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08 December 2016


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Nancy K

Young white men also can be violent and murder people, remember Charleston, Columbine, Sandy Hook, Colorado. Some people regardless of ethnicity or religion or even gender lack basic humanity. The bible states that in the end times the love of many Will grow cold. It seems that our world is getting very cold, and I,m not referring to the climate.

Former 11B

You can go on and on all you want but the fact is if all adults consent it is none of your damn business. Period.
And if I remember correctly it was the moral majority right wingers who were so very keen to destroy actual freedom. And I am using the dictionary term so don't hand me any of that distorted Orwellian double speak. Freedom does NOT mean The ability for Monsanto to rape some third world country without restriction. Your unspoken but leaning into some kind of law against what Hans is doing gives you away. You would gladly start taking away freedom with wild abandon as long as you don't have any skin in the game.
Liberal and Conservative is a construct to keep us divided and stupid. Get past it.



Yeah we all know rapeugees are all scientist/doctors and not savages overrepresented in violent crimes.

Glad we have brave defenders of the Narrative like you around here

English Outsider

"Does anyone have an independent source for this video and the accompanying story -- preferably one with a non-sensationalistic reputation and not just a site that is relaying the Bild's account and video?"


Final sentence indicating that the video might possibly have been leaked from within the Police Force.

English Outsider



I am surprised at your racial comment about "young white men." IMO Arabs, Kurds and Turks are "white men." pl

Nancy K

I think you know who I was referring to, and none of those involved were Arabs, Kurds or Turks. They were Caucasian. I feel little need to be politically correct on this site, should I be?


Nancy K
How do you know who these men were? pl



As a Leftist, I understand statistics are not your friend.

If I said you are much more likely to get mauled by a pit bull than a golden retriever, you would retort BUT RETRIEVERS BITE PEOPLE TOO.

This is how facile you are.

Keith Harbaugh

"failed youth policies"
Enough with blaming anyone but the perpetrators.
Angela Merkel, in my opinion, is evil come to life.


There would be fewer of what you call "3rd world savages" in Germany and Europe today if it were not for the American assault on Iraq. Is that a "Marxist" analysis? Many of the posters here aren't Marxists, but they would agree with that statement. They might not agree with characterizing the assault on Iraq as "savage." But if you want to start deprecating people by emphasizing their violent behavior then I think you need to consider the necessity of making sure the deprecating distinction holds up well. The conduct of "first world" US foreign policy in this millenium has a way of making that hard to do.

I'm not making excuses for the perps. I'm hoping that if and when the Syrian war, a war that is a spinoff from the Iraq invasion, is concluded many of the "savages" will return to what they used to call home.

Nancy K

I was referring to Aurora Colo shooter James Holmes, Columbine shooters Harris and Klebold, Charleston shooter Dylan Roof and Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza. These men were not immigrants, refugees or Arab, Turk or Kurds. They were Caucasian, born in the USA and evidently golden retrievers acting like pit bulls.

Cold War Zoomie

Word salad jibberish. The "Hamburg Institute for Future Studies" does not have a presence on the Web.


Gentle high IQ people have a hard time understanding these low IQ high aggression low empathy MENA immigrants until it hits you in the face. Literally. I know, I used to a nice liberal (and I was kicked in the neck from behind).
A new phenomena in Sweden are random, unprovoked savage assaults on lone women, typically late at night. Typical case is a woman walking home from work is approached and then beaten by a couple of young men who speak broken or no Swedish. The attacks involve kicking the prone person, and sometimes stealing phone etc.
The feminists in Sweden are 100% quiet about this.


There would also be less migrants if UK+France had not attacked Libya...
The main problem is the European politican and media class who do not have the best interest of the citizens at heart.

Danish genetics professor (now emeritus)

Good night



Ah, the ol "Only western nations/white people have agency" gambit.

Your pathological anti-Western response doesn't change the fact that these people have to be dragged kicking and screaming out of their medieval head chopper culture, regardless of who's dropping bombs.



Do all those even add up to one Florida nightclub shooting? Lmbo


NancyK: You're a walking contradiction. The "white men" guilty of mass killings in the US were psychopaths, not products of a culture.
You are rationalizing the behavior of "men" from societies that devalue and treat women like chattel.
Left wing "logic" - always fun to watch.


