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17 December 2016


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Godless progressives LARPING as Moral Templars is always good for a late.


I think the Dems betrayed their working class base by focusing on identity. They used identity to divide the working class on sex, race, gay, whatever. The one identity they ignored was the white working class male and the women who loved them. They defined these people as the enemy of various identity groups whereas in the past the working class (including all of it component parts) saw finance capital as its adversary.


I agree safe zone and no fly zone are two different things. As we know Trump also promised to cooperate with the Russians in the fight against ISIS in Syria. I am sure that Putin and Lavrov would be more than accommodating with Trump about setting up some safe zones in Syria -- this could be done through diplomatic negotiations and carefully defining exactly what a safe zone is.


The older you are the less likely you went to college(university). The higher your income, the more likely you voted Trump.

Anyway I agree with Doug Wead, Trump has been one of the most impressive President Elects you guys have had. His Cabinet picks look good and he has already started to deliver on some of his promises.

Internationally a President Fillon can't come soon enough, will be a an important driver of change in Europe's foreign policy and will be an important supporting act for President Trump. A whole host of minor European states are chafing away at the current policy under Frau Merkel and are just waiting to bolt.

David Habakkuk


I think it useful to turn matters round, and ask not who are ‘Trump supporters’, but who are ‘Hillary opponents’.

There are clearly many reasons why people of very different views, backgrounds, levels of income, education, etc, in the United States cordially loathe the Clintons – as also, in the UK, the Blairs.

Among them, one was to my mind aptly characterised in an article by Michael Barone, to which Steve Sailer linked on the invaluable ‘Unz Review’ site, back in October, as ‘Lennonism’. The opening paragraphs of the article are I think worth quoting at length:

‘“The president believes the world will be a better place if all borders are eliminated — from a trade perspective, from the viewpoint of economic development and in welcoming people from other cultures and countries.”

‘The president in question is Bill Clinton, speaking soon after leaving office, on Sept. 10, 2001, in Melbourne, Australia. There’s apparently no transcript; the quotation is from the businessman who hosted the forum in an article in the next day’s Melbourne newspaper, which appeared, thanks to time zone differences, about 12 hours before the airliners hit the Twin Towers.

‘The words are an interesting indicator of a general attitude, a prevailing sentiment taken largely for granted not just by Democrats and Americans like Clinton but also by elite leaders of many parties in the advanced democracies around the world.

‘Call it Lennonism, after John Lennon’s lyrics in “Imagine.” “Imagine there’s no countries,” Lennon wrote. “Nothing to kill or die for. … Imagine all the people living life in peace. … And the world will be as one.” It’s an appealing vision, but perhaps an odd one for someone born, as Lennon was, when and where the Battle of Britain was raging in the skies overhead.

‘Today, 15 years after Clinton’s talk in Melbourne, Lennonism remains the credo of many elite leaders but is in grave trouble with voters’

(See http://www.unz.com/isteve/lennonism/ .)

Actually, it is not such an odd vision, if one knows something about the complex cultural ambiguities and conflicts of Liverpool, the most Irish of English cities. As to the war, Lennon’s feckless banjo-playing merchant seaman father went AWOL, during it, his parents split, and he ended up at age five having to choose between them. So it’s perhaps not so odd that he was not so lost in the myths of 1940 as, say, Mrs Thatcher.

But the vision expressed in the song is utopian dottiness, all the same, and dottiness of a very dangerous kind. Moreover, in the hands of people like the Bill and Hillary Clinton, and also Tony and Cherie Blair (who also comes from Liverpool) it has become deeply corrupt.

It is the growing awareness of all this among very diverse groups in diverse places which is one of the elements alike behind the failure of the ‘Remain’ campaign in the UK, and Hillary Clinton’s defeat.


Justin Raimondo of Antiwar has a good article regarding why D.C. (o, McCain, Lindsey Graham, CIA, etc.) hates Tillerson even more than they hate Trump:

Because Tillerson wants 'PEACE' with Russia!


