

Ken Roberts

Based on zero data, just a hunch re human nature ... it might be that the weaponry has already been supplied, and this is cover to authorize ex post facto -- waiting until coasts under the window of not needing to get congresional approval. So why not used to date? That is the fly in this hypothetical ointment. Just a thought.


Ken Roberts

MANPADS are not the determining thing that the neocon press are making them out to be. pl

Ken Roberts

Thanks for the info.


The September strike was at a village well to the west of Aleppo which I think is called Darat Issa, next to St. Simeon. A day or two later the Russians announced an archaeological mission to restore St Simeon (not actually possible, because currently in the territory of al-Nusra). I took that to be a confirmation that the strike had genuinely taken place, though whether western officers (including Israelis!) were really killed can't be known.

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