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08 December 2016


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Wedding is in some ways very similar to Northern Neukölln, a cheap Western Berlin (former) worker's neighborhood with lot's of Turks settled to fill up missing Western Berlin population as the city was divided, and so are Eastern Kreuzberg and parts of Moabit. But Northern Neukölln was always the cheapest of all these, and the biggest place of that kind, way off for most Germans. The only younger - meaning not pensioner age - Germans in Emser Straße I could remember of were settled around a bar of a leading member of the "one percenter" "Born to be wild MC" - who were able to get themselves respect from the Turkish/Kurdish youngsters. But after the wall opened police cracked down on these guys and that was it with German presence, at least on the street, in the "event" and "security business" and at the profitable doors. Friends in police say the now ruling Turkish/Kurdish clans are harder to crack, because police is unable to get inside with informers, exactly because these are tribal clans.

"... but usually these criminals are too you to have such a beard, and if they do, many people would know them. ..."

Sorry for the typo. I want to buy an "ng" so that this reads:

"... but usually these criminals are too young to have such a beard, and if they do, many people would know them. ..."

What I wanted to say is that this kind of senseless brutality like kicking a woman downstairs or beating up someone "just for fun" is quite typical for some Neukölln youngsters, but these youngsters are usually aged maybe 12 to 15. And at this age they don't have beards.

When they are old enough to sport beards, they 're more likely restricted to senseless violence and more into profitable criminal business like armed robbing of shops, beating people up for not paying drug debts, punish a brothel for opening without license from a regional boss or something like that.

If you are not familiar with Neukölln youth, you may have a look at youngsters like Yehya Al Ahmad, who was a Berlin boxing youth champ at the age of 14, who's currently serving a six year term after a previous three year term as a youth.


He's from Sonnenallee in Neukölln, a predominantly Arab neighborhood more than a mile away from S-Bahnhof Hermannstraße, while the S-Bahnhof Hermannstraße neighborhood is much more Turkish/Kurdish, but the career of Yehya sounds very familiar to me who got know many Turkish/Kurdish yougsters at the Emser Straße neighborhood.



Of course money will not solve the problems with immigration, and especially muslim immigration, into Germany, and surely not the problems with what's called in German "parallel societies" in places like Northern Neukölln. And of course more intermarriage would be an indicator of more success. However, it's hard to force or nudge people to do that. Tough prejudices prevail like Turkish girls preferring Turkish boys, because many of them think it's better to have a Turkish husband prone to womanizing than a German husband prone to boozing, though reality is more likely that both, German and Turkish husbands, do all of that.

However, while money is surely not enough to get away from the very real parallel societies in places like northern Neukölln, a lot of money is absolutely essential to make steps in that direction. While in some recent decades there was a lot of CDU thinking like the problem will grow out itself, so it's just needed to continue policy as usual, this theory was completely discredited in recent years. If politics doesn't take lot's of money in hand to fight the problem of parallel societies, it grows. Developments in places like Northern Neukölln have shown with clarity that people don't mix naturally, but they separate. Migrant people built their own places with their own rules, have their own judges and their own security arrangements, and many of them make their living of ripping off or robbing Germans in other places. Just containing the problem with ever more police failed. Police made the experience that when asking migrant people somehting many just answer "I not speaking German." And when the police looks for someone they oftenly find themselves in minority positions surrounded by youth gangs which are quicker to get large reinforcements than police, though the police in Northern Neukölln is usually really quick, one to three minutes for police to arrive for serious problems is quite common and reinforcements are also quick. To apprehend more serious suspects police has to call special operations commands and hundreds in support like police did when they searched some multi-family homes of a leading clan in Northern Neukölln a couple of months ago, and then to leave with only eight arrests made and a Porsche and some minor money confiscated. Weaponizing the problem by the police is also hardly a solution. I know already some police who think tough youth judge Kirsten Heisig, who was after the clans, didn't commit suicide, but was "suicided" by the clans. A lot of what's going on has to do with youths.

