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10 November 2016


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Mark Logan


Well done. I agree with most of it too. I am posting to mention something that Nixon once said about what made Ike a powerful president. I admire Nixon's intellect so don't think dragging him into this means anything.

Here's the tape on Nixon talking about Ike's foreign policy, but from 06:00 to 08:00 he describes how he dominated Congress.


If I were Trump I'd pick the first puppy in my party who publicly gave me lip up by the scruff of the neck and give him a good shaking. He must establish dominance or be led around by the nose and everything about his career says he will be acutely aware of this. What makes it tough to predict that will happen for me is he is on very new ground. When a developer closes a deal he knows exactly what needs to be done and exactly what his contractual obligations are. It's a plan reviewed, updated, amended and vetted in great detail for years.

He may feel overwhelmed. He may try to delegate the job. I suspect we will know very soon.



I agree with you. Which is why I think you're going to see some form of HSA with catastrophic insurance that covers certain things (cancer, car crash, etc) with some expanded provisions.

I'll admit I'm not an insurance guy (Eric Newhill would be that) but we're going to see something that isn't business as usual, I think. Possibly the revocation of the provision that says that everyone at the ER has to be seen and treated.


Remembrance Day has dawned again here in Oz. I have posted my usual 'Earn it' diatribe on Facebook, pinned on my hand-made poppy, got to work and whipped up a trip down to the war memorial for 11:00. This one is particularly sweet, as the shadow of war has been falling on us for months. But two days ago the American people delivered the best tribute to our veterans possible; they honoured their memory by rejecting WWIII. This is what Lest We Forget means, lest we forget never to do this to ourselves again. How bizarre that a man like Trump could deliver this amazing outcome. Whatever is to come (probably more of the same), today is a day to celebrate. Those men must have died for something more than the wealth of a few. If they died so our children don't have to, then we owe them everything.

Lest we forget....never to do it again.



Well done!

As you noted, "..Trump is unprecedented in what he has done, and the way he did it. Running a guerilla campaign, the man put to bed the two most prominent political dynasties in the US (the Bushes and the Clintons), in his first national campaign. A reminder: this is a group that contains: 3 former presidents, two governors, a senator, a secretary of state, and the director of the CIA."

This accomplishment should not be underestimated, especially in light of the fact that he did it with the entire resources of the Borg from the media to the big money arrayed against him. We saw how Bernie folded like a cheap suit even after he knew how badly he was shafted by the Borg Queen's machine.

IMO, as I noted in the earlier thread if he takes the campaign to the next phase to Drain the Swamp, which will be vigorously opposed by the Borg and he succeeds even partially that would be such an enormous victory for the working classes. Right now, everyone from all the Borgists including the GOP establishment are figuring out how they can kiss his ass to keep their gravy train going. My faith in Les Deplorables is stronger than ever. They were unshakeable in their determination to vote out the Borg. I don't think they'll be easily swayed by the tsunami of propaganda we can expect to be piped through the Borgist media in the coming months.



I should have clarified pro-Zionist. 99% of Hill staffers are Zionists. I meant pro-Zionist as Ultranationalist Zionist in the Bibi mold

That he is a Jew is not relevant, which is why I emphasized the Horowitz connection.

Horowitz's worldview is shaped by this Zionist ultranationalism and a healthy dose of Islamophobia.


yes, and with the plan to shut down the left and all people of color, who make up the upcoming majority, the cities shall burn. You think they're not well armed and not as highly agitated about Trump as when the cities burned in the 1960's?? and all we need is Guiliani to light the match. Good luck with that idea. Goodbye NYC. Tyler's writing so casually suggests multiple Tianamen Square like events I guess. We'll just kill hundreds of people with Guiliani leading the way. Good for you. Then the Trump voters will be fighting you in the streets. Wit their bare hands as you tear gas children.


and when he resigns and is rejected by the whole country what will you say? He barely won. Angry white men abound on here but they don't get out much. Wait 72 hours he'll be saying the N word live on TV and the race riots will begin, and you want that, dont u. he's a joke to all of us andhe doesn't like us at all, dream on.



Does Paul Ryan get a second chance in your analysis?

Or is he, as Mark Logan describes in an earlier post, taken by the scruff of the neck and given a shake?



Medicare and Medicaid are a third of federal government expenditures. Now, add in Tricare, VA. Health care expenditures are massive and growing at an incredible CAGR. If Trump can get Congress to bring our health care costs DOWN by 50%, to be in line with other western nations, it will not only alleviate the federal government's finances but also the finances of American businesses and every American. Our competitiveness would be dramatically increased.

