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09 November 2016


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The Beaver


Good morning,

I wonder if former Lt Gen Flynn will ensure that it is bye-bye as far as James Clapper is concerned?


Gingrich at State.
I don't know whether to be curious or TERRIFIED.
Gingrich is apparently a very smart guy but he's also like a keg of dynamite looking for a fuse.
Do you know Flynn?



I do not know Flynn. Gingrich is very smart and knowledgeable. I think he would do well at State. pl


The Cubs win the World Series.
The Deplorables win the White House.
The stock market quakes with uncertainty.
And somewhere, "It's whole new world" is playing in the background.
Hot damn!


i kept the faith

now its up to Trump to prove whether or no he can become the Great Man, and tell history what time it is.

"The Dictator of the Proletariat"


As we say here in the Northwest:

Shit Howdy.

As an aside, today is the 18th of Brumaire


Eric Newhill

All along the number crunching - real number crunching not the phony made for teevee junk polls, Nate Silver black box voodoo statistics, etc - favored Trump (number crunching is my way). Tyler's channeling the zeitgeist validated the numbers and vice versa.

You had me worried with your pessimism b/c I thought maybe you had access to some covert knowledge. Other than that, a solid Trump victory was always going to happen.


I dunno....."It's a Whole New World" might not be it exactly.

I am going with "Desolation Row"

As an aside.....the Raiders are in first place. Another data point in a hearty, albiet qualified, agreement.

Hot Damn


I'm beginning wonder whether msm also "improved" the HRC winning chances during those months worth predictions and surveys.

You know, at some point, propagandists start believing their own sh*t and creates a sort of group think that makes it difficult to see the truth/



Seems to me that a Special Prosecutor or two is an inevitable feature of this future. pl


Will be fun to watch the implosion of HRCs inner circle now that they really have something to fear. It was amazing to watch the democrats use the same losing strategy (cheat, lie, and deny) for 18 months all the way up to the end.


Is Tyler still with us, or was he assumpted to Heaven after Trump's victory last night?


What is the expert opinion at WaPo worth?



Congratulations. Let me know where to send your winnings.


I will be equally curious to see how far the disentigration of the Democratic party will go, if at all.

The universe is working on getting them to choke on an industrial size chunk of hubris. Their day has passed. The duplicity and plutocrat nature, that of the Clintons, the Wasserman-Schultz crowd, the Chuck Schumer crowd, could not have more perfectly exposed. They are passé but like a dinosaur with a tiny brain, they have expired but most likely will not get the message for some time.

Staying tuned to see if Bernie and Bill Weld can get together over the next several years.



From the WAPO article it does not seem the phd crowd understands that immigration has had a downward impact on wages and may as big a reason for the decline of median wages as de-industrialization. They are fixated on race. Do they not understand that those lower wages are also paid to blacks, hispanics and asians?


On the brighter side, President Trump may really make the economy roar again into the Golden Age boom since he's a real estate developer
promised much more infrastructure spending (he has also said on video interviews before he ran for president that he believes the gov should pay for all universal healthcare, pro-social security, & pro-choice)
Trump famously said on TV that the gov can never default since the gov truly can always print it money needs to infrastructure, military, healthcare, etc
--just like it did during WW2 & FDR
(and no, it doesn't cause inflation as long as production increases --ie, double supply of apples or cars, the prices of apples & cars stays relatively the same even as the money supply double)
--it is what Singapore & CHina does using their gov banks to fund their massive multi-trillion dollar instructure jobs programs building bullet trains, super highways, cities, airports, super dams, etc

from Mike Nornan, who was economist for Thomas James, S & P, & analyst on FoxBusiness, Bloomberg, CNBC -he is a huge supporter of Donald Trump & he writes a very accurate economics site at http://MikeNormanEconomics.blogspot.com & his column at TheStreet below:

"Donald Trump Embraces MMT and Exposes the Truth

"Donald Trump has gone full MMT. Well, maybe not full MMT, but a long way toward getting to full MMT. I have been doing Modern Money Theory for 14 years, telling people about it and teaching it, but I am not Donald Trump.

In one comment he has done more to advance the discussion and expose the truth than what any of us have done in over a decade.

But that doesn't diminish our efforts. I'm glad to have him on board.

What did Trump say? He said the U.S. can never become insolvent or go bankrupt or default because we print our own currency. Stated another way, the U.S., in fact, really has no debt.

This means the government is not dependent on tax revenue or borrowing to take on the spending and investment it needs to make.

The government spends in dollars and those dollars flow to people and firms who then swap them for Treasuries so they can earn a little interest.

When it comes time to "pay those people back" the government simply takes the Treasuries back and issues dollars to the holders once again.

There is never an inability to do this.

The only time we have anything close to a problem such as default is when we come up against the debt ceiling and the political shenanigans associated with that.