So what to do for mixing and against the parallel socities is started in schools. Currently in Northern Neukölln the situation is that 80%, up to 90%, of schools are visited by mostly Turkish/Kurdish children descending of migrants, many of whom have German citizenship since second migrant generation at least. Politics in recent years was quite successful in marketing Northern Neukölln as a cheap and good place to live for Green/Lefty students, and there opened lot's of fancy bars for them and so on. However, when they get children they usually leave. Even these Green/Lefty students don't want their children to grow up with the Turkish/Kurdish/Arab Neukölln youth in school. Though there have been some improvements, even these migrant-friendly Green/Lefty students realize, that their children would be a problem for their children, who would be a minority, the school curriculum slow and contact with criminality threatening.

To change that calculus of the Green/Lefty people and school in their children in such schools, tons of money are needed, for making school classes in such problematic areas smaller, for having schools for full days so that the children don't hang out on the streets when parents are working, for sports and other useful activity in the evening and so on. I know personally, because I was on such a heavily migrant school - and my children were too - that it can be quite fine and fun for all sides. And I can guarantee you a lot of "intermarriage" will happen when more "interschool" will happen.

But to get people more mixed in schools, the major task is to get lot's of more money for these schools in "problematic" areas. In principle, everyone seems to agree to this, but of course, the people in the high society districts of Berlin fight for the money for their schools, too. But they may well regret of being so penurious, and many are already, as they see the signs of a state similar to civil war in Germany ever more clear.



A niece who worked in Russia told me about people bringing in fake chest x-rays trying to get out when they really had TB. Back then it was called Ebola with wings.



The KKK dream that black people are killing off other black people.

Someone sent a few interesting videos about and race in The US that could also explain the anti-immigrant sentiment in Europe. Whites are beginning poorer and are dying in greater numbers.





Love your name. Those people who set the stage for these wars and the wave of immigration that followed may have wanted to shrewd their social safety nets and destabilize Europe too. Just a thought.



Merkel is still arguably the most popular politician in the CDU, though she gets her votes more in the center than on the right wing. Would elections be today, polls see Merkel still winning and staying in power.


As long as Merkel is polling good and winning elections nobody in the CDU will risk losing elections by touching her due to ideological differences, because in the end holding power is the raison d'etre of the CDU.



There is nothing extreme in the comparison, other than how extreme it points out your ridiculousness.

I live in a border community, and I bet that my neighborhood is exponentially more diverse than your posh little NC suburb. If Section 8/Refugee Resettlement moved in you would paint on a smile as you looked at Zillow.com for a new place to go.

Your virtue signaling in this post is so intense, so concentrated that you disrupt cell phone communications, the FCC has to issue you a license for your signals production, and SETI starts getting readings off of you, that's how hard you're signaling.

Babak Makkinejad

Thank you for your comments.

In the United States, specifically in the Washington DC area, Greenie-Leftie young couples would undergo similar process; move to Washington DC and live among African-American majority of that city until the advent of children, at which time they would move out of that city to one of the surrounding small towns that are dominated by European-Americans.

Furthermore, in the United States, large sums of money were spent on the improvements of the Kansas City schools - heavily attended by the children of African-Americans. Neither the scores on standardized tests nor attendance numbers of European-Americans increased through such expenditures.

In Southern California, middle-class and well-to-do parents take their children out of publicly funded schools and enroll them at considerable expense ( $ 32,000 per year per student) in private schools; lest their children be harmed by the negative academic and social environments prevailing in the publicly funded schools.

In my opinion, these are not issues that could be addressed by money; these are very deep social moral and philosophical problems that will take a long time to ameliorate - even if one has to courage to stand on sound principles.

[In Iran, among some Baluch communities that live close to the Afghan border, one can purchase a young woman for one or two sheep. The women, at times, refer to their husbands as "my owner". State funding will not help, unless the Iranian government is to "buy" every single female born there for the next 50 years and then frees them with a dowry.]


