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17 November 2016


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John Minnerath


Craft beer !?!, and I suppose dressed out with all new duds from LL Bean.
You want to spook all the 2 leggeds and 4 leggeds in the county?
A rodeo cold 12 pack of Coors in the back and a PETA (People Eat Tasty Animals) sticker on the rear bumper will help you blend into the surroundings. As long as you haven't shaved for a couple days.
I agree with PL, a 30-30 is pretty light. Nothing less than something like a 7mm Mag.

Around these parts everyone who's been in the woods for more than a couple days looks sort of like Sasquatch, so they're hard to spot. Then we have the Little People too



Hey, fellah, this is no bullshit. A while back I knew a group of lawyers in Mississippi who had a patch of woods in which they hunted hogs that were mixed European Boar and feral pigs. The things were HUGE with big teeth. These lawyers hunted these animals with medieval boar spears. A blacksmith made them locally with leaf shaped foot long sharp on both side spearheads and a big cross bar on both sides. their technique was to threaten the pig until it charged. You had to see this to believe it. These were corporate lawyers. pl


At an earlier time in life I also was an aficionado of the "Beer that made Milwaukee Famous" to the degree that I found the empties so stable that I stacked them against a wall "floor to ceiling" in my bedroom. Unfortunately one of my roommates mothers stopped by one day with a care package and noticed my wallpaper and her undies at the top. The wallpaper came down rather quickly after that
My only experience with a Sasquatch was on the side of a large hill covered with wild flower off a road in New Hampshire that we stopped to climb. While laying on the side of the hill examining the world we heard these grunts and looked up to see this huge creature cresting the hill tossing his arms into the air. We got the message quickly and headed for the car. Looking back seeing this fella at the top of the hill we remarked that he musta been seven feet tall and resembled "the Man in the Mountain" but Sasquatch will do.


I hate to interrupt this colloquium for news of the more mundane.

I found this interesting this morning.


There is an old saying about judging a man by the quality of his enemies.


Fred, I believe the Moon Hut is history but Ron-Jon is still open and is one a giant Art Deco palace.

Ishmael Zechariah

Colonel, TTG;
Sorry for butting in, but I am on the side of the pigs in this one, being an apostate Muslim and all. Hope one got eaten.
Ishmael Zechariah.

Ishmael Zechariah

I meant to say "one of the lawyers got eaten". That would certainly accrue some righteousness to the pigs.


The tedium of a life at the bar must be exquisite these days. I grew up around pastured pigs and there's almost nothing as ill-tempered and fearsome as a 600 # sow protecting her brood. They're pretty quick, especially considering their size; maybe they can't outrun a horse, but more'n likely they can outrun you.

Word around northern Wisconsin is some jackoff has released one or two pair of Russians up in Yooperland. If that's true, it won't be long before deer hunting gets real interesting up there.

And if true, it'll create a market for .50 caliber autos and antitank ammo.

The Twisted Genius


I saw this story last night. It has everything in it. I'll start a post on this later today, although I hate to take away from this discussion of Sasquatch and wild pigs. I can imagine a lot of us sitting around a table sharing a good stew and some home brew swapping yarns. The dry heat and glorious smell of a wood stove just adds to the atmosphere.


I would pay good money to watch this:


for background




Pabst Blue Ribbon isn't considered a craft beer at the dive bars which serving it.


mistah charley

Most people research beer by comparative drinking, or competitive drinking. You're the only one i've heard of that has taken the academic route.

John Minnerath

heheh, It's been so long since I've seen a Pabst the PBL went right by me.


Off topic, but the headline itself is well worth reading



That's a low, mean trick to play on a feller. I damn near choked on my coffee and also ruined my new wireless keyboard... It's so mean n low I just couldn't resist passing that link along to my 200 or so closest about-to-be-former friends :-)

Ishmael Zechariah

Degringolade, all;
This is a satire website. http://realorsatire.com/cnn-com/.
Be careful of phishing and other dangers.
Ishmael Zechariah


"In my opinion you do not accept the data because you do not wish to."

This is a possibility, however, BM's argument is IMHO spot on.

If you are interested in the Neanderthal story with all its pitfalls you should read "Neanderthal Man" by Svante Pääbo. The guy is head of an excellent Max Planck group and leading scientist in his field.

He describes in his book with a lot of humor the developement of DNA analysis from fossils; he admits that his first paper (Nature!) was very likely wrong because of contamination - he actually did not isolate the mummy DNA but the DNA of a curator. :-)

different clue

There was a respected natural scientist, leader of collecting expeditions for the British Museum, author of many books, etc. named Ivan T. Sanderson. Here is a little wiki about him.

I mention this because as well as having written carefully researched and written staid and sedate mainstream books for a mainstream audience, he also wrote some equally carefully researched and written books about subjects called "paranormal" for people will to read about them.

One of those books was called Abominable Snowmen: Legend Come To Life. It discusses at length and in detail the aspects of "big parallel humanoid" sightings all over the world. I read it about 25 years ago but I think it could be very relevant to the subject of Sasquatchology today. Here is the link.

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