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08 December 2016


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Cue the comments about how immigrants are not the sole source of these attacks, ignoring the disproportionate hand the non Asian Global South imported into the West has in crimes against the native population. Besides direct harm, the interference diversity injects into a spiritual organic community is immense to those of us concerned with qualitative existence. But liberals are not, of course. There entire worldview is predicated on discrete utility maximizing entities living out a McLife.

In some ways they are right, however. Diversity is not so much a 'cause' of social ills as a symptom of cultural anomie, spiritual degeneration, advanced phase consumer capitalism, and a consent/harm based social morality (if Hans has an open marriage with three lovers on the side, so long as everyone said yes, his 'self-realization' is none of your business bigot).


I'd quote extracts but the entire thing is too good. In short, Germans are checking out of any vitalistic form of life. Despite their incredibly loose morality, 'less than a third of Germans polled enjoy sex as a regular leisure activity. Compared to the last survey in 2011, down by some ten per cent.' (turns out up tight right wing bigots enjoy better sex lives than the 'liberated' left: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/09/02/right-wing-people-more-likely-to-be-happier-with-their-sex-lives/. Sex tip of the day: develop an authoritarian personality).

The end result of liberal ideology is emancipation from humanity. All categories must be transcended. We have totally inverted the original conception of freedom whose second root references the idea of 'domain' (free-DOM). Limits, categories, exclusion, and differentiation are the vector through which qualitative human experience are achieved. In fact they are the foundation for the numinous and the sacred in a society (distance = transcendence). When they are artificially eliminated, the human organism simply gives up and retreats into Coda-Mentality. These so called 'humanistic, tolerant, empathetic' Germans aren't 'living'. They're just not dying. Yet. There's a few more bars to play - residual socio-political capital to expend - before the coda concludes the German symphony.


Caelum non animum mutant qui trans mare currunt.


considering the immigration clearing systems that some of these countries have, it is no wonder.

Basically, immigration officials in Canada, Europe, NZ, etc. seems to clear anyone with a sob story.

They don't seem to understand that lot of people will simply lie or do desperate things (like getting married or pregnant quickly) to get through clearing process. Or claim torture or police trouble back at home (and in some cases, they truly deserve it).


"People get the government they deserve."


You don't have to go to Germany to find insane violence against women. In Chicago a black man attacked and robbed a 94 year old Navy Vet. You can be sure this will be ignored by most of the media as the victim is a white woman and the alleged perp is from the "under served" community. Makes my blood boil.


Riddle me this: does it make any sense to create a concentration of radical Jihadists
In Syria - to overthrow Assad or whatever - and so create a vector for terrorists into
the EU if you are an EU politician supposedly responsible for EU security?



how about idiotic incompetence and group think as an explanation? pl


According to Obama' recent waiver, it does:
"I hereby determine that the transaction, encompassing the provision of defense articles and services to foreign forces, irregular forces, groups, or individuals engaged in supporting or facilitating ongoing U.S. military operations to counter terrorism in Syria, is essential to the national security interests of the United States,” President Obama affirmed in the presidential determination and waiver." The ziocons need a concentration of radical jihadists in order to prevent restoration of Syria into a secular and well-functioning state. The waiver makes an unambiguous sign of the US government captured totally by the Israel-firsters.
'President Obama’s decision could lead to an almost immediate escalation of the conflict and basically put the US in a situation of “waging a proxy war against the Russians and Syrians,” a former Pentagon official, Michael Maloof, told RT. “The rebels, whom we cannot identify, are going to be getting some very sophisticated weapons. Potentially, I should say, man-portable air defense systems, which can knock down Russian and Syrian aircraft,” Maloof said. “And the fact too, that we have stocks already in Europe, that can easily be transferred with this waiver. Under the waiver, it’s supposed to be a 15-day notification to Congress, but Congress, as of tonight, Washington time, is going to be out of session until January. So these arms can go within hours.”

Balint Somkuti, PhD

Becuz they live in their Wolkenkukucksheim, just like Hitler after 1944.

As simple as that. Disattached from reality.



As someone living a few hundred meters away from the location of that crime scene (S-Bahnhof Hermannstraße in Neukölln) for decades let me add some colour to this crime.

Youth population at this Western Berlin neighborhood is about 90% "migrant" - for example in schools - but it's almost zero newly arrived refugees. It's almost all "third generation" migrants of Turkish & Kurdish origin whose grandparents came to Germany in the 70s, mixed in with some arab refugees from the Lebanon war in the 80s. Youth criminality, youth gangs, aggressive youths and sometimes shockingly senseless violent crimes of mostly drunken or drugged youth exist, but it's generally quite similar in scale and seriousity to other areas in Berlin where youth gangs happen to be more of a German nationalist or rightwing skinhead brand. Fighting sports like Taekwondo or kick boxing are quite popular among the youth here, and so are computer war games & fighter style movies a la Rambo, drinking, cannabis and lot's of other drugs.

The guys in the video with beer & cigarettes look quite typical for this neighborhood's third generation migrant youth gangs, and such senseless aggression would fit quite neatly to some of these "homegrown" Neukölln 3rd generation migrant youths. However, what doesn't fit, is that police did catch them yet though te crime was over a month ago. Usually the police here knows their "usual suspects" well & they are quick to apprehend them.

So, the reason I could imagine for this is that maybe these criminals were not from the neighborhood, but came from a completely different place in Berlin. If so it would be interesting what there were doing at that subway crosspoint station. One explanation would be that they were just changing trains and had nothing to do in Neukölln except passing through. Another explanation would be that they were looking to get some cannabis or other drugs in the Hermannstraße subway line - which is known in Berlin as hashish line. Or maybe they were looking for cheap prostitutes in Neukölln.

