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09 November 2016


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I think it's an amusing bit of trivia to note that our President-Elect is in the WWE(what was the WWF) Hall of Fame.

I wonder if Obama is regretting mocking Trump at the Correspondent's Dinner, which some said have set this entire thing off.



I woke up this morning and you would have thought I won the damn thing the way my phone and social media have been blowing up.



I believe you have my email to know where to send it if you would be so kind.


Exclusive picture of me from last night:


Babak Makkinejad

I thought that Trump was also the candidate of the Peace Party - the party that cannot come out from the proverbial closet; since - as you are well aware of it - we have been living in the shadow of Munich since 1939.


that's hilarious. pure camp.



The Raiders are my team as well.

What a year its been.



Personally I'm curious if Sessions is going to DHS. That choice will tell me a lot.


Tyler, Colonel, All,

There is word floating that the globalist JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs have plans to crash the economy and have it blamed on President Trump once he is in office. If this is true, then the entities of JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs guru types need to understand in cold terms that it's NOT NICE TO FRIG our U.S. economy and put Mom and Pop America in jeopardy and pain. And there is no where on God's green earth they can hide from our American wrath, they will have become on the same level as ISIS/AL=QAEDA/BIN=LADEN, an enemy whom Americans will destroy in a very cold and vicious manner.


Nate Silver had Trump at about 30% chance of winning. In terms of statistics I would call that toss up.


my above comment "that's camp" applies to New Yorker rhetoric. Forgot to quote it, I think.


I'm asking one and all to join me and to start saying at least a couple of prayers daily for our new President Trump, to protect and guide him through the rough challenges he faces on our behalf.

Martin Oline

I will enjoy the coming bloodbath in the Clinton camp as they turn on each other. The night of the long knives comes to mind but that would not be accurate. That was a purge by the powerful (Hitler) of his uncontrollable allies. It was reported that many of them shouted, "Heil Hitler!" as they were shot. The irony being that he ordered their execution.
The media is so full of hubris it will never acknowledge the damage this election has done to what little credibility it had remaining. The Clinton Foundation will be history. They no longer have power to sell. Self preservation will be the rule, and many will be shopping tell all memoirs to publishers.
This election will reverberate for years. Camilia Paglia said: "if Trump wins it will be an amazing moment of change because it would destroy the power structure of the Republican party, the power structure of the Democratic party and destroy the power of the media. It would be an incredible release of energy… at a moment of international tension and crisis."


Tyler, You kinda did win. No one here saw it happening but you, and you nailed it, congratulations man.
So whats next- what do you see the first 6 months of the new administration looking like?


WF; Guiliani might be a good temporary appointment to draw the "fire" attendant to a Clinton prosecution. Then he could gracefully retire, like Cincinnatus, and clear the decks for a longer term appointee.

mistah charley, ph.d.

I think Obama will issue pre-emptive pardons, at least for the private email server, as Ford did for Nixon. Framing a pre-emptive pardon for the possible crimes at the Clinton Foundation is harder.


There was a Cold Drizzle in Fort Worth that fateful morning as Kennedy prepared for his "Parking Lot Speech". If the drizzle had continued, and thus the protective bubble on his car had not been removed, the history of the coup would have been altered. Or the Lone Gunman would have had to race to the Trade Mart.

As I recall, 1963 was a leap year and Nov 22 was the final day of Brumaire.


I hope so. Gingrich, as the Speaker of the House, for all the cartoon demonization by the popular press, struck me as a level headed person who is not as given to ideological blindspot as the decade of GOP clowns who followed him. There is no politician that I'd trust to do the right thing, when push comes to shove, than Gingrich.



We're free of the Clinton Cabal



Col. Lang,

I've never liked Gingrich but perhaps he's had a Come to Jesus moment. I saw him in the Netflix movie 13th talking about how wrong it was to criminalize Black males


I kept bringing this up, but the polls were actually more right than not. It was the human element in interpreting the polls that insisted on seeing things the way they wanted to. As things stand, HRC won popular votes, but as I kept pointing out, Trump can spot HRC 2% in popular vote lead and still win EV victory, as long as he has small majorities across the Midwest--and this was all in the polling data. And Trump did pull it off. Also, one social science theory that defied the data got borne out by the reality: that the more "political" voters stand by their party when push comes to shove. The working class whites and minority voters effectively canceled themselves out. Trump essentially got an even share of the college educated white voters (exit polls indicate a slight majority), and it was they who tipped the scale in the grand scheme of things, exactly as predicted, ironically, by social science theories.

Hard Hearted Empath

The deduction is sound but as an alternate role for himI am sensing from some informed persons that Gingrich is intended more to guide legislation through Congress. I am not sure that chief of staff is the best post for that, but maybe it Gingrich could make it work. He was the VP Trump wanted to pick "in his heart."


I am so effing sick of rags like WaPo denigrating the voters like myself who live in Iowa as racist, sexist, xenophobic, stupid, uneducated, etc., etc.

My blue collar, democratic county of 45,000 which is 97% white, voted heavily for Obama in 2008, voted heavily for Obama in 2012, and voted heavily for Sanders in the recent caucuses. Sexism? Our state senator and rep have been democratic women for years and won handily last night.

Last night, my county voted heavily for Trump--the first time a repub has carried the county since the 1980s.

Uneducated? While the local public high school is not Friends Sidwell, it has an ACT median score of 23 which is higher than any national average, and sends kids to college at a higher than average national rate.

If the Borg's narrative of this election is to scream racism and sexism rather than to address the economic problems of places like mine, they are absolutely hopeless.

Btw--I voted Jill Stein.

The Beaver


What will those guys do next?


Will they do the same thing as they did with President Obama back in January 2009: invite DJ Trump to Chevy Chase Village at George Will's house to break bread and to lay the law of the land

Hard Hearted Empath

I believe that Flynn is meant for National Security adviser rather than SecDef, for which I think Trump will pick someone who is more a Lee Iacocca, Robert McNamara type -- to squeeze better deals out of the "munitions lobby." I think will look at the economies that are lost when for political reasons a tactical fighter plane needs to be made in 48 states. Conversely, I bet he will learn quickly that the best way to get Congressional support for The Wall is to subcontract its construction to companies in 48 states.

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