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17 November 2016


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robt willmann

As a side note, James Clapper, director of national intelligence, resigned today (not unexpectedly)--


The Twisted Genius

I saw the big headline. After reading the article, I see this announcement is a lot of nothing. His term runs out in January and that's what he chose as his resignation date. Big deal. If he said he was willing to stay on for a while for continuity's sake, that would be news. I don't like the man. I consider him a self-aggrandizing bloviator. His announcement of his resignation is further evidence of that.


OT The Russians have been hammering Homs and Idlib for the last few days. Are the loyalists going to move in that direction, or are they just keeping the jihadis' heads down whilst western Aleppo is liberated?

mike allen

Thanx TTG -

With regard to the YPG leaving Manbij, that was done I think primarily due to American pressure. I hope that there was some quid pro quo on the part of the Turks, you think? But since there are many Kurdish families living in Manbij, I suspect the YPG political arm stayed behind and some Asayish, possibly even some YPG in civvies.

Agree 100% with your comments re a YPG/YPJ study effort.

The Twisted Genius

The Russians are hitting the supply lines in the Idlib area to prevent jihadi reinforcements from attempting to break the Aleppo encirclement from the west.


"The all female YPJ units seem to be far more than some new age publicity gimmick. .... they are effective against an enemy that is apparently terrified of dying at the hands of a woman."

You contradict yourself there. You claim the female units are not a publicity gimmick, but then cite an obvious piece of Kurdish propaganda as the proof, although in fact it is more likely an indicator that they may well indeed be to some extent a publicity gimmick. There isn't the slightest evidence that Da'ish fighters fear "dying at the hands of a woman". The idea just comes from the Kurdish propaganda. The point is to show off the Kurds as Westernised and modern, and Da'ish as backward and medieval. That's why they appear in every single video about the Rojava Kurds in battle. It is necessary to show off the point.

The Twisted Genius

The Kurds are certainly milking the YPJ for propaganda value and the West is eating it up. However, the Kurds do not have the luxury of dedicating limited resources to the YPJ units just for the propaganda value. They use what they got in the most efficient way possible. They work as a military unit.

As far as the truth of the Da'ish fighters' fears goes, I'm open to correction. But I remember seeing reports of captured jihadis claiming this fear as well as Kurdish and Western claims.

Allen Thomson

Be interesting to see what his new gig will be. VP for something at a Beltway Bandit or Senior Fellow at a think tank would be my guess. Plus board memberships at MIC heavyweights.

The Twisted Genius

Of course. I doubt even he could stand being with himself in retirement. The thought of reflection and contemplation probably frightens the hell out of him.


Actually there is plenty of evidence that Daesh fighters are terrified of being killed by a woman. It consists of them openly admitting it themselves. They don't believe they are rewarded with going to heaven for martyrdom if it's a woman that kills them. I'm open to being wrong on this as well, but I've seen far too many clips out there of ISIS guys admitting it.



It will be interesting to see if BHO promotes him on the retired list. I suspect not and that he is leaving in a fit of pique. Someone mentioned me as a possibility for a job offer. Nevah hoppen, GI. The neocons would fight it to the bitter end. This below is more fun. pl

The Twisted Genius


Sasquatch hunter... now there's something that could draw me out of retirement. I remember you providing us a link to a show about sasquatch hunters. Some burly gentleman heard a feral noise out in the darkness and, without hesitation, ran outside armed with nothing more than a stout stick and a brave heart. I could sit around a fire and drink beers with those crazy bastards. I imagine you could, too.



IMO an application of sound intelligence analysis on what is supposedly known of the "Sasquatch People" would lead to an ability to go the right place and be waiting for them. If it is true that they are another kind of human there must be law to protect. pl


Off Topic but another piece of interest from Jack Murphy:

The Twisted Genius


Damned good idea. I'll be reading/studying that DNA material you found. It's a good place to start. Considering that a trained sniper in a ghillie suit can be invisible, I can see how a population of "Sasquatch People" can remain undiscovered.


The sad part Dear Host is that the Empire will never let Rojava stand. Before all the shooting stops, the US are going to allow the Turks to destroy Rojava (either directly or through the Iraqi Kurds). What the YPG represents is far more dangerous than Assad, or even Putin, to the Masters of the Universe. The Syrian Kurds are committing the most heinous of crime; Anarchy. A group after my own heart; they have transferred all power to the lowest practical level, are radically democratic (by international norms), and they are able to defend themselves. They are not reliant on anyone, not dependent on the Global financial system, and bend the knee to no man. This will not stand. The Empire will not allow Rojava to become a beacon to oppressed people everywhere.

