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08 December 2016


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"I did read that many Muslims in Germany are now converting to Christianity."

I think it's a hoax. But what happened is that many Turkish muslim immigrants into Neukölln "westernized" their islamic identities over the generations, though sometimes in strange ways, like not eating pork for religious reasons, but boozing in the evening like the Germans.


Such statistics is verboten (yes) to gather in Sweden since 3 years. Statistics up to that point showed a 20-30 factor likelihood increase to be involved in violent crime and rape for non European immigrants (this includes the much less violent east Asians).
Recent analogous data point is that of all 41 assault rapes in Oslo over the last 3 years were committed by African or MENA perps.
"a common factor is the severe violence used"


English Outsider

I read at South Front, that "according to unconfirmed information, the attack was made by a member of the ‘Afghan movement’." Whether German TV said the men were Afghans I don't know.

But what I know is that these claims are utter nonsense. The guys who did the crime are unknown - that's why the police released the video to ask the public helping to identify them. At S+U-Bahnhof Hermannstraße - the location of the crime scene - nobody ever heard of an "Afghan movement" gang operating there. If there were an "Afghan" gang trying to operate there, I'm quite sure they would soon run into big trouble with the existing gangs already operating there.

For the gangs who operate there, and jealously defend it against any competition, have a look at this report in German from Emser Straße - which is crossing Hermannstraße directly above the subway station Hermannstraße:


I don't think some kind of unknown "Afghan movement" can take these Turkish-Kurdish-Arab guys out of power on what they see as their home turf.

Nancy K

He has been in Muslim countries, he speaks fluent Arabic and he is still alive.


Breitbart stick is writing for a-religious, non-elite right-wing-ers. They are in every country but the politics are different in every country so i would not use the same name or even most content so no, i don't think there is a chance for Breitbart in Germany but there is a chance for a site like Breitbart in Germany.


Nancy K

He speaks good Arabic? That is unusual for an Israeli Jew. How did that happen? pl



Under what conditions? Don't play semantics games with me. We both know he's safer walking through Cheyenne, WY than Khartoum, but man you love some diversity as long as you moral signal on the internet.

Nancy K

He studied it at the University of Jerusalem and worked under Zvi Zamir in the military. He is a linguist and speaks 8 languages, but is not able to use some of them much.


Nancy K

Ah, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem on Mt. Scopus. there are some excellent Arabic scholars there. So he must have been in IDF intelligence. I used to know quite a few of those guys. There were not very many of them. BTW there is a distinct Hebrew University accent in Arabic. pl



"So how many schoolgirls getting raped is acceptable...."

According to the left 1 in 5 is a-ok.

Nancy K

Of course I realize he and I and you would be safer walking through Cheyenne WY than Khartoum, although I have no desire to walk through Cheyenne, especially in the winter. Why do you always use extreme examples to make your point. I do prefer diversity in life, in the people I know, family members, literature, food, etc etc. Our family is diverse, we have 5 children, between them they are Hispanic, Korean, Jewish, and mixed European.
If you want to live a life surrounded only by people that look like you, have the same religion as you, think like you and agree with you, that is your choice. It is not mine.


I recommend Breibart's "journalists" ... refresher on how to properly cite their sources.

Might have to do with to with several factors, strictly.

But if I am honest and less 'balanced' I have to admit: I am sometimes a little suspicious too, if it isn't done deliberately, to open the road for purely emotional responses.

E.g. In the Jerusalem Post I watched such matters. Mind you that was about a Berlin institute, I am also quite familiar with. It got heavily mangled in translation. Meaning: if you aren't familiar with it. You'd probably give up googling it. More easy to cause immediate emotional responses in the comment sections???

I checked the distribution circles over here. Strictly it is funny: No sex, we are Germans. ;)

There is only one institutions active in this type of leisure activities in HH. There is another more interesting institution, that looks deeper then how we spend or spent our time. But they offer rarely stuff for headlines, attracting people. Although, they did in one special case.

Sorry, I didn't respond earlier. Curious troubles over here.


They are pretty close to our Junge Freiheit. Young Freedom, in case you are curious. The weekly was founded in Freiburg in one of the rather national sounding student fraternities in Freiburg. Of cause the old men of the fraternity sponsored the exercise. For much longer now they are close to Berlin in Potsdam.


I wouldn't be in the least surprised, if they already had established quite good contacts over here. Junge Freiheit on the issue, among others admittedly.


Daniel Pipes has a German site for quite a while, as has Huffington Post by now. I am sure there is space for Breitbart and they are quite welcome over here.