If there is one thing that we as a nation should accomplish it is to take a meat ax to our health care cost structure. If that means single payer or some other structure so be it. This is an imperative if we want a world competitive economy.



No it isn't historical revisionism. I never said it wasn't associated with the Democrats (personally I have no problem with that). What I said was Trump wouldn't let it go down until something was in its place. He won't let it go down because forces (the business community) won't let him. He doesn't have the freedom of action you seem to think.

Now, do you want to argue what I actually said or words you are putting in my mouth? I'm trying hard to understand where you are coming from with all this but you seem to have a problem being confronted with some of your logic. What you are describing in Trump is Nixon II with some law and order tendencies and a huge Keynesian bent with no money to pay for it. Remember (and this isn't historical revisionism) it was Nixon who passed many of the laws that Republican complain about today. The EPA and so on.

All I'm saying is we've seen all of this before. Now how does Trump intend to pay for all this?



I would take more away from Miller's relationship with Horowitz in that he is opposed to the stifling effect that the Left has on thinking and demanding conformity of thought. Miller made his bones, if you will, defending the Duke Lacrosse team against the fake rape allegations that were being blasted across the nation at the time.

Robert C

Hmm...are you hinting at...dare I say it..death panels?

Robert C



I think Paul Ryan has seen the light and is very cognizant he is on his last chance with Trump. I would not be surprised if Mike Pence, of all people, delivered the "Come to Jesus" speech.

He was the one out there in front of the cameras, claiming a mandate for Trump. Today he was all smiles and showing Trump the view. So my question is if Ryan is smart enough to know he can't stump Trump, and that the man would be very happy to make an example out of him if he gets out of line?

To that I don't know. Only time will tell.


The mindset of the "opposition", such as it were.

English Outsider


Some genius at Zero Hedge has captioned this as President-elect Trump saying-

"If I'd known about the aliens I'd never have run for office."


If it's not too frivolous a post for your site.


Robert C,

I'm saying if you want your 80 year old grandma to have a heart transplant, you better have a private plan.



I don't see him feeling overwhelemed. He seems to thrive in adversity.

Thank you for your kind words.

Sam Peralta

You sure are unhinged!!



We did our part!



Trump is not beholden to the business community. He can easily walk away from this.

If he can reform health care, taxes, and increase the economy, the money will be there. Why does the Left suddenly worry about the debt when a Republican is in power every time?


Tyler wrote:

'Economic growth and tax reform will pay for it, as he's said. I'm trying to be polite here, but don't be a badgering a--hole demanding a line by line plan for every dollar that we both know you're just going to handwave away.'

LMAO. No it won't. It's mathematically impossible and I have the mathematical and economics chops to prove it if you have the requisite mathematical knowledge to understand it. The laws of mathematics are immutable throughout the universe and neither you nor Mr. Trump can change them to suit your purposes. That's what Reagan learned after screwing up the country. Everyone who opposed what Reagan intended to do at this stage before his inauguration was proven correct after being told the same demeaning things as you wrote here. Like I said, I've seen all this before.

You bought a pig in a poke sport if what you write comes true. I'm not assuming anything. I'm responding to your exact quotes. Frankly, I hope some of it does come true but let's not pretend this is any paradigm shift or realignment. This is the classical '... only Nixon can go to China argument'. You're saying Trump is going to force through Congress a classic Democratic prescription for dealing with a recession and he can do it because he isn't a Democrat. Good, I hope he does.

No, I don't need a line by line plan but I would at least expect you provide the deficit hawks an idea of how Mr. Trump is going to pay for all this because Mr. Ryan and Mr. McConnell will surely be asking the same question.



You also told me that Trump wouldn't win the election, so when you type all that to basically say "No he can't", I'm going to just shrug and say "We'll see". You obviously didn't learn anything by the 300+ EV blowout, but I won't stop you from believing what you want.



Thank you very much.


I hope Tyler is right. I will add two things about Trump.
First, he is already as a billionaire at the top, I mean, nothing to prove.
Already a succesfull guy.
Second, he is 70 years old.
A this age you don't think about career but only about legacy ans posterity.
This presidency is his last battle.No time to compromise
And he is a truly winner.



Thank you very much. I stand by these comments and think we're going to see a new thing with Trump.

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