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31 December 2016


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EU will sanction Israel(or more specific the West Bank) not because of Israel but to create a fight (and distance) with the US. In my opinion this is actual likely to happen.

pirate laddie

Pretty much by definition, a nation determines who it allows in. Given recent events in the ME, I cannot dismiss a Russian initiative to liberate at least a portion of the Palestinian people. It's been a century since the Sovs set up an oblast in far eastern Siberia as a Jewish homeland, what's to stop a similar action on behalf of true Semites -- the Palestinians?

Under such a scenario, the only limit to Palestinian emigration would be Israeli recalcitrance. If the GOI sought to keep enslaved Palestinians who want to leave, I'm sure the Russians could find a way (on an escalating scale) to facilitate their departure. One could only marvel at the likely purgative effect this undertaking would have on the Zionists and related elements of the Borg.


doubtful. Sanction Israel? Seriously? Against America? ...

Europe will be more busy with its own problems ... Will it survive at all?

I admittedly have my own fears too. In my case related to the US. To go back to a 2012 contribution by Harper, ok vaguely related to this:


There would be one issue, I would personally welcome, if Europe showed backbone concerning the treaty with Iran. ...


Except that BNW's argument about Palestinians having no passports is not quite correct. The issue is more complex even if we leave out Palestinian-Israelis or Israeli Arabs.

Concerning the "Semite" used in the coinage Antisemites as political fighting slogan and a related party that failed, it was not alluding to the Semites at large at his time, but a specific group considered the inner Semites post German unification.

The author who coined it in 1879, eight years after Germany was united with the help of the Prussian sword, later in his life somewhat regretted. He had earlier been involved in the March Revolution, the German variant of revolt in 1848:



No Bush's involved.




Bandit, I think you are correct. "there is no `there' there"...Trump has no plan which is why he is so dangerous. It all hinges on who he spoke to last or who flattered him the most. Policy by mirror.

Phil Cattar

Certainly what you right has a plausible "feel" to it.There is a lot of pent up rage in the Fertile Crescent already and some not so pent up.



I have asked you before not to engage in invective that is merely name calling. pl

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