Violent warmongers who commit what we would consider atrocities have been found in all races, religions, and ages. Tyler seems to think that white folks are somehow an exception.
IMO western civilization and all the good things that go with it are cultural not racial accomplishments.


Your formative years can not change the past.
Of course the Wehrmacht was an army at war, and damned good at it. That was my point. That magnificent army was brought low by mindless obedience to authority, believing absolutely stupid propaganda, and ignoring reality. Didn't even bring winter boots to Moscow. But the SS sure showed the untermensch who was boss huh?
Gamma male?! Get it straight - I'm a proud beta plus.



Police has identified one of the three guys accompanying the one who did the kick in the video and talked to him.

Media says he's from Eastern Europe:


Police didn't make public more information so far. If the four guys knew each other well - instead of being an ad hoc crew which met in a bar or so, one can be pretty sure police already knows the names of all four.



The guy who was arrested was allegedly the guy who took up the bottle of beer.

He's from Bulgaria, and it seems to be unclear whether he lives in Berlin - meaning he's likely one of the "long term tourists" who came to Berlin due to EU expansion. Police doesn't want to say more at this moment, just that they're optimistic to get the guy who kicked the woman.




Police now says they know the names of all four persons in the video. All four are Bulgarians and related with each other. The guy who committed the kick is suspected to have fled back to Bulgaria.


The Beaver

@ Bandolero

Could be those Bulgarians -human/refugee traffickers- who are now frustrated that they can't make money to buy German cars with their profits and bring them home. Those refugees were good business for them before the borders got closed.


Thanks, Bandolero.

I witnessed violence emanating from a school here in Cologne first hand on the Tube/Ubahn several decades ago. Startling, a stone hit the window pane not too far away from me. A friend moved out of there quite a while ago, he told me he didn't feel his daughter was safe visiting him on the short distance to the U-bahn/subway/tube. Attempts at gentrification of the larger area by now. Beyond that the place the NSU choose for their pipe bomb attack. ...

Besides, I also wished I had paid more attention to the warnings of a girl friend I semi-suspected to be prejudiced before concerning a quarter I traversed on my way to her. My Turkish supermarket is there, but there seem to be a drug scene slightly farther off. I seem to be slightly blind on such matters. Anyway, one day I arrived with my newly bought shoulder bag gone from the bike basket behind me. ;)

Especially the first incidence made me curious. ... Some teachers too among my friends, one among my siblings for that matter. Lots of news around checking pupils for all types of weapons around that time. ... But what to do about the missing perspectives considering the background of the youth, bad school performance no matter if German and/of whatever roots. Teachers in ordinary school can hardly manage that. And a friend a social worker once told me pretty much the same as my sister a teacher. The ones that make in spite of all are more the exception then the rule.

By now apparently one of the four has admitted to be present. According the BZ information, he is from Bulgaria. ...


The Beaver

That would be highly unlikely. There are many thousands of Bulgarian people in Berlin, as well as Polish, Romanian and so on. They come and stay legally, since - thanks to EU expansion - these are EU countries and freedom of movement does apply. Most of these people are working poor and/or petty criminals who want to make some money in Germany and then go back home. Professional human trafficking is an extremely rare business for these people, though, of course, when people drive home and back they may take up in their cars some people for some money, maybe even with special arrangements regarding borders applying.


First we destabilise the countries the refugees come from. Then we look on complacently as great numbers are killed in those countries.

Thanks, E.O., Not the least objection to that. Considering Afghanistan Germany's involvement resulted from Article 5 NATO treaty obligations.

Concerning Iraq and Syria matters are more murky for me. I do seem to recall rumors around more indirect support and involvement slightly different than the public attempts of France and Germany to stop the American's war of choice, before we surfaced more officially. ...