Nancy K

Your statement seems the very essence of "virtue signaling." pl


As yet fear of being thought racist does, for most, suppress the obvious question "Why?"

Shouldn't that be "how", and not "why"? Fact is, there was some type of crisis. An enormous peak in numbers lining up in Germany's neighbor states, Austria, for instance. Thus the 'why' and the statement was dictated by events.

The phrase has been much debated, over here too, but strictly it is futile. A high percentage by now argues, he fault was she didn't explain it better.

What should she have done? Close the borders, sent the military, shoot wildly into the crowds that gathered there at the time to make them go away, as suggested at by the "Alternative for Germany". The AfD started as a anti-Euro party, but after the founders got pushed out via an internal 'coup', if you like, jump-started from a relatively low basis into two digit gains on one issue: refugees.

I'll leave out Sarah Wagenknecht, if you don't mind. ... I dropped notes on her before. I am pretty sure. Yes, I have highly mixed feelings about her. Been watching her for many decades by now.

Nancy K

You could be right, I could do more, however it is not my intention to appear virtuous. I have tried to live my life as honestly as I can. When I first read your statement I felt taken back by it, but I can see how I could come across as sanctimonious to others on this site.

Babak Makkinejad

Those were, almost certainly, drug-deranged young men. Ban drugs and enforce that ban.

Babak Makkinejad

I am Beige.

Babak Makkinejad

You need to read about the Sack of Constantinople by the Catholics Christian Crusaders.

Likewise for what Mongols did to the cities of the Iranian Plateau and Berber Tribes to the cities and villages of North Africa.

Babak Makkinejad

"...kicked in the neck from behind..."

Used to be very common in the Middle East - as form of punishment as well as an everyday assault on religious minorities - for fun - for centuries.

Babak Makkinejad

Money will not solve your problems in Germany with the non-European and non-German immigrants; intermarriage is the only solution.

You need to encourage it by subsidizing such marriages.

How many centuries did it take for the Schwabians to be considered German?

["What is written at the bottom of beer cans in Schwabia? "Open from the other side."]

More so for Muslim immigrants into Germany.

This is not a matter opinion of one Babak Makkinejad, rather of empirical historical fact.

English Outsider

I should say in reply to Bandolero, sorry, all I know is what was on German TV. The link you were kind enough to post was informative though. Reminded me of accounts of gang life in some Swedish towns.

In reply to LeaNder, my comment above was not clearly written. I should have specified two "Why's", not one. I'll set them out:-

Why mass immigration in the first place? It can scarcely be claimed to have any humanitarian benefits. The reverse, in truth. Disruptive for all concerned, at times seriously dangerous for the refugees. No economic benefits, except for short term benefits for a few companies and those heavily outweighed by the long term social costs.

Cheap labour, they say. So was the slave trade. So was the indentured labour system that ran in tandem with the slave trade and then supplanted it. Except that this modern version of the slave trade no longer has any economic rationale. Stealing cheap unskilled labour from the third world is pointless given the increase in automation, further reduces wages and job opportunities for the unskilled labour force already here, and disrupts communities in the countries the refugees come from. Stealing skilled labour from the third world holds back development in their countries and unbalances training and the skilled economy in ours.

The second "Why" is perhaps more to the point in this thread. Why are we doing it like this?

First we destabilise the countries the refugees come from. Then we look on complacently as great numbers are killed in those countries. Some of the survivors then undertake perilous journeys with no certain destination. Those that make it get lectures on how to change their customs and preferably their way of dressing. Some get Teddy bears at the railway station as well.

That's one hell of a way of obtaining cheap labour. If it was me getting harvested in this way I might settle for the slave ship and do without the Teddy bear.

Those are the two "Why's" I had in mind in my first post. As yet, and it's several decades now, I've heard no answer to them.

English Outsider


I think i should be more honest. Right-wing populist is often racist. Problem is racism is local so if you say something racist that is not native you don't get the you-should-not-say-such-a-thing reaction but the he-is-loony reaction. And the racism in the US is simply really different than in Europe. See for example the way Indians and blacks are used in American and British tv-series

Keith Harbaugh

Or, to put it slightly differently,

Angela Merkel ist Merkel der Teufel!

Keith Harbaugh

Thanks, Bandolero, for your thorough examination of the issue.
Could I ask you about a related issue?
The German Christian Democratic Union is described as being "center-right".
Who am I to argue with that,
but I wonder,
why is there not any evident movement within that party
to depose Merkel as its leader,
and replace her with someone with a less anti-German immigration policy?

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