Anarchy is the perfect foil to centralised power, hence the weight of the world will fall on their unbowed heads. Of course, once the Empire has finished using them.


Sorry Twisted, I didn't see your name on this one. Many thanks for picking up the crown.

Ishmael Zechariah

TTG, All; This might be of interest:
Ishmael Zechariah

The Twisted Genius

Thanks, Earthrise. But the crown is still where it belongs. I'm just providing a little temporary supporting fire.


As sovereign states fall victim to the globalist's onslaught of looting, the Kurd’s People Protection Units are a means of securing communities from roving bands of religious nuts or corporate road warriors. Another means of achieving security is to restore the draft and 4-year militia tours duty for all able bodied Deplorables and One Percenters. If all hands are needed on the battle line to secure the peace; divisive identity politics will have to disappear.

different clue

Colonel Lang,

It might be safer to have a pre-emptive law to protect them now, just in case they exist. If there is no such law now ahead of time, and some one who is "loaded for Sasquatch" sees one, there is nothing to deter such a person from killing him/her to prove it to science.


I assume this is an inside joke?
No harm if it is, but if serious no way they could have a sufficient breeding population and not have been found!


The latest Trump update...

Trump offers Flynn national security adviser job http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/ap-source-trump-offers-flynn-national-security-adviser-job/ar-AAkqtH0
Flynn, who served as the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, has advised Trump on national security issues for months. As national security adviser, he would work in the White House and have frequent access to the president. The post does not require Senate confirmation.

The official wouldn't say whether Flynn had accepted the job, which left open the possibility that the arrangement was not finalized. The official was not authorized to discuss the offer publicly and insisted on anonymity. ...

The president-elect held his first face-to-face meeting with a world leader since winning the presidential election, huddling privately with Japan's Shinzo Abe. While Trump made no comments following the meeting, Abe said the president-elect was "a leader in whom I can have great confidence."

Trump also consulted with former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and sat down with South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, a potential contender to lead the State Department. ...

Trump's actions Thursday aimed to show leaders both in the U.S. and overseas that he could soften his rhetoric, offer pragmatism in the White House and reaffirm longstanding American alliances. Since his stunning victory over Hillary Clinton last week, Trump has spoken with Russian President Vladimir Putin, British Prime Minister Theresa May and nearly three dozen other world leaders by telephone.

Ron Dermer, Israel's ambassador to the United States, also visited the skyscraper and called Trump "a true friend of Israel." He specifically cited as another "friend" Trump campaign CEO Steve Bannon, whose selection as a top White House adviser has created a backlash among Democrats. Bannon's news website has peddled conspiracy theories, white nationalism and anti-Semitism.

"We look forward to working with the Trump administration, with all the members of the Trump administration, including Steve Bannon, in making the U.S.-Israel alliance stronger than ever," Dermer said.

Despite all the media hysteria about the "transition" it appears things are moving along at a good clip.

The MSM headlines tonight about Trump are much less negative and more "politically normal" (for lack of a better phrase).

Interesting times!


Amen VietnamVet,

Identity politics is now only aiding the enemy, time for the patriots to rally around the flag. Sorry to ask, were you drafted or did you volunteer? I would not have expected a Vietnam vet to support the draft, but hopefully I am about to find out. The Syrian Kurds are using the same playbook that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps developed; part militia, part social service provider. I think this is the future once centralised control weakens, and our budgets hollow out.

I would prefer not to have to draft our fellow militia warriors; the strength of the YPG is in their incredible motivation. A little gentle social pressure should do the job, seemed to have got my ancestors to travel all the way to France 100 years ago. If the times are serious enough, there will be no need to draft anyone. And we civvies are going to need you old vets to come back from your well-deserved retirements to show us a thing or two.

robt willmann

I have been engaging in some speculative and wishful thinking that Col. Lang's taking some time off was a cover story resulting from an overture from the Trump camp to discuss a possible job or policy. But he would have to either go in a disguise to Trump Tower, or Trump could go out for another dinner. Not to the 21 Club, but maybe to a little authentic Italian restaurant. Or a meeting at an Irish spot in New York--


If he is nominated or hired without the need for Senate approval, once pl's experience is publicized, the neocons might not be able to block it, after Trump makes a decision.

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