We need IMO a formal Alliance with Russia, and an end to the hog feeding trough called NATO.


Toivo S

Someone would have defend "safe zones" and prevent their use as jihadi base areas. Who do you nominate? A piece of paper with Lavrov's signature will not "do it." pl


Like with all those pharmaceutical advertisements on TV that promise to cure whatever it is that ails you, it is best to read the fine print; often the "cure" is worse than the affliction.


"No human being should die feeling that his or her was basically a disappointment."

At the end of life, what one has attained in life will be infinitely less important, or not important at all, to how one has led his or her life.

"There comes a time in the life of every man when at the supreme and tragic hour of death, his friends and relatives ask, 'How much did he leave?' It is just at that split second God is asking, 'How much did he take with him?' It is only the latter question that matters, for it is only our works that follow us." -- Fulton Sheen (The Moral Universe)


mike allen

Trump is negotiating with McCain over Tillerson's confirmation. McCain knows that Trump will do what he pleases after he gets what he wants. pl


On December 9, the Central Intelligence Agency issued an assessment to lawmakers in the US Senate, stating that Russia intervened in the election to help Trump win by releasing hacked Democratic Party material through WikiLeaks. President Obama ordered a "full review" into the matter, while President-elect Trump mocked the assessment and criticized US intelligence services.[6][7][8] The Federal Bureau of Investigation and National Security Agency agreed with the CIA report on Russian interference.[9]

(9) FBI backs CIA report on Russian interference: report". washingtonpost.com. Retrieved December 16, 2016.

So wikipedia cite WAPO as a source that confirms russia involment in Trump election. The only source. So far, if I am right, FBI is silent.
Who said that wikipedia was honest and neutral ?


Moreover, in the hands of people like the Bill and Hillary Clinton, and also Tony and Cherie Blair (who also comes from Liverpool) it has become deeply corrupt.

that's the point.

although, I had to heavily suppress the Pavolovian Dog in me being offered the juxtaposition of Clinton/Blair with Lennon. ;)

Not least since my generation seems to be the ultimate evil in the more polite circles on the right here. Nutshell impression after reading our main right weekly over here for a while. That was the only issue on which they seemed to somehow get more irrational. ...


Nancy K

Of course you are entitled to any opinion you have but do you really need to insult women, especially older women. I hope you remember that Trump is older that Clinton.


In my opinion (maybe, rather, my hope), Trump intends to set aside those old ways of doing business that the eggheads defined as this type of balancing or that type of balancing; or that demanded taking this side as opposed to that side. It's not the moves in the game that Trump will do differently; he will redefine the game.

This comment by "Erebus" on Ron Unz's forum offered a similar assessment: http://www.unz.com/tsaker/neocon-panic-and-agony/#comment-1696014

In essence, Trump will attempt to make USA a participant in OBOR rather than allow himself to be forced to choose between continuing to pursue the neocon (failed) dreams of hegemony, or oversee the decline of USA.

If so, he will have the voice and counsel of George Washington in his corner.



It appears that Trump's pick for ambassador to Israel is a pro-settler NY based attorney David Friedman who is to the 'right' of Netanyahu.


E Michael Jones tends to get overwrought, but he echoed the reasons I could not possibly vote for Clinton: she oversaw the assassination of Qaddafi and cackled over it -- a psychotic demonstration if ever there was one; she oversaw the complete destabilization of Libya, with no rhyme or reason. She has the blood of hundreds of thousands on her hands.

Jones has a PhD; I don't, but with respect, Mr. Sales, it doesn't take an education to make the fundamental judgment that Clinton demonstrates callous disregard for human life. To have such a person become the first female president would have set a terrible precedent.



"Let's gauge the Pres-elect against the clergyman's standard;"

Why the hell should we do that, we were not electing a clergyman.


