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04 December 2016


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During World War 2, the British ran a number of black propaganda radio stations against the Germans where they used a powerful RCA transmitter installed in south east England to broadcast the signal of fake illegal German military radio stations which mixed truth with propaganda. The best known of these was Gustav Siegfried Eins where the final transmission was the head of the station being interrupted by what were claimed to be Gestapo machine-guns and then being gunned down. The station was replaced by Soldatensender Calais.
I wonder with Bana Alabed if someone in MI-6 dusted down the black propaganda radio station SOP and recycled it for the Twitter age.



Guy Burgess, I think, conceived of the idea and produced many of the early ones.

Brian Howard, the original for Waugh's Miles Malpractice, wrote several of them, including what is considered the best, which included a concentration camp.

They used to hang out in the cellar of the Cafe Royale.


I'll grant that Hillary taking office after sputtering and fuming on the sidelines watching her pet project get destroyed for over two months would not be a good thing. But I think that would also be incentive for R+6 to bring the hammer down even harder.

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