It is also becoming increasingly evident that we can't have a first world society with 1st world savages.
The most universally despised, brutally inhuman killing army ever created by man was composed of white people. Who completely ignored reality, were given permission to attack and defraud the chosen scapegoats, and worshiped their divine leader because he told them they were totally the best. Who led them to utter ruin. You're a college boy, I'm sure you know the rest.
So when you go off about the brutality of dark people, and say they aren't fit to live in the same society as us noble whiteys - I got to tell you to toss it.
The worst criminals in the US or Europe are white men wearing business suits.





You sound like you need more diversity. Perhaps we should get together with the Europeans and send our illegals your way.



4,159 shootings in Chicago year to date. Not that the left is paying much attention.




I wonder what color these shooters are:


Keith Harbaugh

"Angela Merkel, in my opinion, is evil come to life."

It seems you could be well integrated into this region of Berlin Neukölln. Virtually everybody here thinks the same. Though, really not everyoneone: Angela Merkel and her CDU still get between 3& and 7% of the vote in that part of Berlin, about record low in whole Germany. Have a look, it's Neukölln 30x in the official data:


We tried hard to figure out who were these few people still voting for Merkel and her CDU here - a political joke says "who are these p***" - but it seems to be all old pensioners, who just have very little connecton to what's going on on the ground since decades. Votes for Merkel from people younger than 80 seem very close to zero in that part of Neukölln.

However, problems with youth violence and migrant overflow are quite real. The situation is well-known in Germany and the former Neukölln SPD mayor - I think Americans would likely call him a mobster - is a national media super star because he tells it like it is, and bigger problems, like here:


However I find him always looking strange when he wears suits for media because I only know him - drinking or not - in jogging trousers.

Regarding failed youth policies it's obvious in this part of Neukölln. Virtually everyone complains that it's not done enough. After half a day in school many of the younger boys go home, and put in games like Counter Strike or Medal of Honor - of which "Taliban mode" was very popular - or whatever. At least it was so as my boy was in school in Neukölln, however I don't know what happened to the PC games when the US army took the taliban mode away. My older girl doesn't know much about Counter Strike, Medal of Honor or Taliban mode - she just complained the boys are played shooter games all day. And many of the youths a bit older booze and drug, and many do martial arts. That's a long time reality in Neukölln. And I know it also, because in my time I also went to school in Neukölln and I also went training kick boxing, and so on. It may be a reason I don't take Turkish/Arab youth criminality too serious here, because as a 200 pound guy trained in martial arts I may not feel threatened like others do. About politics I know a bit cause I went SPD after school and about police in Neukölln I know a bit because later in my life I trained Judo in a Neukölln club popular by police officers. So believe me or not, I think I do know what I'm speaking about Neukölln.

By the way, some politicians realized the reality that about 90% of pupils in this region of Neukölln have a kind of migration background, too. So politiancs try to "Germanize" this part of Neukölln again by attracting young "migrant friendly" Green Left students. But as soon as they have children needing a school most of these people leave the neighborhood, because they don't want their children be in schools with 90% Turkish pupils. The plan for "Re-Germanization" is also the reason why the politicians don't want Syrian, Iraqi, Afghani, ... refugees in this part of Neukölln.

So, regarding what I say is failed youth policies, what should be done? There should be much more money for all day schools and other places to educate youths in this problematic part of Neukölln. And of course that money should be spend wisely, and not like one political party against the other. To change the situation youth policy financing in Neukölln must be higher than in well off German high society neighborhoods. That is already largely political consensus in Berlin, though it's still hard for Zehlendorf bankers that Neukölln children must get more money though he pays bigger taxes.

This is hardly a federal fight, but much more a local Berlin one, though many people in foreign countries aren't likely to understand it.

By the way: I just watched the HD video released by the Berlin police, and I'm not so sure anymore that the criminals were looking like Neukölln youths. The guy doing the crime had clearly a very unusual beard. In Neukölln there were some horrific youth crimes including murder, but usually these criminals are too you to have such a beard, and if they do, many people would know them.

It's just like if someone as the late - infamous ISIS terrorist - German-American (Does that count as a migration background?) Deso Dogg, who grew up 5km away from Neukölln in a similar Berlin neighborhood, could just go around, mess up and be not on the cameras or on the police radars. That's not the case, police ha a good eye onto their "usual suspects" in Berlin and that's exactly why Deso Dogg went to Syria.


Thanks for that well-informed comment. Newly arrived refugees don't drink that much alcohol in my experience, because they didn't back home. They haven't changed their habits yet.


"Of course, she's not wearing a hijab,"

Actually, you don't know that. She could be wearing a hijab under the hood. Lots of Muslim women do that. There's a flash of brown at one point, which could be fur trimming for the hood, or hair, or hijab.

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