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06 November 2016


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It seems to me that the woman in the photo could have gotten a uniform jacket big enough to cover her ass. And, so far as I know, you are not supposed to wear that blue rope unless you are in a TO&E infantry unit. pl

James Loughton


I believe that woman had her uniform carefully tailored to show off her ass. Blow up the pic a bit more and you can see the butt is so form fitting that it shows her ass crack.

Keith Harbaugh

My prediction, FWIW, is:
No matter how proficient these women may be in combat and leadership skills,
they will inevitably cause more problems for the Army than they are worth.
What problems?
Simply those that are inevitable when men and women of that age
are in such close proximity, day and night,
while they are deprived of the access to legal and authorized sex
they would have in the civilian world.
How on earth can anyone expect the Army to prevent sex between the troops,
whether it is consensual or otherwise,
in the circumstances of combat training and action?

This will completely corrupt and corrode
the whole delicate balance of command relationships.

An example: The fate of General Jeffrey Sinclair.
What a sad outcome for an evidently outstanding officer,
and a loss for the Army.
And that was just with a staff officer in an HQ,
let alone what can happen in the field.

I have never been in a real infantry unit,
but just base on my understanding of human relations, that's my prediction, FWIW.
More expert opinion would be welcome.

The Twisted Genius


There does seem to be a wide variation in jacket hem lengths in that photo. I still don't like the black beret as worn by all. I much prefer the peaked cap and the garrison cap. The infantry cord is awarded when one is qualified as an infantryman. I imagine graduating from IOBC is considered being qualified and the cord is worn for that ceremony just as enlisted men are awarded the cord in a ceremony after graduating AIT. You're right about being assigned to an infantry unit in order to wear the cord normally.



The whole thing sucks and reeks of EEO crap. I want to see that little woman with 45 grunts, living out in the woods like bears together. pl


Have you seen the #draftourdaughters stuff?



Minor clarification: women graduate the Basic School every month, we had about a dozen in my company six years ago. But they are 0/29 (or maybe 30something now) at our Infantry Officer Course.

The Twisted Genius


It may have started as a 4chan joke/disinformation meme, but there's a certain justice to the idea. Why would the EEO types want to deny women the opportunity to register for the draft? Surely they don't want all the benefits without any of the responsibilities. That's not a very liberated attitude.

The Twisted Genius


Thanks for the clarification. I just see the signs for The Basic School whenever I drive through the range side of the MCB and often forget that many courses are taught there. I hear the ranges every few days and hear/see the Ospreys flying low over the house. You sure can't sneak up on anybody with those things.


Michael Tracy (the Vice reporter) called Clinton an 'intersectional militarist', and that is probably a good a forecast as any about the future of the American Empire.


This evening I went to a party for future military attaches and I am always impressed by these young officers, men and women. I realize that combat is a nasty exercise, but history shows it becomes more and more mechanized over time. We already have drones and I expect battlefield robots to be next. Thus, this discussion may soon be moot. If you can have a driver less harvesters, cars and trucks, why not tanks of various sizes?

As much as it pains old warriors, they may be headed for museums and new ones will have started as young video game operators. I don't think that joy stick cares for the gender of the user. If you don't think women can be deadly serious, you have not been married.



The attaché course has always had these amusing receptions in Florida. They are intended to expose future attaches to actual civilians. They used to come under my authority. If you think war as a personal matter is coming to an end you are an idiot. My mother told me the same thing in the 1950s. Have you no awareness of what is going on in Syria, Iraq, Nigeria and Ukraine? Go sober up. I hope you enjoyed DIA's hospitality. pl


Lot of fun to be near the brownout when they lift off, too. Have not had the pleasure of fast roping out of an Osprey, but apparently it's doable...

The Twisted Genius


I have no doubt that female soldiers are capable of executing many military functions including some deadly serious ones. I still don't believe they should be in the infantry. I doubt this will change. I was called an anachronism for being a light infantryman in 1976. In 1983 I was creeping through cellars with a 45 and a hatchet. I would bet that 25 or 50 years from now, some other anachronism will be creeping through cellars or sewers with a laser pistol and a hatchet. We'll never go out of fashion.

mike allen

Never understood why the Pentagon didn't do a buy for the NOTAR (no tail rotor) helicopters developed by Hughes years ago. Those birds gave new meaning to "silent but deadly". But only a few city police forces bought them due to resident noise complaints.


Obviously, your mother did nothing to curb your cynicism. I am sure there will be some soldiers who will face enemies up close, but I suspect there will be less and less of that.

Many of the officers I met this evening are going to places that are less than hospital. The best aspect of the evening was the local support, both corporate and social these officer got at this reception and it is true, I did enjoy the hospitality and it appeared the "students" did too. My friend who hosted it has done so for 38 years.

I conversed with several officers and as I said, I found them to be impressive, even if you would fail to do so. I actually find that they have an important mission, in a geopolitical sense.

As far as knowing what goes on in the places you mentioned, I did not find anyone not informed, whether military or civilian. Personally, I liked that these young people in uniform are on my side.

