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04 November 2016


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Another would be stage charger/would be assassin last night at the Trump rally at Reno.

So what, that's 3 now? And Trumpeteers are the violent ones? lel.


I feel that your description of Trump and the people around him is quite accurate, yet I am going to vote for him in the hope that, if he wins, his administration will be so chaotic that he will not be able to do the kind of terrible damage to the country that I think Hillary Clinton would be able to do, as the more competent operator in the race.

Today's tiny example of the kind of people Clinton is gathering around herself is in this in which neo-liberal free trade economist and Clinton ally Brad Delong puts forward his son for a Fire Arms Safety policy job. The boy graduated from Reed College, and then worked for the liberal group "Cease Fire Oregon" for three years. I am sure that qualifies him to have the "right attitudes" to shape gun control policies. (I got the link from Naked Capitalism).

Its amazing how simplistic and ideological the world views of the people around these candidates are. In the 1930s Europeans had notably simplistic views of the world, while people in the U.S. sustained more pragmatic and historically informed ways of looking at things. People in both parties seem to have lost their minds.

Babak Makkinejad


I regret to hear the bad news about your significant other.

With cancer, all bets are off and one must try to keep Hope Alive.

All the best.



I voted for Trump because I believe he will keep us out of a shooting match with the Russians. OTOH, I believe Hillary's consistent poor judgment on matters of war raises the probability that she will get us on an escalatory ladder with the Russians. Since that is IMO the only existential threat we face I chose to break my tradition of not voting for a candidate from the duopoly for president.

I'm under no illusion that Trump will magically right our ship of state in a 4 year term. First, on domestic affairs a president is limited by what Congress is willing to approve and fund. The media will be constantly mocking him for his alleged verbal faux pas. And we can be certain the Borgists will be all over him like a fly to manure. Wall St and the ziocons will be kissing his ass to keep their gravy trains going and will IMO be more successful than many think.

In any case we know from Podesta's emails that Hillary is fully bought and paid for and the Clintons are as deeply corrupt as they come. Even if one assumes Trump is equally corrupt there is still merit in voting for him as the probability of war with Russia is significantly reduced with him.

Nancy K

The man in Reno did not make an assassination attempt and he was not a Democrat. Thought you might want to get your facts straight. This was according to FOX news.

Sam Peralta

Interesting that the supporters of Crooked Hillary say "hey, everyone does it" when confronted with the facts of her corruption and the media's collusion in anointing her President. Then, they say "she's too smart to get into a war with Russia", when confronted with the fact that she is promoting a NFZ in Syria and has supported every war from the Balkans to Syria in her long political career.

They should be honest and say we'll support her whatever!



You and I are completely aligned in our thinking here. I fully concur with your assessment.


Ruh roh.




1) Lol you think I take Fox News as gospel truth

2) Understand hyperbole

3) Dude's name pops up seven times in the wikileaks emails. He was a plant there to do something.

different clue

David Habakkuk,

A woulda-been-Clinton vote diverted over to Not Clinton is not a wasted vote. It is only half as strong as a woulda-been-Clinton vote re-directed to Trump. But Two woulda-been-Clinton votes diverted over to Not Clinton lowers Clinton's numbers by Two votes relative to Trump, just as a single woulda-been-Clinton vote moved FROM Clinton TO Trump lowers Clinton's numbers relative to Trump by Two votes.

Many Clinto-sceptics will not vote for Trump either under any circumstances. If we lecture them about "wasting" their vote, they may become hostile to the lecturer and vote Clinton just to spite the people who accuse voting for Stein or something as wasting a vote. You would be surprised which people and how many can be motivated by pure spite at the very strangest times.


The subset of The Borg who know what they are doing and not just going with the flow for immediate personal advantage or by delusional idiocy, the "Soros level" management.

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