So, there are lot's of possibilities, and since the identity of these criminals is unknown all is speculation. But I find it quite unlikely that this crime has anything to do with the recent wave of immigration into Germany - except that it may well be a product of failed immigration policies decades ago. But I think it's much more likely that it would be well descibed as a result of failed youth policies lasting up to this day.


In reply to TV 08 December 2016 at 08:03 PM

One of my favourite political quotes :-)

De Maistre although often wrongly attributed to De Toqueville.

"Every country has the government it deserves (Toute nation a le gouvernement qu’elle mérite").

He wrote it in 1811 in one of his letters - he was commenting on the new Russian constitution.


The more you help some people the more they hate you and see compassion as a form of weakness. Also, the survival instinct in whites is incompatible with cultural Marxist teachings but encouraged in the protected ethnicities.


It's been a long road for me, raised in an androgyne atmosphere in the shadow of the 1960s, to come to the opinion that strong gender roles are healthier than the androgynous mushbowl that the West seems headed towards. Statistics on mental health for both men and women, and on relationship durability, seem to bear that out. Are men and women to complement each other and support each others' vitality, or engage in an endless series of small and large power struggles that have the opposite effect? The West will either come to grips with that issue or be culturally supplanted. May the best civilization win.


In reply to Lemur 08 December 2016 at 07:07 PM

Except that I cannot help but notice this in the Telegraph story you linked to:

"In France, however, it is Left-wing people who are the most happy, with those who define themselves as "Right-wing" the least happy, with just 57 per cent saying they are satisfied with their lot."

Perhaps it's how much of an extremist you are rather than where you are on the political spectrum that's an indicator of how satisfied you are with your sex life. Or perhaps the entire story is a load of nonsensical clickbait from a newspaper that's hemorrhaging readers and money


personally I think EU politicians think that way because radical Jihadists do not seem to go after politicians (for whatever reason). Difficult to understand the reality when they (politicians) live "so far" away from the reality that their citizens live.


to paraphrase Field Marshal Slim, occasionally a dead (due the results of their actions) politician/ bureaucrat or two would also do great things.


Can't see that it shows anything other than some people are violent idiots. Whether their motivation was based on culture, religion or race.

Another case from Berlin 20.Jan, 2016.
A German kills a 20 year old woman by pushing her in front of a subway train.


Or from November in Denmark where a 32 year woman, seven months pregnant, got stab to death in what police now thinks was a random attack.


Or the recent case from Israel of a couple Jews using one and a half hour to savagely beat a refugee from Darfur to death.



Extra information on the Berlin January attack. A mentally ill homeless man for Iranian background was the murderer.



I know I am going to be pilloried for pointing this out, but take note of this line: "According to unconfirmed information, the attack was made by a member of the ‘Afghan movement’."

Which means that a competent reporter would have written these lines:
"showing brutal and senseless attack of a group of ALLEGED migrants on a German girl."
"showing brutal and senseless attack of a group of ALLEGED migrants on a German girl."
"there were not any quarrels or squabbles between the ALLEGED migrants and the 26-year-old girl before the incident"

I am not disputing that the video shows a vicious crime.
I am not disputing that the video shows the perpetrators of that crime.

What I am pointing out is that the video does not in any way, shape or form "prove" that this crime was carried out by "migrants".

That last requires an extra layer of assumption that the report itself admits is "unconfirmed".

ex-PFC Chuck

Thanks for the close-up observations.

Winston Smith

I have looked at the video a couple of times today precisely because of the claims that these were migrants. Apart from a beard, (that could just as well be a hipster beard) not much can be seen of the faces. A "Die Welt" article does not say anything about the the origin/ ethnicity of neither the women nor the four dim-witted numb-nut cowards.


great comment. Real men satisfy, real women.

Larry Kart

Also -- and I'm well aware and accept the Colonel's caveats on not rejecting automatically material from questionable sources -- there's this about Bild, the source in this case:

(Wikepedia):"The Bild newspaper (or Bild-Zeitung, literally Picture Newspaper ... is a German tabloid published by Axel Springer AG.….

"Bild has been described as "notorious for its mix of gossip, inflammatory language, and sensationalism"....

"Der Spiegel wrote in 2006 that Bild "flies just under the nonsense threshold of American and British tabloids ... For the German desperate, it is a daily dose of high-resolution soft porn."

Does anyone have an independent source for this video and the accompanying story -- preferably one with a non-sensationalistic reputation and not just a site that is relaying the Bild's account and video?


This is another case where fictional context has been supplied to make us all feel outraged.The video depicts a crime that occurred on the 27th of October in Neukoelln. It has been reported on, predictably in sensational terms, by Bild. The perpetrators have not been identified, which is why the police made the video public a few days ago. Because they have not been identified, no one could possibly know their immigration status. We also do not know the nationality of the woman, only her age has been released. She could just as easily be a migrant herself as a German citizen for all we know.

The words "migrant" and "German" been added to manipulate you. To make you mad, because angry people share stuff more readily. The Internet is full of stuff like this. If you want the other side, some have noticed she's wearing a hood and said she's a Syrian woman kicked by drunk Neo-Nazis for wearing a hijab. Of course, she's not wearing a hijab, and we have no information about who she is.

Then again, if we said instead, "Angry drunken man kicks woman he mistakenly believes to be his ex-girlfriend downstairs," which is another context that fits this scene just fine, no one would care. Put it in the hot button terms of the day, however, and you have a winner.


There was the case of the daughter of the EU official who was raped and murdered by an Afghan rapeugee.

You can't have a first world society with 3rd world savages. If the Germans vote for Merkel again they deserve everything that happens to them.

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