Mr Sale

The seven social sins you list at the end of this piece are by Gandhi who can in wise be described as an Anglican clergyman although the mistake would probably tickle him greatly :-)

I believe that originally it dates from some time during the 1920s, he wrote out a copy for his grandson (Arun) shortly before he was murdered.

Larry Kart

Another perspective, from detective novelist Michael Innes’ rather spacey (Borges-like before Borges) 1942 novel "The Daffodil Affair" (the third paragraph in particular):

"Consider the stars. What is natural to believe of them? What notions come spontaneously into men's minds? Clearly the notions of astrology. Compared with them the notions of Copernicus and Newton, of Kepler and Einstein, are temporary, local, and eccentric in the highest degree."

"But the notions of Copernicus and his followers work. Their predictions come true. Whereas with atrologers --"

"Wine interrupted with a a wave of an amiably dismissive hand. 'The human race, my dear Appleby, is much too shock-headed and has much too short a memory, to take much notice of whether predictions are fulfilled are not. They must have a magical and irrational element of sufficient substance to satisfy the magical and irrational appetites which make up nine-tenths of the content of the human mind.'”

In particular, while I think I understand a fair deal about Trump's appeal and why there are ample reasons to fear and despise the Borg, what I can't get my head around is the volume of outright lies that Trump and his surrogates keep emitting and the way these lies are either ignored or happily swallowed (in the name of a good cause?). Not that these are the only lies one hears from politicians, but never before in my experience (maybe in the heyday of Joe McCarthy?) have I seen anything like this in terms of blatancy and volume. This is a good thing for the well-being of the body politic?

mike allen

Tyler -

"Emperor Trump"????

God help us all if that comes true.



I believe this should be called "cultural marxism". It is interesting that all these folks move about from metropolis to metropolis but never seem to land, and certainly do not live, in places like Abuja, Freetown, Monrovia; just to name a few. London and Paris seem to rank right up there though. To quote a line from "Revolt of the Masses" by Ortega, who Richard referred to in a different post, "To be English, German or French is to be provincial." They have forgotten, if they ever understood, that the civilization about them did not spring forth from Nature but was a creation of generations that had gone before; What was the phrase from Rathenau, "vertical rise of the barbarians"? That seems an appropriate description of our globalist multi-culturalist "elites". On that note I think another insightful piece of Steve's is this article about the view of terrible alt-right by the sister of the most elite white male in America:



Richard Sale wrote"Trump said he loved uneducated people"

Thank you for your reply. Agreed. Throughout his life, President-elect Trump has always exhibited a soft spot for the 'common' man and woman, especially, those who work with their hands.

However, what made me write my first actual post on this, Col. Lang's very august website, is that I keep hearing about the poor downtrodden 'uneducated and uncultured' who support him. However, the reality is, Trump voters, come from all walks of life. I invite you and anybody who has not done so, to look at a full rally, eye the the crowd. There are hundreds out on youtube. What you will see is that Trump supporters are hardly the victims described in the MSM.


The Walrus Law: "Governments achieve the exact reverse of their stated intentions". Obama, "the peacemaker" proves it yet again; endless wars and the pauperisation of yet more Americans as the paths available to a better life are systematically closed off. So much for hope and change.

My prediction is that a Trump Administration, full of bankers, arch conservatives and plutocrats as it is, will do more for the common man than the Democrats have done since FDR.

ex-PFC Chuck

Paul Craig Roberts, who was an Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan Administration and who became shrill about the time of the invasion of Iraq, cites a post at commenter b's Moon of Alabama blog, asserts that movement to turn Trump-committed electors is a coup d'etat in progress that has a good chance of succeeding.


Of course your concern is correct. What I was pointing out is that Trump can make diplomatic effort to establish a "safe zone" with Russia's agreement without committing the US to further military involvement. I didn't say (nor do I believe) that it would necessarily work, but it would allow Trump to kick that can down the road and keep his promise to work with Russian to resolve the Syrian crisis.

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