The debt ceiling is a stupid, artificial and self-imposed constraint that dates back to the gold standard.

The U.S. is no longer on the gold standard and hasn't been for 83 years.

Moreover, we have been off the Bretton Woods system of fixed exchange rates for 45 years.

You would think by now people would know this, but they seemingly don't. Hopefully, the fact that Donald Trump stated the obvious will sink in for some.

Still, I know what there will be those who will never accept this. They will still go on believing that our money comes from out of the ground, which is ridiculous. They'll say that printing money causes inflation.

Well, I got news for you, it doesn't. Take a look at the chart below.

If this doesn't clear up this myth, I don't know what will. You might as well believe in alien abductions and the Loch Ness monster. (Oh yes, those are real, too. I forgot.)

From the chart, above, you can see that the government has "printed" nearly $20 trillion and inflation went down. Not up, down.

You simply can't keep saying, well, it's going to happen someday. It won't.

In a modern, competitive economy there is zero chance of inflation happening as a result of government spending.

Moreover, the fact that the spending induces the private sector to produce more -
-roads, schools, health care, energy, transportation, basic science and research, etc.
--means that prices tend to go down, not up, because we get more supply of those things.

The only inflationary threat we would face is if we ran out of the physical resources and labor to produce the things that the spending was employed to purchase.

I'm not saying that can't happen, but at the moment that is not even something close to a reality.

Furthermore, with the global economy so interlinked, there are plenty of resources and labor that can be tapped in other parts of the world pretty easily.

Trump is taking a lot of heat for his comments. I know how he must feel. I have taken heat over the years for stating the same.

But the people giving the heat have been wrong. Dead wrong.

They have been wrong on inflation, on interest rates, on the economy, on the markets, on employment, on the U.S. credit downgrade and its consequences.

Basically, they have been wrong on everything. On the other hand, MMT has been right about everything.

Trump exposed the lie that the government must "save money."

You don't need to save what you can create without limit.

Trump speaks from a purely MMT viewpoint.

Maybe he's reading my columns or my blog or, maybe it's just common sense, which, when you think about it, is what it should be for most people, but it's not.

Whatever it is, I am glad he's on our side. Go Donald!"


Bank operations CEO/MBA Warren Mosler goes into more detail here http://moslereconomics.com/mandatory-readings/innocent-frauds/


The big loser is the main stream media. Of course, they will blame their problems on the "deplorables" who lied and didn't tell them they were voting for Trump. The New York Times said yesterday morning that Clinton had an 85% chance of winning but by late evening they had Trump with an 87% chance of winning. It's not funny.

William Fitzgerald

Pat Lang,

Kudos to Tyler. He nailed it with state of the art analytics which seemed to amount to talking to people and counting yard signs. On the other hand, the pollsters, pundits, and campaign professionals have been desperately scraping egg from their faces last night and this morning.

I have a couple of observations: Giuliani might have been a good man for A.G. 8 or so years ago but, judging (only) from his TV appearances, his best days are behind him and, moving to put Mrs. Clinton in prison will ignite a firestorm in the country. I guess that last was a prediction, not an observation.





A sane dialog with Russia is a great outcome from this. However, Trump has historically beat up on China for having the temerity of lower labor prices, as well as "currency manipulation" [reality is they've intervened to PROP IT UP, not push it down]. Decent chance Trump will start a trade war with China.

Trump has also said historically that people don't respect America because our military is too weak (?!???). Blessedly, he made no mention of that last night, correctly putting emphasis on internal infrastructure spending [it could be he's much smarter than he looks]. But I could see more massive spending on the military-industrial complex, along with posturing leading to a conflict against China.

Lastly Trump has promised to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital, and therefore appears to be a full-bore Zionist. Shudder.


To completely understand what a wonderful thing happened last night, I think everyone in world specially the Borg should watch this clip of Michael Moore

“Trump's election will be the biggest "F—ck You" in human history - Michael Moore”



Although the outcome is uncertain, our democracy at work is beautiful. My faith in the electorate's best intentions is restored.



Thank you. All the same I felt relief when Florida turned and set off the whole shebang.

As far as Cabinet picks go, I think another ultimate middle finger would be (Ron) Paul or Buchanan at State, or the former at Treasury. I wonder what capacity Sessions will be used?

I think Cruz might get his SCOTUS nod after Ginsberg passes, but we'll see.


William Fitzgerald

You are unhappy with the effectiveness of Giuliani in confronting people like Jake Tapper (the man who spun on a dime last night). In response to Giuliani saying things you don't like you say he is senile. Are you proud of that? IMO a Special Prosecutor for the Clinton Foundation's Play for Pay is inevitable. How about Patrick Fitzgerald from Chicago. pl


What was the turnout? I can't find it. Opinionators insist on reading a mass FU as The Lower Orders' yearning for a Man on Horseback.

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