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12 December 2016


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Beautiful. May your dream come true on this auspicious day.

ذكرى المولد النبوي الشريف 1438هـ


sweet Walrus, besides wonderfully mixed.

Although, let me offer you a slight tweak:

“I was a social studies Professor, but working with my hands while having all the time in the world to reflect is so much better, then the boredom between ill-prepared students coupled with the publication pressures of the trade. Never mind the money. ;)


This frivolous post accidentally escaped from typepad.


Just be happy if HRC stops wearing purple.


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thanks a lot walrus, wonderfully surprising contribution. Forgive the my badly proofread addition. Will you. ;)

How is your wife?

John Minnerath

I'm glad it got loose.

Abu Sinan

"From your lips to God's ear" as the saying goes. My wife is a special education teacher with a masters degree and 14 years experience and gets paid less than some students coming right out of university with a bachelors degree. Thank God for the teachers out there who love what they do and are able to keep doing it regardless of financial concerns.


After reading this, praying the Creator loosens the physics of inertia long enough to get us going in this blessed direction.


The time has come
The Walrus mused
To dream of "frivolous" things
Of Yeomen straight and bold and true
And FREE from queens and kings...

It is a mighty dream, Walrus, pray do not discount its power.

Peace if possible, rebellion at need.


The Beaver


Too bad there are no emoticons on Typepad, Walrus


HR 4790 of 2010.
Went nowhere.


To amend the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 to require shareholder authorization before a public company may make certain political expenditures, and for other purposes.


It has been reintroduced several times, e.g., in 2013 (S 824), (HR 446) 2015.
It is, AFAIK, primarily a Democratic bill. You won't get it with Republicans.
E.g., in 2011:

"So far, no Republican member of Congress has signed onto the legislation, despite the fact it is a straightforward corporate governance issue. The Shareholder Protection Act is not a restriction on campaign finance; it is not even an attempt to reverse the Citizens United decision. The Shareholder Protection Act simply requires that a CEO receive informed consent from shareholders when deciding to spend their money in candidate elections. Nevertheless, several Republicans have indicated they may consider supporting the legislation once it begins moving through Congress."


America has a automobile industry today primarily because of the auto bailout engineered by the much hated Obama.


Maglev too is primarily a Democratic project.


This vision is most welcome to offset the insanity of the past couple of weeks (at least). Thanks so much and hope all is well down under!


The decline in prosecution of white collar crime is bipartisan.

The Trump University Fraud is white-collar crime; Trump & his Goldman Sachs cohort is hardly likely to champion prosecution of white collar crime.



I'm shocked, just shocked to find that AG Eric Holder did not jail a single banker responsible for the 2008 financial collapse and neither did Loretta Lynch. Thank goodness New York and California got a settlement for the idiots who couldn't figure out what a diploma mill was. Too bad I don't have one of those degrees, it would look great in my office.



While true it is also true Obama didn't use any federal leverage against banks like he should have or jailed any bankers.

different clue


I would rather have a fairly fast rail system able to take me all over the country than to have a few high prestige Maglev lines going to and from a few Ultrapolitan Yuppie Havens.

Hawi Moore

Beautiful though it is not christmas yet

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