And, yes, I think unfortunately there may have been a bit of party politics involved over here in Germany as far as resistance in "Old Europe" is concerned. See the two versions of truth: Schröder's versus Bush's. Which you find linked beneath this article:


But yes, strictly Germany has already enough troubles with 'integration' and more recently some issues surface again that have been around for a while. Like the strong dependency of DITIP with Erdoghan ... :


Now to returns to the present and our issue here. One of the four guys seemingly has been questioned by police, he gave them the name of the "kicker", supposedly he left Germany. According to one German paper the guy questioned was from Bulgaria.

There is another story. A 19 years old student of medicine who was killed in Freiburg on her way back home from the traditional annual party for students of medicine. A guy supposedly from Afghanistan was arrested. What's curious about the case, is that this man seems to have already ended up in a Greece court 3 years ago, for pushing a woman down a cliff in Greece. Gladly she survived. In Greece he gave the same age. ... What's odd, and I didn't really look closely into the story is, considering this, how could he end up in Germany three years later? Nothing known so far.

Without any doubt refugees may and do tell all type of stories why they cannot proof their origins. ... In the above case an Iranian business man, who knew the guyn suggested he spoke Dari with an Iranian accent. ...



Police arrested today the 27 yo guy who kicked the woman downstairs in S-Bahnhof Hermannstraße. They pulled him out of a bus as he was trying to leave Berlin. The guys on the video were three brothers and one aquaintance, all from Bulgaria.



Correction to my last comment

The perpetrator was not caught by police on a bus leaving Berlin, but on a bus arriving in Berlin from southern France. And as is known now, the guy was in earlier times already convicted in Bulgaria for robbery, theft and vandalism.



A suspect of the crime has been arrested and he is of Bulgarian nationality.


The attack itself took place on October 27, but the footage of the incident was released to the public only last week and quickly went viral, sparking outrage among Germans. In a video, captured by CCTV cameras on Hermanstrasse U-Bahn (subway) station, a group of four men are seen following a young woman down the stairs before one member of the group with a beer in one hand and a cigarette in another suddenly kicks her down the flight. The 26-year-old victim, who ended up hitting stairs face-on and falling on the platform, suffered a broken arm and was later hospitalized. The group could be seen calmly walking away from the scene as passers-by rushed to the victim’s aid downstairs.

On December 14, police reported they identified the attacker and his accomplices. The spokesperson for the prosecutor’s office, Martin Steltner, told Berliner Zeitung on Thursday that the police had started searching for a 27-year-old Bulgarian citizen, Svetoslav S.

The man’s full name was reported by the German and Bulgarian media as Svetoslav Stoykov."


Police have now arrested the suspect.


Keith, maybe I would have agreed that the CDU is somewhat "center-right" while younger. Over the decades I noticed that it does not quite fit. You have more right versus more left members from whatever you define as center in every party over here. Notice: The CDU coined what is called Soziale Marktwirtschaft/Social Market Economy:

The Green party lost a lot of their early left founders when the "Realos", the "realists", seized the party, and as a result it became one among other possible other party career paths ...

The most heavy cuts in social spending were done under a "Red Green" coalition, the SPD and the Green Party - not the CDU/CSU. Not that arguably Merkel profited from that fact after, somewhat.

My 'default setting', both historically and more generally is, that the CSU, the Bavarian part of the CDU was always more right then the general party. Meaning, I am not surprised that it at the present surfaces as the Bavarian part of the party aligning with the Hungarian president over the refugee issue. ... Never mind that initially the so-called "guest workers" where meant to return to wherever they came from after helping build the post WWII German "economic wonder".

What's pretty fascinating concerning Merkel is that she successfully fought what we call "alte Seilschaften", cronyism, cliques, male associations to help each other, on her way to power. ... She may also be ironically enough one of the party members for whom the "Christian" part of the party's name may matter more then their average member or traditional voter occasionally. ...


A case from Berlin during Christmas. A homeless man was put on fire supposedly by a group of six Syrians and one Libyan. They have been arrested.



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