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10 November 2016


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Babak Makkinejad

Your question is ill posed.

This ought to be the question:

"Are any or all of the Gulf State leaders anti-Christian bigots?"


Babak Makkinejad

There is no better food in the world...

You must not be serious.

How about Italian food; that gotto be the best in the world...



Trusting the media. Did you learn nothing from this election?


Disagree, it does not logically follow (that 1% act as a sink). More money in play increases liquidity. Trump is immediately goosing the pockets of lower/middle-class people by proposing tax cuts; these are stealth ways of printing money that don't look like it, just like Cash For Clunkers. Trump also gooses pockets of small businesspeople through tax cuts, which result in more jobs. Money flows where it always does, around & around. Not stuck in banks like QE.


"Even the current US dollar has lost 95% of its purchasing power since the Federal Reserve was formed in 1913."

And.... So what? Can you find a single American who'd prefer to live in 1913, with a 1913 standard of living, because their dollars could buy more?

As has been mentioned numerous times, dragging in Zimbabwe or Weimar or revolutionary is simply a distraction. Those societies all faced circumstances very unique to their own time and place. Those circumstances have essentially nothing in common with with the U.S., or even Europe, now.

Keith Harbaugh

This is not exactly on the election of Trump,
but does deal with a related topic, and one I know Tyler is interested in:
The alt-right, and the response to it.
"Anti fascist activists storm restaurant hosting neo Nazi, alt right NPI dinner."
A more accurate title would be:
"PC thugs storm restaurant hosting alt right NPI dinner."

This methodology is one I am unfortunately very familiar with,
bringing back memories of the radical student activism of the 1960s.
For some information on its makeup, see
A quote from that article:
"The University of Wisconsin was a hotbed of the counterculture during the 1960s.
Two buildings were bombed, several were occupied, and the Wisconsin National Guard was called in to restore order."
The author was a student at Wisconsin then,
and reported on the new left there for the student newspaper.
His observations are grounded in direct observation.

I attended an AMS math conference at U. Wisconsin in the summer of 1970.
The Army had a Math Research Center there,
which became a magnet for demonstrations,
in which protesters chanted
"U.S. out of Vietnam! Smash Army Math!"
How they got from wanting the U.S. out of Vietnam
to wanting to "Smash Army math" is opaque to me.
Shortly after that conference the AMRC suffered a fatally bombing,
showing the tactics of the radical left.

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