The Twisted Genius

Never fast roped and certainly never out of an Osprey. All I did was rappelling out of a Huey. Unfortunately I once did a 250 foot rappel with a 200 foot rope due to a serious updraft in the Kahuku mountains.

Bill H

It seems that the purpose of the military has changed. When I served in the Navy the purpose of the military was defense of the nation. Today it is seen as a career opportunity, and there is a consequent need to see that all social classes are provided with equal access to that wonderful opportunity. That has resulted in all of the social engineering that is not serving what used to be the primary mission of national defense.


I run an outdoors business in Central Asia and had a long, long talk with a Mongolian officer who had been part of ISAF in Afghanistan. The US is beyond hated even among so called "allies". Why? No respect for grunts. No going out in the fields. Killing people by remote.
Do you really think you can communicate (and yes, war is a form of communcation)by sending in drones? There is a moment when you have to touch ground. When you have to eventually put your own troups in harms way. If you don´t do that you will be less than respected. Just intensely hated. The US is gutting her very best infantry units by subjecting them to PC crap and people like you think it doesn´t matter. It matters very much in any of those "small" wars where the US is involved.

Old Microbiologist

I can't disagree with you there. I have run or commanded organizations with mixed military genders and yes, there are very specific requirements for women soldiers uniforms. They do have an issue with tailoring and these jackets are custom made. Women do not fit into the 6 size groups of military uniforms.

I recall my particularly tough 2nd wife who was 4'10.5" and 95 pounds yet was possibly the toughest officer I have ever experienced. When she walks in a room for a meeting nobody notices how short she is. She could make it through these course if needed. In fact, she was roped into an operational unit and bypassed all these schools. I think her airborne school consisted of being thrown from a Huey 5 times out at Camp Peary one day as she had to meet the airborne requirement. My point being when necessary you bag all the qualification crap and just do the job.

I agree there is a PT requirement which should be enough for anyone if it were a real test. I have always believed every soldier must be capable of shooting a weapon, be NBC qualified and tested, be healthy, and be able to carry their basic load for some measurable yet sane distance perhaps 20 km. This is enough to see if they can actually do their basic military skills (regardless of MOS). How many 2LT 11B OCS (Mustangs) officers had any additional training during Vietnam other than OBC? The ROTC were even more disadvantaged. IMHO it is a waste to spend a lot of money on 2LT's as it assumes a good survival rate in combat, which is not typical. I have always believed the advanced schools should come after leading real soldiers at the Platoon level. But, then I always believed every officer must serve two years as an enlisted soldier before being commissioned.

Old Microbiologist

Obviously, but try being an Infantry Colonel and her supervisor/commander and correcting this without a follow-on Sexual Harassment charge.

Personally, when I commanded mixed gender units it was horrible. The women are at least 10 times more trouble in every regard. They can be and usually are great soldiers but there is an inherent need for specialized "stuff" when having women serving. Not saying it is bad, but it adds to the complexity of commanding a field unit. When you don't have enough men it is nearly impossible to assemble a unit in the field which has a large amount of tentage, generators, etc. I have a substantial amount of experience at Field Hospitals and forward deployed laboratories which can have really large footprints and you have 1 day to get operational. I have had to borrow male soldiers from nearby units (MP's etc.) to get the big tents put up as the women just can't do it. Driving stakes with a sledge hammer, raising GP Large poles? Just not going to happen, moving water buffalos by hand, the list goes on about real duties in the field.

Old Microbiologist

Excellent points. Don't forget an increasing larger part of the burden of all this combat etc. is now being done by mercenaries (contractors in the modern PC speech).

I get tired of hearing they died to keep America free. It is difficult to imagine how anyone can accept that, but then again, HRC is very likely going to be President (no matter how the people vote) and I can't imagine anyone of intelligence voting for her either, yet I have a lot of PhD friends (including family members) who won't even listen to any criticism as Trump is so bad (to them). I suppose we will get what we deserve now.

It seems increasingly likely I am finally going to get answers to all those all night CQ/AOD/OOD whatever conversations about which military would function better in combat against each other. Or whose anti-ballistic missile system actually works? Can any navy ships survive modern warfare? Whose latest fighter is better? The list goes on. It used to be a comparison of the Soviet Union to the US but now it is Russia/China against USA/EU (+/-). 2017 is going to be a fascinating year.

scott s.

re the light infantry, they have converted 3rd Bde of the 25th ID here from Stryker to light infantry, so some one seems to think they are needed. They did lose the 1-14 Inf in the transition though.

A. Pols

It's really all about the efforts of the SJW contingent in our culture, which has striven mightily to reconfigure the world as they wish it to be.
It takes layers of protection to insulate the epicene results from the reality that will transpire should that "Ivory Tower" protective cocoon break down.



I was Defense and Army Attaché in two inhospitable countries and was later head of the Attaché system world wide. There was a recently concluded war in Korea even as my mother told me conventional war was at an end. The military attachés in training were nice to you? They were brought down from Washington to learn to be nice to civilians in a social setting. I have been to several of the Florida reception exercises, once as a trainee, and a couple pf times to see how the attaché course instructors were spending my budget. pl

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